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Summer Wedding Colors

by Clean Origin
Last updated on August 23, 2023

Are you planning a wedding between May and September? We’ve rounded up a few of our greatest summer wedding color choices. These colors are influenced by the season’s sunny days, relaxed moods, and warm weather. We’ve also included plenty of bright and bold color palettes to liven up your wedding day. Besides, you’ll also find inspiration for romantic pastels and modern neutrals.

Summer weddings are known for their vibrant, vivid color palettes, and with good reason. They’re situated between a flurry of pastels in spring and the lush jewel tones of something like the fall. Embrace the season’s colors or let a favorite metallic take the lead in your color palette. Check out our best color combinations for wedding inspiration, ranging from preppy to rustic.

Honestly, there are a plethora of incredibly dreamy options available for your summer wedding planning. There are so many that you might need a little assistance filtering out your choices. So, as a wedding present to you, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the most fabulous color schemes for any summer wedding. There’s a lot to like here, from basic neutrals to vivid floral-inspired tones.

What Colors Are Suitable for a Summer Wedding?

Whenever it comes to wedding shades, a good guideline would be that your palette should gently mirror the season’s aesthetic and mood. Summer wedding color schemes include brilliant fuchsia pink, joyful yellow, lively orange, and refreshing light blue. All these should be inspired by the sunny moods and energetic atmosphere of the season. 

Because many weddings take place at outdoor wedding venues or in unexpected settings filled with natural beauty, such as beaches and mountains, the summer season is also a fantastic time to integrate natural color palettes. For boho and rustic wedding themes, neutral and muted colors like sage green, taupe, terracotta, and dusty mauve are popular.

Finally, hardly anything beats a beautiful summer wedding. Choose classic colors like navy blue, blushing pink, lilac, and mild butter yellow for stylish summer wedding color ideas, whether in a formal beach wedding venue, a country club, or a broadcast rooftop terrace.

Summer Wedding Colors Ideas

One of the most effective ways to determine which types of summer wedding colors palettes you prefer is to seek inspiration. Whenever you need some inspiration, have a look at these warm-weather wedding themes and color combos that we recommend.

Bright Blue and Fuchsia  

Do you want to host a fun summer party? Choose a hot pink that is grounded by a soothing blue. You can introduce this bright color combination with a trendy graphic on your wedding stationery. You can carry it through the rest of your wedding on ceremony programs, reception menus, and cocktail napkins. This color is best suitable for Edgy Tented weddings.

Marigold and Poppy Red

Choose complimentary (colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel) or analogous (colors that are similar on the color wheel) hues if you want a dramatic and vibrant color scheme (next to each other on the color wheel). They’ll be able to coexist in peace, and you won’t have to worry about anything clashing. We adore the concept of adding a flower crown of poppies or anemones to your bridal look. Alternatively, you can style a single red bloom in a loose upstyle. Colored glassware centerpieces are an excellent way to liven up your table without making it appear overly formal. Is this the ideal preference? This is the best color for anyone thinking of a fiesta-style wedding. 

Gold and Blush

What could be more romantic than a light pink and shiny gold palette? Take chances in other design aspects, such as textures or patterns, because the color palette is so neutral. For example, sequin tablecloths can be draped over reception tables; you can style linen dinner napkins at each place setting. You can use ruffled beaded tablecloths on accent tables, such as dessert displays or lounge areas. This color wedding idea is suitable for formal ballroom weddings.

Ice Blue and Pistachio 

Allow the formality of your summer weddings to be determined by the wedding party’s attire: Floor-length gowns or cocktail dresses might help you steer the party atmosphere in the right direction. Suits or dress pants and a button-down for the groomsmen? This summer wedding color scheme would work well in any setting. Although blue blooms are scarce, delphiniums and globe thistle have a lovely natural blue tint and are ideal for a rustic outdoor wedding. This summer wedding color combo is best for lakeside weddings.

Pink and Pale Green

For this elegant occasion, embrace the peony’s charm. Incorporating some colorful graphic designs that add intrigue to the feminine color palette is the key to truly making it your own. If a bouquet venue is out of your price range, get creative using paper flowers, such as your escort card display or a bar arrangement. In terms of the cake, creating a nude confection with a few fresh blooms piled on top instead of the usual cake decorations would be perfect. This summer color theme is best for a Kate Spade wedding.

Dove Gray and Ecru

Allow Mother Nature to flirt with your theme because this color combo works well with natural components like birch and dried grasses. To begin, keep your invitation suite simple. You can choose paper with a touch of texture, such as bamboo. Integrate birchwood into your escort card display for the reception, or get artistic and use it in your centerpieces. To construct full, dazzling arrangements, glam up the decor with mercury glass accents and pure white blooms with luxuriant greenery. This summer wedding color scheme is best used for an upscale wedding ceremony.

Lemon and Watermelon

We love beautiful wedding color palettes, and this one is exceptionally bright. Many floral species go well together in pink and yellow tones, so this color combination is ideal for a botanical or garden-themed wedding. Start with a splash of color on your invitations and take the theme to the reception menu. Pink cocktails with lemon garnishes are a terrific way to bring color to cocktail hour. 

Red, White, and Blue

A national pride palette of red, white, and blue is a must-have for summer wedding colors ideas. But don’t panic: paying respect to America isn’t about to detract from your own sense of style. Use a few fashion pieces, carefully colored stationery, and some Fourth of July cuisine favorites like fruit kabobs and small sliders to get the message across. Is there a perfect last detail for a backyard wedding? Finish the night with a magnificent departure packed with sparklers (or, if you really want to impress, fireworks).

Navy and Sage

Does your summer wedding seem to be on the verge of becoming a fall wedding? Dark sage green and blue are a seductive combination. To brighten up the wedding color palette, use tall taper candles and bistro string lights with gold centerpiece vases or footed pedestals and lighting and metallic pops. Greenery should be prominent in floral arrangements. Your bridesmaids’ dresses should be in a rich navy hue—everyone looks excellent in blue. This is a perfect color scheme for a camp wedding.

Hot Pink, Yellow, and Orange

On the big day, citrus-inspired colors like pink, yellow, and orange create a powerful impression. These vibrant hues are quirky and lively, making them perfect for a party-all-night atmosphere. We adore how they appear with glittering gold and natural elements such as wood and leather (like this table runner). For a spring wedding, this is also a fantastic color palette.

 Pistachio and Rose

These Earth tones are relaxing summer wedding colors. It is considered reasonable to know how tense your wedding day will be. Has anyone said roses and peonies for wedding decor? Yes, I’m interested. Because these shades are quite neutral, they’re effortless to coordinate with color accents.

Lilac and Lavender

These purple tints are ideal for any outdoor wedding plan. You may use them for bridesmaids’ dresses or groomsmen’s neckties. These summer wedding colors will stand out against any naturally rich backdrop.

Yellow and Bright White

A bright color scheme will make your summer wedding feel vibrant and full of love. Because of the lighter vibe, lemons, daffodils, or sunflowers can be used in your bouquet and throughout the wedding decor.

Peach and Gold

These are really low-key yet romantic summer wedding colors. These shade ideas look fantastic against exposed brick or wood paneling. Peach and gold can complement your trademark cocktail, making them ideal for a barn or outdoor wedding.

Dusty Blue and Burgundy

Since your wedding is in July, you’ve just found your wedding color scheme. These summer wedding colors’ bohemian mood is a perfect choice, even if they don’t shout “Happy birthday, America!” in an irritating way. Use deep cranberry napkins or petals, and tie a blue ribbon around each guest’s seat. However, you should not forget the most crucial detail: the cross blue-and-white cake.

Terracotta and White

Keep it simple with both of these warm tones if you want your color pallet to show off your exceptional taste. The sun-bleached shades are ideal for summer wedding colors and will give your celebration a subtle desert feel. Consider sand-colored bridesmaids’ gowns as well.

Natural Woods and Neutrals

Lots of wood and neutrals will give you an outdoorsy vibe. This combination will make your summer wedding apart, whether it’s for a rustic wedding or to contrast an ultra-modern city backdrop. Want to go even deeper into the theme? For favors, go for wooden invites or organic handcrafted souvenirs to compliment your chosen summer wedding colors.

Can You Have Fall Colors for Summer Weddings?

Summer wedding colors are typically bold and colorful to reflect the year’s hottest season. However, if you’re thinking of fall colors, you don’t have to abandon your selected hues. If the fall theme primarily influences it, there are techniques to transfer your color pallet to a different season. 

Infusing a bit of vibrancy with one or two flashes of more vibrant shades to change up the fall colors for summer wedding colors can spice up your wedding occasion. A splash of Fuschia or a pop of baby blue can bring even a palette of dark greens and burgundy to life. No one will notice that you designed your palette for a specific season with just a few bright color accents.

Check your tables decor and floral arrangements as ways to bring some color into your upcoming season. If you’re concerned about the colors clashing, talk to your wedding planning experts; they’ll be able to alter your chosen hues effectively.

Is Burgundy Too Dark for a Summer Wedding?

Are you hunting for those unique summer wedding colors palettes to ensure your warm-weather celebration stands out? Well, perhaps one of the preferred summer wedding colors today is burgundy. Burgundy has a berry-hue & wine-inspired jeweled tone. Yes, bright pink, orange, yellow, blue, and green are five standard hot summer wedding colors, but burgundy is an excellent choice if you want to create an eye-catching freshness in your wedding design this summer. 

The question now is, “Is burgundy the color of a summer wedding?” because it belongs in the fall or winter color pallet. Even though burgundy is a late summer wedding color, including it in your wedding during the hotter months will bring out a novel touch to the occasion. Therefore you can include this fantastic summer wedding color scheme into your plans.

Summer wedding colors are vibrant, dynamic, and zingy. They also vary in temperature from warm to cool, depending on the mood and design of your event. From the two opposites of the wheel, you can choose a contrasting selection of colors. They could also be matching to create a complimentary aesthetic. 

Summer weddings are widely known for bright hues and colors. Therefore, we’ve included more than enough bright and bold color schemes to spice up your wedding day.

Many couples choose bright oranges, vivid yellows, and joyful blues as their color scheme for summer weddings. But don’t be scared to go off the beaten path! Unexpected tones like bright primary colors, tropical greens, and rustic neutrals will also look great at summer weddings.