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Where to Buy Wedding Bands

by Lucy Coleman
Last updated on August 24, 2023
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You’ve proposed, and she said yes! But the ring shopping journey isn’t over yet. Now, you have the task of buying the perfect wedding bands. You want to get wedding bands that are special to you and your partner and can represent your loving relationship. With many places to buy wedding bands, from the traditional diamond store to an increasing number of online retailers, you may be unsure of where to go. We’ve broken down the process of buying wedding bands online for an easy and simple experience that we hope you’ll find useful in your search.

What to Look for When Buying Wedding Bands

Finding the perfect wedding band is like dress shopping. You want to say “I do” to the ring before you decide to purchase anything. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! Read on for the best tips from jewelry experts so you can find wedding bands that will forever represent your love.

Wedding Band Color

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First, decide on the color of the band. Are you a silver or gold jewelry person? Or maybe you want to go for something more unique. Wedding bands are usually simple bands that you wear all the time, so you want to know what color you’ll be sporting every day.

The popular colors are silver and gold, but you can also go for rose gold. Yellow gold bands will give you the traditional gold color. White gold or platinum bands are silver in color but made out of durable metals that will last for years.

Styles of Wedding Bands

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Your dream ring may be a simple traditional band or it may be something more unique and stylish. Want to match your engagement ring? Keep your ring in mind if you plan to match the color and style of your engagement ring.

Wedding rings and engagement rings are often worn together, so you want them to complement each other. We’ll talk more about wedding band styles below because there are so many options to choose from!

When deciding on the style, ask yourself if you want your wedding ring to have diamonds or not. A diamond can enhance your wedding band without taking too much attention away from the engagement ring. They are also great for men who want to wear diamonds on their wedding rings.

If you love sparkly things, then you might consider a wedding band that has a bit of extra brilliance to it. You will most likely have to shop for a loose diamond that is separate from the wedding band and have those put together by the jeweler.


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Lastly, you want to do your research on the retailer and figure out the logistics of getting the ring. This includes things like shipping, returns, sizing, resizing, and more. This way, you can be sure you get the ring you want without unexpected shipping policies or not being able to return it if it doesn’t work out.

Wedding Band Styles

From simple and plain to intricate and elegant, there are so many options to choose from to make your ring unique to you. Take inspiration from your engagement ring or look at wedding rings that you like from friends and family.

Classic Styles

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Classic wedding bands can be super simple and minimalistic. A round band, for instance, is simple yet timeless. But you can also go for something with a little flair, like a curved band or etched band.

Matching Wedding Rings

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His and hers wedding bands are pretty common, so you can certainly find matching wedding rings that speak to both your and your partner’s styles. These can be simple or intricate designs. Clean Origin has many different wedding band options that you can buy for both partners and so that you have matching wedding bands.

Unique Styles

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A unique wedding band can be a daily reminder of both your personality and the love that only you and your partner share.

Eternity bands are also a great option for a more unique wedding band. They symbolize the eternity of your love and will pair nicely with an engagement ring, but they also work perfectly their own.

Bridal Sets

Bridal sets are wonderful because they are made to match. Some women like to wear both their engagement and wedding rings together. Stackable rings are perfect for using to make a bridal set if you didn’t buy the engagement ring as a set already.

Wedding Bands with Diamonds

Diamonds can be a very stylish part of your wedding ring as a pavé setting or as a three or five-stone ring. Don’t think that diamonds are just for engagement rings. Men’s wedding bands can also feature diamonds.

Should You Buy a Wedding Band Online?

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All the things you need to do in your search for the perfect ring can absolutely be done in your home or wherever else you are– it’s now easier than ever to buy a wedding band online without visiting a store.

No more waiting in line or dealing with pushy sales representatives in store! What’s better than having your perfect ring shipped directly to your doorstep without ever having to leave home? You can also opt for in-store pickup if there is a location near you.

There are other benefits of shopping online for your wedding bands. If you have busy schedules, you and your partner can both shop whenever you have time between work meetings, at night, or during lunch. It’s also easier to see all your options because online catalogs are super easy to browse through.

That being said, you shouldn’t buy your wedding bands from just any website. You should do just as much research on the retailer as you do on the ring you buy!

Tips for Buying Wedding Bands Online

To start, we recommend deciding on some of the details for your ring, like color and style.

You can start by browsing our curated selection of wedding bands for women or wedding bands for men on our website and picking out the specific details you like. If you find a ring you can see yourself wearing, save it for later!

Then, start narrowing down your search with a few filters. Maybe you know you want a yellow gold band because the warmth of yellow gold complements your skin tone. Then, you can start browsing styles.

Maybe you know what style you like, so you can narrow it down to vintage rings, wedding bands with diamonds, or floral wedding bands. On Clean Origin’s website, you can see each ring style in every color that it is available to help you decide which one is best for you.

Ring Size Guide

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While many companies offer resizing services, it is definitely easier to get the right size the first time!

Don’t panic if you’re unsure of your ring size! Use a ring you already have that fits well and take it to a jeweler, print out a ring size guide, or use a ring mandrel to get the perfect fit.

Shipping and Returns Policies

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When shopping from an online retailer, shipping and return policies are always important, but this is especially the case for something as important and valuable as fine jewelry.

Imagine the headache if your rings were to get lost in the mail! In addition to that, you shouldn’t have to wait weeks and weeks to get your rings.

Getting your rings shipped quickly and reliably gives you some extra time if you need to return them or get them resized.

Clean Origin has free overnight, two-day, or three-day shipping depending on the cost of your order. In our commitment to getting you your jewelry, we insure and register each item.

Returns are free within 100 days at Clean Origin, whereas many other retailers have only 30 day returns. Complimentary resizing, with free shipping both ways, is also available for every standard ring purchased from Clean Origin.

These policies are intended to maximize your experience as a buyer and make shopping at Clean Origin a no brainer!

Happy Shopping!

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Clean Origin’s selection of wedding bands for everyone is the finest collection you’ll find. From lab grown diamonds to stunning recycled metals, all of our jewelry is 100% ethical and responsibly sourced.

We feel good about selling ethical wedding jewelry, so we hope that our mission carries over to you and that you are proud to wear Clean Origin jewelry as well. We know you’ll find the perfect wedding bands for your special day.