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Upgrading Your Engagement Ring: What To Know

by Haley Anhut
Last updated on August 24, 2022
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There are very few gifts you receive that you can one day change and improve. Luckily for a lot of individuals, an engagement ring is one of them.

Many times, an engagement ring is purchased when a couple is in their twenties or thirties. Maybe they did not have a ton of money to spend or they simply did not want to invest a lot in a ring. But, since a ring can be taken apart, there are plenty of ways to upgrade an engagement ring, and it’s a fun and easy gift down the line!

Upgrading For An Anniversary

Every year of marriage should be celebrated, but there are some milestones in any relationship that are seen as monumental. Usually, these are marked at 5 or 10-year intervals and couples usually use them as a chance to give a gift that might be a bit bigger or more personal than some of the other anniversaries. A new ring is a perfect sentimental gift for a loved one.

There is no rhyme or reason on when to upgrade an engagement ring, but it is a purchase that should be planned, researched, and thought through. Although it might be more common to add a stackable ring on one of your first years of marriage, upgrading a diamond would be perfect for a couple whose budget was not able to afford the diamond that they wanted when they got hitched.

It also might be the case that a couple purchased their original engagement ring with a mined diamond and have now learned about the benefits of going with lab-grown. In this case, they could easily upgrade the engagement ring for less money than it would take to upgrade with another mined diamond.

Family Heirlooms

In some families, engagement rings are known to be passed down from generation to generation. Although the sentimental value of the jewelry can be much stronger, sometimes the diamond can be smaller or cut in a way that’s no longer used, such as an old miner’s cut. Upgrading a diamond doesn’t have to just mean a bigger center stone. The four c’s of diamondscarat, cut, color, and clarity all have different levels.

Improving a carat obviously increases the size of your diamond, but improving the cut could give it a lot of extra sparkle and shine. It’s important to know what your most desired quality in the ring is and convey that to a jeweler. Upgrading an engagement ring that was a family heirloom can be great to do before you propose or, as we mentioned above, on an anniversary.

Going Green

For a lot of people, lab-grown diamonds were not an option when they picked out their original ring. But, the environmentally friendly aspect of these stones might have pushed them to go green had they been an option. Another great gift would be to upgrade your engagement ring’s stone to a man-made diamond. This would not only show your respect for the earth but as mentioned above, it could allow for a bigger, improved diamond.

The Perfect Fit

So you’ve decided to upgrade your engagement ring… now what? If you’re considering a different diamond shape for your upgrade, it’s important to know if your setting can accommodate it. Talk with your jeweler about what diamond shape would work well within the setting. Then, let our diamond experts help you pick out the best lab-grown diamond to fill it in!

Upgrading an engagement ring can be a great gift or improvement over your wedding-day ring. But, it’s important to know exactly what you want to be improved and if it’s possible in the current setting and band. If you have any questions at all about switching out a diamond, never hesitate to call the diamond experts at Clean Origin! And hey, a complete ring upgrade never hurts either.