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Trillion Cut Diamond Guide

by Adriana Perez-Nakamura
Last updated on August 25, 2023
Trillion cut diamond

Thanks to its modern look and great fire and brilliance, the trillion cut diamond is a unique shape for a diamond engagement ring. But if you’ve never heard of the trillion that’s not surprising; it’s rare and not as in demand as other diamond shapes. However, that doesn’t make it any less stunning.

Continue reading to learn about what a trillion cut diamond is, its history, and what makes it so unique.

What Is a Trillion Cut Diamond?

Sometimes referred to as a “trilliant cut,” a trillion cut diamond is a triangular cut diamond shape. It has three equal sides and three pointed ends. And like a round brilliant cut diamond, a trillion has a flat table.

Trillion cuts are generally used as accent diamonds. However, they sometimes serve as center stones in rings. They may also have either curved sides or straight sides.

Much like the elongated and curved table of a pear shaped diamond, these curved sides make a trillion cut appear larger in carat weight. This illusion is possible thanks to their larger top surface.

Are Trillion Cut Diamonds More Expensive?

1/2 ct. tw. Trillion Etoile Necklace.

It depends. If you compare a trillion cut diamond to a round brilliant of the same carat weight, the trillion cut will cost less. But this does not mean trillion diamonds are any less stunning.

Thanks to its high number of facets, a trillion cut diamonds sparkle can rival that of all other brilliant round diamonds.

So why the price difference? In general, round brilliant diamonds are the most expensive. They are by far the most popular type of diamond and are therefore in high demand.

Ultimately, consumer demand for round brilliants is what allows jewelers to command the highest prices.

How Many Facets Do Trillion Cut Diamonds Typically Have?

Trillion cut diamonds typically have either 31 or 50 facets. The number of facets a stone has depends on its purpose. A center stone trillion cut has 50 facets, whereas a trillion cut accent diamond has 31 facets.

A round cut brilliant diamond has 58 facets. Since it has just 8 more facets than a center stone trillion, the amount of sparkle a trillion cut diamond gives off is similar.

What Is the Best Setting for Trillion Cut Diamonds

The best settings for a trillion cut diamond are protective settings.

The three pointed ends of any trillion cut diamond are quite vulnerable to damage. They can chip or break if not properly set and protected by the right setting.

In order to preserve the triangular shape of a trillion cut, you should choose either a bezel or V-prong,

Bezel Setting

Emma ring with trillion cut diamond.

One of the best protective settings for a trillion cut diamond is a bezel setting. It will give any trillion diamond an even more modern feel. But it also offers the diamond’s three pointed corners protection.

Bezel settings wrap around the entire diamond. And when bezel set, the diamond sits flush with the ring’s metal. There are no risks of your diamond snagging or catching on clothing. Additionally, its corners are safe if you bump it against a hard surface.

V-Prongs To Protect Trillion Diamonds

A V-prong is exactly what is sounds like: a prong in the shape of the letter “v.” While not as protective as a bezel, V-prongs still offer a good amount of protection for your trillion cut diamond ring.

A prong (sometimes called a “claw”) is a small piece of metal that holds a gemstone in place. Most prong settings feature either 4 or 6 prongs. But for a trillion cut diamond it makes the most sense to use 3 prongs–one prong for each sharp corner.

While this is a secure setting, there is still the chance of the corners of your trillion cut diamond snagging on clothing. As long as you’re aware of this your diamond should be just fine.

Engagement Ring Styles for a Trillion Cut Diamond

Any engagement ring syle you like is always the best style. However, there are some advantages to certain styles if you want a trillion cut center stone.

If you’re looking for the best engagement ring settings for your trillion cut diamond, then consider either a solitaire or halo.

Solitaire Engagement Ring

A solitaire ring setting features a single center stone on a simple band. Its purpose is to highlight and elevate the beauty of your precious stone. Since trillion cut engagement rings are an uncommon and unique style, it makes sense to highlight their rare beauty in a solitaire ring.

Halo Engagement Ring

A trillion diamond set inside of a halo has two benefits. The first is the halo protects the diamond’s sharp corners from chipping. It also keeps it from breaking or catching on different objects. The second is the halo adds an eye catching sparkle to an already eye catching center stone.

Another attractive quality of the halo setting is that it can make a trillion cut seem larger than it is.

Are Trillion Cut Diamonds Rare?

Yes, trillion cuts are very rare compared to other diamond cuts. They are even more rare as center stones. They are rare simply because they are not in demand, so not many jewelry retailers carry them. Trillion cut accent stones are much more common.

The History of Trillion Cuts

The Asscher brothers of Amsterdam created the triangular shape diamond in the 18th century.

In the 1960s Henry Meyer of the Henry Meyer Diamond Company trademarked the term “Trilliant” (a combination of “brilliant” and “triangle”). However, Meyer wasn’t the only person producing trillion cut diamonds in the 60s.

Around the same time Leon Finker came up with his own version of a triangular cut brilliant. He called it the “trillion cut.” In the 1970s, Finker’s son Marvin patented his father’s trillion cut and trademarked the name Trillion®.

The Finkers eventually lost their patent after a judge decided “Trilliant” and “Trillion” sounded too similar. The Finkers went on to rename and patent the term “Trielle®” for their trillion cut diamond style.

Since it is no longer patented, “trillion” is now a general term that refers to gemstones with a triangular shape.

How To Buy a Loose Trillion Cut Diamond

1/2 ct. tw. Trillion Helaine Pendant

There are a few points to consider when you buy a trillion cut diamond. These points include depth, clarity, and color.

Choose a Trillion Cut With Enough Depth

In order to create the illusion of a larger stone, trillion cut diamonds tend to be cut shallow. But if they’re too shallow they’ll give off less brilliance and fire. For this reason, it’s best to choose a trillion cut with moderate depth.

No Need for a Flawless Clarity Grade

A well cut trillion can hide inclusions and blemishes quite nicely. As long as a stone looks good to your eye, you can choose one with a lower clarity grade.

A Flawless Color Grade Is Unnecessary

As with clarity, a trillion’s color grade doesn’t have to be perfect either.

Thanks to the trillion cut diamonds sparkle you’re fine choosing one whose color starts at H. If you want it to look even more colorless choose a metal like white gold or platinum.

Shop With Clean Origin

Mia Ring. Trillion cut diamond.

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