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Winter Wedding Colors

by Clean Origin
Last updated on November 28, 2022

Congratulations! You’ve opted for a winter wedding–or maybe you’re fantasizing about one. This season is a fantastic option for the beautiful winter wedding colors alone. Winter is, admittedly, grossly underappreciated. For starters, it’s a wonderfully romantic moment of the year. Think about the shimmering lights in the trees and all the options for snuggling up by the fireplace with your significant other. It’s hard not to feel something. 

Winter weddings are indeed the peak of glitz and elegance. Elegant attire, cocktails by the fireplace, chariot carriages, and candlelight meals are the epitome of elegance. And, since you chose this season for your wedding, you probably already know this. However, we’re prepared to wager your big day will seem so special because it won’t be wedged between a million summer weddings.

If you haven’t yet boarded the winter wedding bandwagon, now is the time. And, just in case you need more convincing, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest winter wedding color schemes for your inspiration board, complete with DIY tips. We’ve collected all the winter wedding colors here for you–whether you’re getting married, are a faithful wedding party member, or are just fantasizing.

Dusky Blues and Grayed Jade

Clean Origin Engagement Ring
Clean Origin Engagement Ring

Let’s get started with a romantic take on the classic icy blues, which we all know look beautiful and consider one of the best winter wedding colors. These beautiful tones are softer, more subtle, but no less lovely — and incredibly appropriate for your bridesmaids’ dresses. If this is overly cool for you, a slight bit of pale pink can be added for a dash of warmth!

Fig and Fuchsia

The Fig and Fuchsia palette is perfect for a brave bride who wishes to make an impression. This exotic color choice will certainly leave your guests speechless. The bursts of pink and gold, even against slate blues and dusky plum, go beautifully together. They add warmth and depth to every winter wedding! A touch of ripe figs and fresh berries is an ideal topper for any wedding cake.


Wedding Rings
Wedding Rings

Neutrals are usually an excellent choice, but they’re even better in the winter when these hues are so plentiful! This is the perfect palette for a rustic or woodsy inn wedding. It can be kept clean and simple with just a touch of green accents to calm it.

Dusty Blue and White

Bezel Rings
Bezel Rings

Use soft blue as your focus point and winter white accessories to bring out the shades of a snowy night. In this muted tone, any table settings will appear classy and subtle, and it’s a perfect style for the winter months.

Then, to finish off your tablescape, add a dried bouquet that may be used all year. Isn’t it lovely?

Red and Slate

This rich wedding color palette provides a contemporary spin to traditional winter tones. Embrace the Christmas season and save a few bucks by including some unexpected items in the floral arrangements, like feathers. They certainly provide an unexpected luscious foraged touch.

Snow Dusted Pine

Rose Gold Engagement Ring
Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Snow dusted pine is one of several winter wedding color palettes ideal for the current foliage trend! Snow-sprinkled pine combines bright blue-green with neutral and silver splashes. While this would look great in a rustic scene, it would also be stunning in a more formal one.

Consider silver chargers instead of wood plate chargers, and chandeliers instead of candelabras. You can also blend your big day decor with more formal foliage to create regal tables.

Gold and Grape

Combine rich red grapes with gold to create a lush and warm color combo best for a floral-filled event. Gold and grape are also surprisingly adaptable. They work well in a variety of settings and seasons. Although perfect for colder months, don’t you think it would be just as great as a summer theme?

Peonies and Wood

Clean Origin Engagement Rings
Clean Origin Engagement Rings

This undeniably romantic palette of neutrals and beautiful accents oozes romance! And while it may seem unexpected for a winter wedding, this combination of neutrals and pinks works. They look so stylish when complemented by some cool blues – viburnum berries could be the right color inspiration for your big day! Don’t you love it when bouquets include berries?

Frosty Blue

This beautiful blue has a chill tone to it that embodies winter. Furthermore, it’s a gorgeously cool palette that adds an icy pop of color to any winter wedding!

Spice and Cool Waters

Spice and cool waters reflect autumnal warmth in this palette. This combination of fiery oranges and cold blues is fantastic! It’s stylish and masculine, but the weathered tones give it a vintage feel. A rustic barn scene would provide a superb backdrop.

Winter Pink and Grey

This palette combines cool and warm tones to create a stunning narrative for a romantic winter wedding! The best way to keep it classy is to use brighter colors sparingly — think stationery and florals instead of bridesmaids’ dresses! When done correctly, it’s a beautiful combination your guests will adore.

Midnight Blue and Copper

Of the many majestic and romantic color palettes, midnight blue is perhaps our favorite. Midnight blue and copper contrast bright and dark with a hint of a winter wonderland. How much fun would it be for a New Year’s Eve winter wedding? Think about a bride’s dark blue wedding gown. However, ivory, copper, or possibly rose gold would be equally beautiful wedding colors if a blue gown is not for you.

Green and Red

You can’t go wrong with a dash of rich red to amp up the holiday vibes! With its deep traditional winter tones and festive tartan to offer that extra depth and visual appeal, this green and red combo is a terrific wedding decor for a comfortable winter wedding.

Burgundy and Navy Blue

These two classic colors make for a winning combo! We adore how beautifully the colors complement one another, and how everything appears and feels luxurious.

Dress your bridesmaids in burgundy. Pair these with navy blue suits and gold boutonnieres for a striking appearance. A gold and navy blue wedding cake with burgundy blossoms, as well as navy blue table runners and burgundy centerpieces are all eye-catching additions to your wedding.

White, Rust and Black Accents

From the white bridesmaid dresses to the flowers, as well as black welcome sign, rust table card and table setting, white, rust, and black tones appear throughout the wedding decor. This earthy palette, anchored by black and white, adds charm to metallics to create a sophisticated celebration with bohemian textures.

Greens, Gold and Brown

A stunning winter wedding color scheme is ideal for the current foliage trend! Fresh greenery mixed with gold and flashes of natural colors suits a rustic setting. Dress your bridesmaids in green with a brown shawl, and cover the plain wooden table with a fresh green garland.

Finally, serve a simple white wedding cake surrounded by a woodland-style wreath. These options ensure that your wedding theme favors are both ‘in season’ and ‘on topic.’

Final Winter Wedding Thoughts

Without a doubt, all of this color inspiration has pushed you closer to a course of action. But don’t lose sight of the big picture. Colors for a winter wedding should match your gown, reception hall, and even the wedding venue.

And speaking of matching, your jewelry for your big day can match your winter wedding colors as well. Whether you want light blue or green, we have various shades of winter inspired jewelry to suit any taste. See some options here.