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Diamond Wedding Rings 101: A Crash Course

by Clean Origin
Last updated on September 1, 2023

Your wedding is considered one of the most exciting experiences in your life. It’s only natural to dream about stunning diamond wedding rings. Diamonds are among the most beautiful gemstones in the world.

Even though many people these days choose an alternative metal or center stone for their diamond wedding rings, white gold diamond wedding rings are still the most popular.

Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Diamond wedding rings may refer to a diamond engagement ring or a diamond wedding band. Traditionally, an engagement ring is given when engaged. Wedding bands are exchanged as gifts on the wedding day.

But just because they’re traditions doesn’t mean everybody does them. Some people only wear an engagement ring and others just the wedding band. Some don’t wear any at all. Whatever your preference is, there are many ways to encapsulate your love story.

Engagement Ring

An engagement ring has a metal band called a ring shank. It also may have prongs or a basket that holds the center stone. Collectively, they’re called the ring head.

Quiet Beauty Oval Ring

This baby bypasses the traditional round solitaire with a polished band. You might like the look of a polished rose gold setting. Good luck running into this simple gorgeous design in stores. It’s also available in white gold, yellow gold, or platinum. For a contrasting look, consider a yellow diamond ring!

Pirouette Halo Ring

This halo engagement ring combines a traditional halo setting and fuses it with the polished band of a standard solitaire setting in 14K yellow gold. Instead of the halo arranged in a regular circle, they look more like flower petals. If you’re a yellow gold fan, this one is also available in 18K yellow gold. It also comes in white gold, rose gold, and platinum.

What if you’re looking for something more non-traditional? There are styles for you too. Check these show-stopping purchases you could be making.

Square Halo with Split Band

This engagement ring embodies a unique taste throughout. This ring contains a gorgeous emerald-cut diamond set east-to-west. Finding rings like this locally may prove to be difficult. And if you do, it probably has a regular band. The split shank design in this one will be perfect for the person who plans on wearing one engagement ring.

Wedding Band

A diamond wedding ring in the form of a band is common in the world of fine jewelry. You can find them anywhere and everywhere. Many purchase bridal sets that have matching bands. Whether you’re looking for a band to complete a set or as a standalone, there are options.

Single Prong Diamond Ring

This wedding band will look great against an engagement ring with a straight band. You’ll love the way the light reflects through these with only a single prong. More prongs mean less sparkle. If you don’t love it in rose gold, it’s available in yellow gold, platinum, and white gold.

Luisant Diamond Band

This rose gold band is perfect for someone who digs the vintage look. It can be difficult to find a vintage ring like this. Many are either delicate or big and flashy. This wedding band sits right in the middle. You’ve got beautiful details in the metal with just a hint of sparkle.

This band would be great as a part of a stackable set or with a classic solitaire ring. It also comes in white gold, rose gold, and platinum. Yellow gold and rose gold will make it look more vintage, whereas white gold and platinum give it more of a modern twist.

To Shop for Diamond Rings Online or In-Store?

You’ll find a lot of the same rings when you shop locally. Fine jewelry stores have to buy inventory ahead of time, so they buy what’s popular. That means most of your options will be set in white gold. You’ll probably have limited options for rose gold and yellow gold.

Rose gold settings have increased in popularity, but there aren’t many of them in jewelry stores. Yellow gold used to be popular, and now you rarely see it. And if you’re looking for platinum, you’ll most likely be out of luck. Platinum jewelry is more expensive to keep in stock than yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold.

It makes it much harder to find your one-of-a-kind perfect ring when a store only sells what everyone else has. Not only is it difficult to find rings with a different metal color than white gold, but they also don’t usually have different diamond shapes.

These stores will tell you the only way to have a truly unique wedding ring is to create a custom design. Unfortunately, the store may cost you way more than you intended to pay.

Well, there’s another option.

Consider buying your wedding rings online instead of locally.

Why Shop for an Engagement Ring Online?

There are many benefits to buying engagement rings and wedding bands online. There are more options for ring looks, including structure, diamond shape, and metals. You choose the specific details of your center stone.

In a physical retail store, the engagement rings may have similar styles. But online, there’s a world of one-of-a-kind engagement rings and wedding bands to shop for.

Need-To-Knows Before Buying Diamond Wedding Rings

Many people don’t know how to look for diamond wedding rings online. Diamonds can be pretty overwhelming if you haven’t done your research. So let’s start with the basics.

Before buying an engagement ring or wedding band, you must know about the 4Cs of diamond quality. These are the four major pillars of a high-quality diamond. They are

  • Diamond-Cut
  • Clarity
  • Diamond Color
  • Diamond Carat Weight

Those four factors are the primary determiner of your diamond’s price, sparkle, and overall beauty. There are many other nuances like diamond shape, proportions, symmetry, fluorescence, and grading reports that also contribute to a diamond’s value and quality.

I know it’s a lot. But bear with me.

The Cut Is the Foundation of a Diamond Engagement Ring

Most places online or offline don’t let you select the grades for small diamonds in a wedding ring. But if you want to create a gorgeous and timeless engagement ring online, you’ll want to keep up.

Only round diamonds have an official cut grade. Some online stores choose to sort other shapes into the cut quality grades. That just means the proportions are as close to perfect as possible for that shape.

If the diamond is not cut well, light doesn’t reflect out. We call that light leakage. The less light leakage, the brighter your diamond appears.

So instead of choosing cut grades on other shapes, you should go for proportions that best fit that shape. For round diamonds, you should select an Ideal or Excellent cut. A Very Good diamond will do just fine if the former is outside of your budget.

Clarity and Color Are in the Eye of the Beholder

There are clarity and color grades for all diamonds. Colored gemstone grading is different. Some jewelry stores will give you a range of grades your diamond might fall under. It’s often done for uncertified rings. Others may have the details indicated on their diamond report.

Your diamond’s color and clarity are subjective. Some people notice inclusions more than others. Likewise, some notice tint in diamonds easier. You should always buy what looks good to you.

Some people choose to put warmer colored diamonds in yellow gold or rose gold metals to offset the tint. However, this may only work correctly depending on your eyesight. Much of jewelry is what you notice, not what’s there.

Imperfections Are Easier to Spot Online

You get an extra advantage when picking out your diamond if you shop online. If the retailer has an online viewer, it’ll let you view the clarity details up close and personal. You can discover eye-clean diamonds (free of inclusions to the naked eye) in clarity grades that aren’t usually considered so.

Online, all of the loose diamonds are there for you to shop and compare details at your own pace. You don’t have to wait for a purchase date for a special offer, and only book an appointment if you want to.

Carat Weight and Size Aren’t the Same

Most people know that diamonds are measured in carats. Today, the most popular carat weight for engagement rings bought at a jewelry store is somewhere between 1-and 2 carats.

A store may show you a sign with the most popular carat weights for round diamonds. Sometimes they’ll have a sign for princess cut diamonds.

The truth is, a 1 carat round diamond looks smaller than a one-carat oval or marquise. That’s because both ovals and marquise stones are elongated. The shapes are cut in a shallow style too.

Even though these diamonds are all the same weight, the face-up size changes based on shape.

How to Get More Bang for Your Buck

There are many ways to lower the cost of your purchase when buying engagement rings and bands. Most out searching for a gorgeous engagement ring with a perfect sparkle are concerned about the price.

Not that I blame them; diamonds are expensive. There’s no getting around that. But some ways can drastically bring down the price of a timeless ring.

The best way to bring down the cost of a diamond is to opt for lab grown diamonds instead of natural diamonds.

Stores will tell men and women that an earth-grown diamond is timeless and represents the eternal love story with their partners. That doesn’t mean that lab diamonds aren’t.

It doesn’t matter where your diamond comes from. Diamonds made in a lab and diamonds from the ground have the same physical, optical, and chemical properties.

Why Lab Grown Engagement Rings?

There are many benefits to buying lab grown diamonds. They are between 20 and 40% cheaper than mined diamonds of the same grades. And bonus, lab diamonds are more likely to have fewer inclusions than mined ones collectively.

That means you’ll have fewer choices of low clarity diamonds and more with higher clarity grades. Lab-made diamonds are much more affordable.

You don’t have to sacrifice one of the 4Cs for another one going the lab diamond route. Instead, you may be able to get the grades you want and stay within a budget. You might opt for a fancier ring style or a bigger diamond.

Buy from the Lab Diamond Experts

Lab grown diamonds are slowly making their way into physical retail stores. But most people are taking to the web.

You might be wondering how to choose which web store to purchase at. At Clean Origin, we have lab diamonds only. We carry earrings, necklaces, rings, and even colored synthetic diamonds.

You can create your perfect piece in the metal you want, whether rose gold, yellow gold, platinum, or white gold. You’ll have access to a diamond inventory of different diamond shapes. You’ll find less common ones like Asscher or radiant-cut stones. Those shapes are harder to see in person.

There’s a variety of styles to choose from for everyone’s taste. If you’re looking for engagement rings that stand out or into the classics, there’s something for everyone.

You can shop rings at your pace or request an appointment virtually or on the phone. We won’t pressure you to sign up for a credit account or try to push our most expensive items like other jewelry stores.


As you can see, there are so many different details to consider when buying a diamond wedding ring, and it’s not all about the style. The most important details are the 4Cs- diamond cut, clarity, color, and carat. If you want to feel even more confident in your decision, check out some Clean Origin reviews.

Make sure you buy from a trusted source. Look for a brand that knows lab diamonds inside and out. And not just as a side sales pitch where the mined diamonds failed. Many retailers sell both mined and lab created gems. Lab diamonds are our specialty, not a side project.