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When is Wedding Season? | The Most Popular Months

by Molly Jones
Last updated on August 18, 2023
when is wedding season

Before getting caught up in the thrill of wedding dress shopping, choosing a color or theme, and selecting wedding bands, all couples must first decide exactly when to get married. Of course, this decision also depends on the availability of venues and vendors, which varies depending on where couples are looking to tie the knot in the wedding season. But when is wedding season, and is it easier (and more affordable) to plan a wedding outside of peak wedding season? Read on to find out!

When is Wedding Season?

When Is Wedding Season?
Wedding Seasons

Wedding season is that special time of the year when you have a wedding to go to every other week. While the wedding season can vary, the summer and early fall are the most popular times to get married.

Why Is This the Busiest Time to Get Married?

This is most likely thanks to the beautiful warm weather as well as the fact that it’s more common to take time off work in the summer and early fall months. Additionally, this time of year is marked by an increase in national holidays, resulting in three-day weekends that create an attractive appeal for couples looking to gather wedding guests from afar or relocate everyone to a swanky destination wedding.

When Is Peak Wedding Season?

Wedding Season: Wedding Ring

The Knot 2022 Real Wedding Survey polled 12,000 couples married last year. Their report projects when and where wedding season is expected to trend in the future.

43% of all weddings that occurred in 2022 were celebrated between September and November. Of those three months, October was the most popular, accounting for 20% of all the weddings.

The summer months have always been viewed as an ideal time to get married. But as we’ve discussed, early fall and fall months seem to be quickly gaining popularity. In fact, fall weddings continued to trend upward as the years have progressed. The percentage of weddings celebrated in the fall jumped from 36% in 2019 to 43% in 2022.

When is Wedding Off-Season?

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If weddings are in full swing by summer and fall, then it would make sense that the winter and spring months are wedding “off-season”. A jam-packed holiday schedule and frigid weather that can snag travel plans (on the East Coast, at least) are most likely the cause of this off-season. Additionally, blame the darker and colder days for the natural human desire to ‘hibernate’ and spend the winter wedding planning instead of celebrating.

Pros and Cons of the Different Seasons

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There are many factors to consider when determining what season to celebrate your special day in. Many of them are dependent on outside factors like the location, the size of the wedding, and more. However, no matter where you are, there are always a few pros and cons, all of which we’ve highlighted below.


Colored Diamonds

Weddings that fall within September, October, and November are often considered the best months to get married, but are they really all that?

Pros of a Fall Wedding

  • Temperate weather creates a perfect middle ground of not being too hot or too cold, and it allows brides the option to have either an inside or outside ceremony.
  • Beautiful foliage and pumpkins can create a cozy and intimate scene.
  • Seasonal flavors are warm and comforting (hello, pumpkin spice!).
  • Rich colors and fabrics (like velvet) invoke a sense of luxury, allowing brides to go glam or keep it casual.

Cons of a Fall Wedding

  • Because fall is the most popular time to get married, you can expect to pay higher prices for vendor services and may need a higher wedding budget as a result.
  • It may be more difficult to snag that venue you’ve had your eye on, thanks to increased competition during this time of the year.
  • Your guests may find that they have two weddings on the same day and have to choose to attend one over the other.


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Summer is the second most popular time of the year to get married. June, July, and August are all considered summer wedding months.

Pros of a Summer Wedding

  • Warm weather allows for extensive outdoor or destination wedding options.
  • Friends and family are more likely to take time off during the summer, which means they’ll be more likely to celebrate your nuptials.
  • Florals are in full bloom, allowing you more options when choosing your flowers.
  • Proximity to prime nuptial season without being in peak wedding season means there may be less demand for the venues and vendors you’ve had your eye on.

Cons of a Summer Wedding

  • While the warm weather can be lovely, it can also be too hot and create an unnecessary distraction on your big day.
  • Many people already have their vacations planned and may not be able to go to most weddings in the summer.


Winter Weddings

Don’t let wanting an off-season wedding stop you from wedding planning one! There are still tons of positive aspects of hosting a chilly winter wedding.

Pros of a Winter Wedding

  • Because it’s off-season, it may be easier to find and afford the vendors and venues of your choice.
  • There’s nothing cozier than a winter wedding!
  • Much of the time, family reunions are already occurring because of the holidays, so it may be easier for others to attend your special day.

Cons of a Winter Wedding

  • If you or your partner tend to run cold, you may find that a winter wedding runs a little too cold.
  • While venues may be more affordable, you might find that you’re spending more on unexpected expenses like heating.


Spring Weddings

Whether your wedding is in early or late spring, there’s no denying that springtime is a wonderful part of the year.

Pros of a Spring Wedding

  • The weather is just right, thanks to temperate temps and warmer, sunnier days.
  • The flowers are in bloom, the babies are being born, and a general sense of new life is in the air.
  • Bright and lush spring colors are the perfect backdrop for a stunning spring wedding.

Cons of a Spring Wedding

  • While temperate, the weather can change quickly, so it’s important to have an indoor backup plan if you want an outdoor wedding.
  • Springtime allergies are in full swing, and it may be difficult to discern if your guests are sniffling out of joy or because of pollen.

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