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34 Thoughtful Engagement Gifts for the Couples in Your Life

by Clean Origin
Last updated on August 17, 2023

One of the sweetest things is witnessing people you know and love gets engaged. With all the excitement for the upcoming wedding, engagement gifts are sometimes overshadowed, and they’re not always given. But it can be meaningful and special for the happy couple to get an engagement gift from you – either at their engagement party or after you’ve heard the exciting news. Engagement gifts celebrate the beginning of the couple’s journey together and help them get even more excited about the wedding!

But, especially if you know one person in the couple better than the other, it can be stressful to find the right gift. Don’t stress yourself out – this list of thoughtful engagement gift ideas will help you think of something special or personalized that the couple is sure to appreciate.

Tips for Getting the Right Engagement Gift

Engagement Gift

Maybe you know the happy bride-to-be but don’t know much about the groom. Or maybe it is vice versa: you’ve known the groom-to-be but haven’t met his fiancee. This makes it challenging to find the perfect gift that the couple will appreciate – especially if they’re the type of people who already have it all!

A great place to start getting engagement gift ideas is to start with fun things.  Couples’ gifts that highlight their soon-to-be-married status are always a go-to: like personalized towels or bath mats or matching mugs or wine glasses.

You can also get them something they will use at their upcoming wedding, like picture frames, gift certificates for cakes, flowers, photo sessions, or a cake-cutting set. These kinds of gifts are meaningful for the couple because it helps them save money on their wedding with these items they need!

Celebratory items like a bottle of wine, cake, snacks, or gift cards are also fun engagement gift ideas, especially if you have a smaller budget but still want to make the couple feel special. o It really doesn’t matter how big or small the gift is; it’s the thought that counts.

What is an Appropriate Engagement Gift?

Engagement Gifts

The type of engagement gift that will be appropriate for the situation depends on several things – like how well you know the couple, the couple’s personality, and the atmosphere of the engagement party. If it’s a formal party celebrating their engagement, a gag gift or inside joke is not the best move. If it’s a casual party, or if you’ll be giving them your gift personally, separate from other friends and family, you have more flexibility as to getting humorous or more personalized gifts.

For a couple where you’re unsure what kind of a gift to bring, the couple’s favorite bottle of wine, a box of chocolate, or a gift card are  always safe bets for any engagement party, regardless of how well you know the couple 

When shopping for an engagement gift, make sure you consider the price since you may still want to get a wedding gift, especially if you’re going to be attending the wedding.

Engagement Gift Ideas for the Couple

Gifts for Couples

Most couples do not have a registry for their engagement party as they may for their wedding, because they don’t want their friends and family to feel pressured to get them gifts twice.  Instead, they might prefer to have an engagement party with no gifts. But in many situations, it is still appropriate and expected to give the couple an engagement gift, especially when attending the party.

Although it feels impersonal, many newly engaged couples are happy to get money these days. It helps them cover the cost of their wedding, and they can choose what to use it for. However, if you are getting them a physical gift, something meaningful will go a lot farther than something expensive. Get them something that will excite them and delight them. 

Here are some engagement gift ideas to give to the couple that both of them will love:

Matching Mugs

Matching Mugs

A set of mugs is a cute and thoughtful engagement gift that they will use frequently. You can make this gift even more meaningful by having them personalized with their initials and the year they met or the date they’re going to be married.

Gorgeous Candles


Candles are also a great, practical present for an engagement gift. Choose a candle that looks beautiful and smells great (neutral scents are always a go-to when you’re buying candles for a gift) for them to use in their new home. It doubles as cute decor and makes your house smell great, and it will be meaningful because they will think of you when they light it. You can also go for candles that have been personalized with the wedding theme and color to remind them of their special day.

A Set of Champagne Flutes

Champagne Glasses

An engaged couple is looking forward to plenty of celebrations over the next few months. Champagne glasses would come in handy for parties, intimate nights in, or can even during a wedding celebration. Additionally, they can use champagne glasses to toast one another on every wedding anniversary.

Framed Photos

Framed Photos

You can send this super meaningful gift right from your couch! Get ahold of the couple’s favorite engagement photos or another picture of them that they love (you may need to do some sleuthing to get a picture they love from their family or friends).

Then use a website like Minted or Zazzle or another digital framing site to have the picture professionally printed and framed and sent to the couple. This is a thoughtful piece for them to display in their home!

A Printed Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner

Wedding planning can be so overwhelming! Help the couple take off the stress by getting them a wedding planning guide or planner to help them organize the plans for their big day. Printed wedding planners come with checklists, timelines, and handy lists that break down everything that needs to be done for the upcoming wedding! There are tons of varieties and types of planners that allow you to fill in your details and timelines. Couples are sure to appreciate that you’re thinking ahead to help them with the busy upcoming planning.

An Instant Camera

Instant Camera Engagement Gift

Another fun and the casual gift idea is an instant camera, like a Polaroid.. Couples can use it to capture and remember the small, magical moments leading up to the wedding day. Then they can look back on the pictures and during stressful wedding-planning times and remember the important things – each other!

A Portable Photo Printer

Speaking of printing photos, a portable photo printer will allow the happy couple to instantly print photos from their phone to display around their home. It makes it easy to remember the great memories they have during their engagement! Plus, they can easily print photos to use as wedding decor.

A Fancy Ring Dish

engagement ring box engagement gifts

A pretty ring dish is a great idea to give them a safe place to store their new rings. Take it a step further and have it personalized with their initials and wedding dates for a beautifully decorative keepsake – with practical use!

Personalized Wall Art for Their Home

Wall Art Engagement Gifts

Wall art is another great engagement gift idea that the couple will use and love. Using sites like Etsy, you can have wall art custom-made to include the couple’s names, pictures,  initials, or important dates, to add a beautiful and personal touch to their house.

Gourmet Treats 

Gourmet Treats Engagement Gifts

Sweetly celebrate the newly engaged couple with a gourmet box of cupcakes, a mini cake, local toffee, or other fancy treats. The couple will love getting a fancy, delicious treat that they probably wouldn’t have bought for themselves and will enjoy eating it together. Check out local bakeries for their best-sellers!

Personalized Vow Books

Engagement Gifts

After the excitement of the engagement passes, engaged couples start thinking about what they will say to each other on their wedding day.  A set of vow books would be the perfect place for them to make notes and draft all the sweet, romantic words that they would like to share with one another on their wedding day. Then, they get to use their books at the altar instead of crumpled-up paper scraps.  Plus, a beautiful book is a great way for them to store their vows for years to come. They can even use the same books to write renewal vows years down the road!

Luggage Tags and Passport Tags

Luggage as Engagement Gifts

If the couple loves to travel, luggage and passport tags are a fun and useful gift for them to use on their honeymoon and beyond. These typically aren’t too expensive, so this is a great idea if you’re on a budget but still want something thoughful. You can have them personalized to add just a little extra touch.

Kitchen Basics Set

Untraditional engagement gifts

This is a traditional engagement gift, but for good reason! Especially if the couple loves to cook, a set of kitchen basics – like oven mitts, matching aprons,  tea towels, and/or potholders will have their kitchen looking like a photo from a magazine, and will set them up to get cooking in their shared kitchen

Couples Stemless Wine Glasses

stemless wine glass engagement gifts

A cute set of stemless wine glasses is a useful, modern gift that they will definitely enjoy using over the years of their marriage. A set of 4 is perfect for guests and entertaining, too if the couple likes to host!

A Designated Keepsake Box

Engagement Gifts: Keepsake box

Gift the couple a keepsake box to store memories of the times they’ve spent together. Search for a dedicated keepsake gift box that comes with compartments, labels, storage, and more that will keep everything from ticket stubs to love notes.

Personalized Wine Bottle

Engagement Gifts: Bottle of Wine

A bottle of wine is a pretty common engagement gift idea – and the couple won’t be too disappointed! However, you can order an inscribed bottle with a special message or their names on it to make it extra special. Add some beautiful wrapping, and you’ve turned an ordinary gift into something they will hold on to for years.

Games to Play Together

Spice up their game night with some new games! If they like to play board or card games, find out their favorites and search for similar games. Hopefully, playing games will remind them to relax and have fun during the chaos of wedding planning. You can personalize games too – surprise them with a beautiful, personalized chess or checkers board or tic-tac-toe game that will double as a decoration in addition to a past-time.

Creative Subscription Box

There are so many subscription boxes available now – offering everything from date nights in a box to creative activities, food tastings, and so much more! Pick something that the couple loves to do together, and send them a monthly subscription box to enjoy together. This gift will get them excited every month, and they’ll appreciate that your gift lasts!

Engagement Gift Ideas for the Bride-to-Be

Whether you’ve known the bride for years or you’re more recent friends, you’re probably really excited about her engagement announcement! Sometimes it’s best to get a gift that the couple can enjoy together, but any bride-to-be will appreciate a little something just for her before she gets lost in all the wedding planning.

A special gift for the bride will show your love and support – and she will really appreciate it during the busy time she has coming up!

Here are our top engagement gift ideas for you to give to the bride-to-be.

A Chic Bride’s Makeup Bag

The bride will likely be traveling a lot as she prepares for the wedding – for engagement parties, visiting family, bachelorette party, the wedding, and the honeymoon!  She would love a chic makeup bag to carry her makeup and toiletries, so she can feel and look her best no matter where she is.

A Pair of Colorful Fuzzy Slippers 

Fuzzy slippers are not only fun to get, but they’re also an absolute delight to slip on while getting ready after the parties when she takes off her heels. They come in tons of different colors and styles, and you can have them personalized with her initials or her favorite color.

Classy Jewelry

This might be on the pricey side among all the gift ideas, but if you can afford it, the bride-to-be will love a simple, beautiful piece of jewelry. Especially if it matches her wedding outfit, some simple jewelry will be something she’ll be excited to wear as she walks down the aisle and will remind her of the support of her friends and loved ones. Go for classy and stylish diamonds like a white gold petite bracelet, an emerald pendant, pave dome earrings or certified 4-prong diamond studs.

Personalized Satin Pajamas

Satin pajamas are a fun engagement gift if the bride is a close friend! Opt for a white satin to make her feel like a glowing bride. She will feel cute and comfortable – and well-rested – in the days leading up to her wedding. 

Plus, you and your friends can all get pajamas to match hers and wear them at the bachelorette party or bridal shower! . You can get them personalized with your initials to make them feel extra cute and fancy.

“Future Mrs.” T-Shirt

This engagement gift would definitely put a big smile on the bride’s face. Get “Future Mrs.” and the engagement date or wedding date printed on a white t-shirt – it will give her a fun thing to wear to let everyone know that she’s engaged!

A Set of Lip Gloss

There’s nothing like getting a little something new to help you feel your best. The bride will appreciate wearing her new lip gloss at all of the parties and gatherings she’s going to before the wedding! And a variety lets her choose the perfect color for every one of occasion. 

A Jade Facial Roller

Another thoughtful engagement gift idea is a jade facial roller. Planning a wedding can be stressful, so a jade roller will help the bride unwind and keep her skin looking flawless through the stress. Not only does it feel SO good, but jade rolling also has a lot of benefits; it reduces stress, tightens skin, promotes blood flow, and leaves your face soft and glowing.

Personalized Guided Journal

There is a lot going on for the bride in the time between the engagement and the wedding. Get her a guided journal to help her slow down, take time for herself, and record things she wants to remember.

Engagement Gift Ideas for the Groom to Be

Finding an engagement gift specifically for the groom-to-be can be a bit tricky, but it can be really meaningful when coming from a close friend. It reminds the groom that he has a lot of people who are excited for him and his future wife. Here are our engagement gift ideas for the groom that he will actually use and enjoy.

A Wine Rack

Couples receive a lot of wine around their wedding! A beautiful wooden wine rack gives them a place to store their favorite wine, plus can be a statement addition to the couple’s new home.

A Cool Pair of Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a staple in life, and a great pair can last a long time. If you can, invest in some quality sunglasses with a warranty. While they might be a bit pricier, the groom will appreciate them for years to come. Find a pair that you think would fit the groom’s face and make him look great, and he’ll get a lot of use out of them – especially if he’s honeymooning somewhere sunny!

A High-Quality Tie

A high-quality tie is a thoughtful gift for the groom. It helps him cover some of the costs of his wedding outfit and is something he can wear after the wedding is over too. Make sure to talk with the bride-to-be to get the right colors and type of tie! 

If that’s too overwhelming, you can get him a tie that he can wear to the engagement parties or rehearsal dinners. A nice tie will last a long time, and he can wear it to events and parties for years to come.

Grilling Set

If he loves to grill, get him a grill set. This might be something he wouldn’t think to invest in for himself but that he will enjoy and use!

Trendy Cufflinks

Cufflinks are trendy engagement gifts for the groom-to-be. Cufflinks will give a classy and modern  look to his suits. If they match, he could even wear them on the wedding day, and he will remember the support he has from those who care about him. And he can wear them long past the wedding as well, making him look more sophisticated and modern.

A Travel Bag Set

The groom and his fiancee will probably have a lot of trips in the future after being engaged. Whether they’re visiting wedding location options, meeting family members, or traveling for engagement parties, you can never go wrong with giving the groom-to-be a set of nice travel bags.  He’ll be sure to use and appreciate them up until the wedding, during the honeymoon, and beyond.

Luxurious Shaving Kit

Shaving kits are a luxury that most men might not think about getting themselves but that they will use nearly every day! A great kit, including a razor and some great-smelling shaving cream and aftershave, will make him feel and look (and smell) great and will help him avoid any razor burn or bumps leading up to his big day. 

Classy Wallets

While this is a simple and popular gift, it is a great gift to help him be more put together and classy – which his bride will for sure appreciate! Wallets come in all different kinds of colors and types – choose a simple wallet in a classy, neutral leather for a modern, manly feel. 

Celebrate in Style

Hopefully, your wheels are turning with great, thoughtful gifts for the recently-engaged couples in your life. Any of these gifts are sure to delight them and help build the excitement for their upcoming wedding, and most importantly, show them that you love and support them, which matters most of all.

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