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Find the Perfect Rings for Your Girlfriend

by Haley Anhut
Last updated on August 22, 2023

Chances are you have been scouring the internet searching for the perfect “gifts” or “rings for girlfriend.” If you’re looking to wow your girlfriend with a special gift come Valentine’s day, it can be tricky, especially if she hasn’t dropped any hints.

There is one gift that always hits the mark, jewelry. More specifically, diamonds. Whether your girlfriend is a minimalist at heart or has her eyes on something that will dazzle, our gift guide has something for everyone. Shop our holiday gift guide featuring rings for your girlfriend below!

Diamond Promise Rings or Engagement Rings?

Stacking rings are one of the hottest trends right now and an affordable option for your love. Just be sure to use a ring size chart, or enlist a friend’s help, if you don’t want to spoil the surprise. These rings for your girlfriend will give her something to admire and cherish far beyond the holiday season. No matter what variety of rings for girlfriend you need, if you are just in the market for a diamond promise ring or are comparing engagement rings, we have you covered.

Aperta Diamond Ring

A classic diamond stacking band with 17 lab created diamonds with delicate, precious metal that gently embrace each stone. Shop this style in white, yellow, rose gold, or platinum.

Estate Diamond Ring

With a leaf-like metal motif around 21 hand-placed lab created diamonds, this ring is perfect for the romantic at heart. We love this style in 14k rose gold.

Double Knotted Diamond Ring

An elegant choice for the girlfriend who loves a vintage touch! This ring features petite infinity knots that twist together between groupings of stunning lab created diamonds. 

Complete The Look With Diamond Earrings

Does your girlfriend have her ears pierced? Does she love diamonds? Then this is the gift for her! From simple studs to glamour hoops, diamond earrings are the perfect gift and a major way to say I love you if the commitment of a promise ring seems like too much.

Certified 4 Prong Diamond Studs

Our Four Prong 1 Carat Diamond Studs, available in white and yellow gold, are the perfect gift for your girlfriend, and anyone else on your list! Ready to ship, they are also perfect if you’re short on time. And an added bonus, they’re under $1,000!

2 CT. TW. Brilliance Diamond Hoop Earrings

Our 2CT. TW. Brilliant Diamond Hoop Earrings are another fantastic gift for your girlfriend and will be sure not to disappoint. With 35 lab created diamonds on the inside and outside of each hoop, they will dazzle from every angle. These are also a perfect accessory to wear as you ring in the new year together! 

Diamond Bracelets

Another stunning fashion accessory any girlfriend would love to wear! Diamond bracelets are the perfect accessory and gift. While tennis bracelets are the classic go-to, opt for something a little simpler. These are the perfect gift for any occasion, from date night to tackling the 2022 wedding season together.

1/2CT Diamond Station Bracelet

This dainty classic features 6 sparkling lab created diamonds along a delicate chain.

Diamond Necklaces

Diamond pendants have been extremely trendy in 2020 with minimalist jewelry becoming more popular than ever! A diamond necklace is eternally chic and the perfect gift to add a touch of sparkle to your girlfriend’s everyday look!

1/2 CT. TW. Teardrop Diamond Pendant

Featuring three graduated lab created diamonds, this pendant is both dainty and sophisticated. Shop our Teardrop Diamond Pendant in white, yellow, or rose gold.

From Miss To Mrs

While it may not yet be on your mind to end 2021 with a proposal, it never hurts to explore your options for when you’re both ready for that special moment! Below are 3 timeless engagement ring settings under $1,000.00. All engagement rings feature a 14k white gold setting. If you know what diamond shape your girlfriend wants, start with a diamond first and see what settings are compatible.

Anna Solitaire Ring

If your girlfriend is a fan of simple, solitaire settings, our Anna Solitaire Ring is perfect. Compatible with oval-shaped diamonds, this setting is part of our Allegro collection, ready to ship in 5 working days. Perfect if you’re making a last-minute proposal!

Antique Halo Ring

If your love is a fan of halo engagement rings, we recommend our Antique Halo Ring. Perfect for the romantic at heart, and one who loves a vintage touch. This setting is the perfect blend of modern and classic. 

Jade Solitaire Ring

This classic style setting features north south east west prongs studded with diamonds, and a low set diamond, all on an extra slim 1.5mm band. The Jade Solitaire Ring is from our minimalist, Nouveau Collection

Lab Created Diamonds

While some girlfriends may prefer simple jewelry pieces, the beauty of a diamond just can’t be denied! Before buying any diamond, lab grown or otherwise, make sure you’re purchasing from a reputable source. If you’re looking for a conflict-free diamond, lab grown is really the only way to go. And, as a bonus, lab grown diamonds can be anywhere from 20-40% less than mined diamonds so that you can save a little…or add a little something extra this holiday season.


What Are the Best When Searching “Rings for Girlfriend?”

What to consider after you just searched “rings for girlfriend?” The best ring to give your girlfriend is the one that reflects your love and her style. For example, our Double Knotted Diamond Ring is an elegant choice for the girlfriend who loves vintage diamond engagement rings! While our Aperta Diamond Ring is for the girl who has a classic taste. Whatever her style, Clean Origin is the place to find the perfect fit for your girlfriend.

What Are Rings for a Girlfriend?

A girlfriend ring, otherwise known as a promise ring, is given in a romantic relationship to symbolize commitment and loyalty. They are usually given before an engagement. We have a great variety of promise ring for when you are ready to express your commitment. Diamond promise rings are a great option for showcasing your commitment before you are ready to invest in an engagement ring. Other rings and jewelry are also excellent to show that you care.

Should I Buy Insurance for My Diamond Promise Ring?

Any promise ring of significant value is worthy of insurance so that you can feel confident that your investment is safe. If you have invested in an inexpensive statement ring made of sterling silver or a personalized promise ring with no diamonds, sometimes the value is more personal, and you may not need engagement ring insurance.

On What Finger Is a Promise Ring Worn?

Promise rings are most commonly worn on the left-hand engagement ring finger (the fourth finger). Once an engagement ring is given, they are often swapped to another finger, and the engagement ring takes its place. You may want to consider this and choose a promise ring that she can wear on multiple fingers.