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Sapphire Engagement Rings: Majestic and Beautiful

by Sophia Huxley
Last updated on August 22, 2023

Sometimes, we want to be unique in life–whether that’s showing off our personal style or going against the status quo. Why not change up the traditional engagement ring? Blue sapphire engagement rings are just the kind of unique, exciting thing you’ve been looking for!

Whether you want a diamond engagement ring with blue sapphire accents or a pure sapphire ring, we’ve got some great tips to make your ring the focus of every conversation.

The Meaning Behind Blue Sapphire

 Blue sapphire traditionally represents an inner vision and mental clarity or focus.

Many cultures and religions have considered sapphire stones powerful sources of healing and communication.

For example, Hindu chakra theory states that sapphire engagement rings work with the third eye. This helps to better understand the world and avoid worldly conflict.

Some cultures even equate the ocean spray blue of blue sapphires with heavenly, celestial power and claim they connect you to the divine. No matter the carat weight of your blue sapphire, the power it holds remains.

Wish on a Blue Sapphire

You can wish on sapphire engagement rings for good fortune in your union. You may also wish upon sapphire to find perfect balance in your marriage.

Sapphires are stones of sound judgment and foresight. The unique blue sapphire stones speak to elegance, wealth, and kindness.

Your goal may be to put these values at the forefront of your upcoming nuptials. A blue sapphire engagement ring is a great way to make them a part of your day-to-day life!

Why So Blue (Sapphire)?

Surprisingly, sapphires come in many colors like pink sapphire, green sapphire, yellow sapphire, and even orange sapphire.

Blue sapphire is highly prized with cornflower blue being the highest valued type of sapphire.

While many people know sapphires by their blue appearance, hundreds of shades and tints are available. There is even a white sapphire gemstone that looks like a diamond.

A blue sapphire engagement ring is a classical beauty that is sure to wow your partner and anyone who sees it.

How is Blue Sapphire Created?

Any gemstone made of the mineral corundum is a sapphire. Corundum, an aluminum oxide type mineral, is the second hardest stone after diamond. It also contains small amounts of iron, titanium, and other minerals.

Sapphire stones form miles under the Earth in environments subject to high temperature and pressure. They develop within metamorphic and igneous rocks.

Blue sapphire is mined from the ground like diamonds. It is then cut and polished to be featured in the perfect jewelry. Sapphire engagement rings are growing popular because of the range of colors. They range from deep indigo to ocean spray blue.

Lab Grown Sapphire

Synthetic options are becoming more popular for engagement rings, and now you can find lab grown sapphire engagement rings.

Labs can make sapphires in colors like pink, blue, yellow, green, and orange. This makes sapphire stones more accessible and perfect for your next sapphire engagement ring.

By choosing lab grown sapphire, you can save money on the gemstones in your engagement ring.

Is a Sapphire Engagement Ring Traditional or Modern?

Sapphire engagement rings.
Diamond Ring with Sapphire Hidden Halo by Clean Origin

Sapphire engagement rings are a perfect balance of modern and unique style.

There are early records of blue sapphire engagement rings being exchanged between couples. Traditionally, people proposed with sapphire engagement rings when they could not afford a diamond engagement ring.

Now sapphire is used in engagement rings by couples because they love the look of the stunning blue stone.

Many times, couples choose blue sapphire to accent a diamond ring instead of a blue sapphire center stone as the focal point. This makes the sapphire more subtle but still gives it an eye catching look.

If you love the look of sapphire or are still deciding, go to a store and speak with a jewelry expert to see if it’s right for you.

You can buy sapphire engagement rings through online jewelry companies. So if there aren’t any stores in your current location, lookup sapphire engagement rings online.

Are Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings Durable?

Jewel or gemstone on black shine table, Collection of blue sapphire

On the Mohs scale of hardness, sapphires are a 9. This makes them almost as hard as a diamond.

Diamond engagement rings and sapphire engagement rings require similar care and cleaning because of this.

Keep in mind that sapphire engagement rings with poor quality sapphires (that have been dyed or fractured) can be etched or warped by acids, including lemon juice.

Worried you won’t find a high quality sapphire engagement ring? Consider a diamond center stone with blue sapphire accents, instead.

What Type of Metal Setting Is Best in Sapphire Rings?

Clean Origin Chevron Sapphire Halo Ring, sapphire engagement rings.

While yellow gold and rose gold are attractive options for a setting, we recommend platinum and white gold for a sapphire engagement ring.

You want to complement the cool-toned stones in your sapphire engagement ring. This is why we recommend these cool-toned metals.

Of course, engagement rings are highly personal, and you may love the look of yellow gold or rose gold with a blue sapphire ring. Whether you go yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum, you will be sure to find engagement rings that look great with sapphire.

We do not recommend real silver or sterling silver for engagement rings. You risk getting a setting that tarnishes or damages easily. You can still get strength and durability with a lovely silver finish by choosing 14k white gold or platinum.

What is the Right Shape for a Sapphire to Shine?

Natural Loose Blue Sapphire Gemstone, sapphire engagement rings.
Loose Blue Sapphires

While an emerald-cut blue sapphire engagement ring in yellow gold sounds gorgeous, it may not look as lovely as it sounds. A jewelry expert will tell you that the cut and setting will not complement the sapphire.

Sapphires, like diamonds, are most expensive in round cuts because that is the most popular jewelry style.

Besides round cuts, sapphires are stunning in cushion cuts and oval cuts.

Complementing the chemical structure of the gemstone is essential when deciding on the shape. You want the stone to sparkle as much as possible in an engagement ring.

A Peek at the Royal Jewels: Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton’s fabulous engagement ring sparked enthusiasm for sapphires.

The blue sapphire engagement ring was originally Princess Diana’s, but has come back with Kate Middleton.

While the history behind the ring makes it hard to calculate its price, a custom-designed ring like it would cost between $410,000 and $546,000.

The ring itself contains a 12-carat sapphire center stone, as well as 14 classic solitaire diamonds. It is a fantastic example of a sapphire and diamond ring.

This entire creation is set in 18kt white gold. It is a magnificent piece of jewelry for everyday wear.

Kate Middleton is rocking this piece of sapphire jewelry with royal blue dresses and complementary colored outfits.

There’s no need for a traditional white gold diamond ring here. Instead, Prince William and Kate Middleton have honored Princess Diana’s memory with this stunning sapphire ring.

3 Sapphire Engagement Rings You’ll Love

Now that you have read all about sapphire engagement rings, you may want to start looking for one.

There are many options to shop for online. You can also talk to a jewelry consultant about finding something that matches your style.

Here are three of Clean Origin’s sapphire ring options that are both exquisite and elegant.

All of these rings use sapphires as pavé diamond-type accent stones, so their beauty is front and center.

The Twin Hearts Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring

Clean Origins Twin Hearts Sapphire Halo Ring, sapphire engagement rings.

Twin free-form hearts embrace your center stone in this stunning sapphire-accented halo ring.

If you are looking for some drama or glamour in your rings, this is the choice for you.

With a round diamond center stone and a unique gemstone hidden halo, this is a great way to go unique with flair. It is available in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum.

Bellflower Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring

Clean Origin Bellflower Sapphire Halo Ring, sapphire engagement rings.

In this elegant floral ring, a flower-like halo crowned with lab-created sapphires embraces your center stone.

Between the setting and the surrounding sapphires, the round center stone sparkles!

You can find it in both 18k and 14k white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, and platinum, but we recommend white gold or platinum.

Iris Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring

Iris Sapphire Halo Ring, sapphire engagement rings.

A delicate row of lab grown diamonds leads the layered petals of lab created sapphires surrounding your center stone in this ring.

This lovely ring has a delicate style and shape that is sure to be the perfect jewelry. If you love dainty rings, you will obsess over the Iris Sapphire Halo ring’s style.

Shopping for Sapphire Engagement Rings

These are some of our favorites, but you may want to keep looking for the perfect ring. If you want to shop similar items, search for sapphire engagement rings on Clean Origin or look in a store with a jewelry consultant.

The most important thing to remember is that a ring should be true to you and your style. If you’re shopping for a partner, make sure they like sapphire before buying them a sapphire ring.

Sapphire is a beautiful gemstone and can be perfect for engagement rings. We hope you find something that represents your unique and everlasting love. Good luck shopping!