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Celtic Engagement Rings

by Lucy Coleman
Last updated on September 21, 2023
Celtic Solitaire Engagement Ring

Celtic engagement rings have a unique vintage style that echoes Irish tradition. Accordingly, knots and twists adorn Celtic engagement rings, giving them an intricate and delicate feel.

If you’re looking for a ring with romantic detail and a distinctive style, a Celtic engagement ring may be the right choice for you.

What Are Celtic Engagement Rings?

Celtic-style engagement rings incorporate Celtic designs like Celtic knots, Claddagh, and Celtic warriors. Sometimes referred to as Irish engagement rings, Celtic engagement rings feature knots and braids around a center diamond.

Traditionally, Celtic engagement rings symbolize everlasting love. There are many interpretations for the detailed knots and twists on Celtic jewelry, but this leaves room for your own interpretation.

History of Celtic-Style Jewelry

Clean Origin Engagement Rings

Celtic jewelry has been around for ages, with some of the earliest Celtic pieces originating over 300 years ago.

History of Celtic Engagement Rings

Significantly, the first Celtic ring is said to have been a Claddagh ring from an Irish fishing village. There is also some mythology around Celtic engagement rings. People say an eagle dropped the first Celtic engagement ring in the lap of a widow. Celtic engagement rings are still popular today, and each style has its unique significance.

Queen Victoria wore a Celtic snake engagement ring with an emerald stone and popularized the Celtic style among royalty which led to more people searching for the Celtic style.

In general, Celtic engagement rings are passed down from generation to generation within a family, becoming meaningful family heirlooms.

Meaning of Celtic Jewelry

Celtic engagement rings have ancient Celtic design meanings that they reflect. Given that, Claddagh, Celtic Warrior & Celtic Knot are the most common designs. These woven designs embodied the symbolism of a forever-loving and mystical friendship. Correspondingly, Celtic knots have a continuous line that symbolizes unity, eternal life, and love.

The ring itself represents eternity, symbolizing the circle that never began and ended at the end. The knots of a Celtic Ring represents the permanence of life. This style is a symbol of ancient history which many families value because they preserve it in the past & carry this heritage into the future.

Celtic Style Rings

There are many styles of Celtic rings that all have unique designs and meanings. Customize these styles to fit your unique personality. Some rings feature gemstones like emerald and sapphire, which are beautiful stones to complement the Celtic designs.

Claddagh Ring

The Claddagh ring features two hands around a heart with a crown above the heart. The heart can be a heart-shaped diamond or made out of metal. Sometimes, smaller diamonds are set in the shape of the heart for the center. Smaller diamonds can be incorporated throughout the setting and band.

Celtic Crown Diamond Engagement Ring

Claddagh rings are traditionally available in gold bands, so they can be very distinct. Some rings feature a small crown of faceted heart diamonds with smaller diamonds surrounding it.

Celtic Knot

The Celtic knot is a traditional Irish knot. The Celtic knot is also called the trinity knot because it features three points in a looping pattern. Some rings feature the knot with a shining diamond as the center stone, while others may not have a diamond at all. Around the center, diamonds are braids and knots with a twisted band. The knots and twists can be incorporated anywhere in the ring. The knot represents an unbreakable unity of two people and carries a lot of meaning in relationships.

Celtic Warrior

These designs usually have warrior designs engraved in the ring. It could be knots, seals, symbols, or other objects. Some have a snake design that twists around them in a knot. The warrior rings were more commonly worn as men’s wedding bands but can be for anyone who likes their style.

Metals for Celtic Engagement Rings

Celtic-style rings can be made out of any metal. However, if you’re looking for a durable engagement ring, there are some options that are better than others.

Many Celtic rings are sterling silver. However, sterling silver isn’t the most durable metal. Instead, look for white gold or yellow gold, so you know your ring will last.

Other precious metals like platinum or rose gold are great options for Celtic engagement rings. These metals are durable and complement a center stone well. Rose gold looks romantic and sophisticated, and platinum is a very high-quality metal for jewelry.

14K Yellow & White Gold

Simple but spectacular, 14k gold is a great choice for engagement rings because it is durable. A 14k white gold or yellow gold band will resist scratches and dents making it perfect for everyday wear.

What Wedding Band Goes With a Celtic Engagement Ring?

If you’re looking for the perfect wedding band to match a Celtic engagement ring, it might be best to keep it simple. Celtic engagement rings are intricate enough on their own, and you wouldn’t want to have too much going on with an elaborate wedding band.

If you plan to wear the engagement ring and wedding band together, you can look for a simple metal band. Thin eternity bands work well with twisted and curved designs. A thin pavé band would also complement many Celtic styles well.

Bridal Sets

Celtic rings are unique and traditional in the best possible way. If you like bridal sets, you may be able to incorporate a Celtic engagement ring in a matching set. Even if you can’t find a set, you can look for wedding bands that complement your ring so you can wear them together.

If your engagement ring has curves, you can get a custom curved wedding band that matches the curve of your engagement ring.

Where to Buy a Celtic Engagement Ring

There are plenty of retailers that sell Celtic engagement rings. You may be able to custom order one with a specific style.

Or you can browse online retailers for Celtic-style rings. If you simply like the look of Celtic rings and don’t have a specific design in mind, this is a great way to find something unique without having to custom design a ring or pay a hefty price.

How to Care for a Celtic Engagement Ring

Care instructions for a Celtic engagement ring depend on its makeup. Traditional Celtic rings were manufactured from sterling silver that can tarnish easily.

Cleaning sterling silver can be easy by wiping it off regularly, removing it when doing chores or using chemicals, and keeping it out of direct sunlight. If required, you can wash your rings with soap.

If your ring is white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum, it is easier to take care of. You don’t risk tarnishing it or damaging the ring with excessive use. If you get your ring dirty, make sure to wash it off and dry it thoroughly.

Ethical Celtic Jewelry that Lasts

If you like the style of Celtic jewelry but want responsibly sourced and ethical jewelry, then Clean Origin is the place for you! With Clean Origin, you can feel good about the jewelry you invest in.

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Clean Origin has a wide selection of classic (like solitaire engagement rings), as well as vintage and stylish engagement rings that will be perfect for your partner.

Celtic Solitaire

If you’re looking for a simple Celtic engagement ring, check out the Celtic Solitaire Ring from Clean Origin. Two small Celtic knots flank a center gemstone in this stunning engagement ring. It comes in both white gold and yellow gold and can feature a stunning round diamond or oval-shaped diamond.

Erika Ring

The Erika Ring features a round brilliant diamond set in a Celtic design adorned with twists and a stunning knotted profile. It comes in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum.

Diamond Pendant Necklaces

Celtic Halo Diamond Pendant

Those looking for a Celtic necklace will love the Celtic Halo Diamond Pendant. It can be a great gift for someone who loves the Celtic styles or already has a Celtic ring.

It comes in three different metals and has smaller diamonds surrounding a center-round diamond.