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The Best Time to Buy: Engagement Ring

by Caroline Clark
Last updated on October 18, 2023
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So you’re engagement ring shopping, and you’ve come across a ‘best time to buy: engagement ring‘ guide. We’re sure you’ve seen many guides and tips about shopping for a diamond engagement ring all over the internet.

Jewelry stores mention engagement ring sales around the holiday season (like Black Friday and Valentine’s Day). Stores also discount during times of the year when the diamond and jewelry industry is not as busy. You might have found sites breaking this down to exact days and months that are better for buying a diamond.

But why exactly do jewelry stores offer discounted diamond rings? Why do diamond prices differ if you decide to buy in October rather than June? Or on a Monday instead of a Friday? And seriously, when is the best time to buy an engagement ring?

Don’t Be Fooled

Clean Origin Engagement Ring

This is a common pattern you see with many diamond retailers, and it only adds to the confusion of buying an engagement ring — which is already a new buying experience for most.

At Clean Origin, we don’t have sales because we always provide our customers with the most competitive prices for high-quality man made diamonds. Frankly, we find it a bit strange that a brand would discount diamond jewelry because we believe in giving the customer the best price right from the start.

The internet will have different theories on when the best time of year to buy engagement rings is — and how there are even better times than others to buy an engagement ring — but these are simply not true (it’s just good marketing).

The best time to make an engagement ring purchase or diamond is when you’re ready and in love.

Best Time to Buy Diamond Engagement Ring

Clean Origin Engagement Ring

Again, this is up to you! We’re here to help guide you the whole way through when you’re ready to get started. However, when that day comes, the cards are in your hands! And you can relax in knowing the prices we offer won’t be dramatically slashed only during a certain time of the year, simply because everyone else is doing it.

Here are some (actually helpful) tips for when you are starting to consider the big purchase.

Don’t Rush A Diamond Ring!

Clean Origin Engagement Ring

Yes, you’re very excited to propose to the love of your life, but that doesn’t mean you should rush into the purchase. Take your time. This is a huge (for many) once-in-a-lifetime purchase.

Education and diamond knowledge is the best gift you can give yourself during this time of preparing to buy an engagement ring. There are many small factors to consider when it comes to choosing the color, cut, clarity, and carat.

Depending on the stone she wants, knowing everything you can will help you choose the perfect ring. Looking at the price alone will not show you the best diamond ring for your dollar.

Many diamond shapes offer some wiggle room. For example, ovals can look bigger than round diamonds if the size is what you’re after. The way a center stone is set can also affect how large or small a diamond looks.

Knowing these small details will help you choose a beautiful ring for your budget. Also, don’t forget you’ll need to determine their ring size discretely. Granted, it may be more challenging and take more time than you expected. 

Timing for Buying Engagement Rings

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Timing is everything. You’ll want to give yourself plenty of time when you’ve figured out the best time to buy an engagement ring.

Are you looking to propose during the holiday season or a special event? Give yourself plenty of buffer room, so you don’t need to worry about the ring arriving later than your planned proposal date.

We would suggest around 2-3 months as this allows you plenty of time to narrow down your options, especially if you’re lost on where to start or what style diamond ring your future fiance wants.

Leaving enough time to make adjustments is also wise if you choose to customize a design. Shipping is another factor that you’ll want to pay close attention to.

At Clean Origin, all our engagement rings are made to order with the majority of styles. Production to make an engagement ring may vary depending on the style, and shipping dates are always available on our product pages. We will always do our best to help you get the ring that is perfect for you. Schedule a virtual appointment or shop our quick-ship diamonds today.

Once your ring is completed, we offer free FedEx overnight shipping as well as free return shipping on all US ring orders and loose lab created diamond orders!

With other brands, you’ll want to read the fine print and verify that if they give you 2-day shipping, you’re factoring in their processing time. Check to see if they deliver seven days a week, ship to an alternate location, or if you need to be present to sign when the order is dispatched (this should be a must). We often hear horror stories of shipping errors ruining proposals, so we want you to be prepared! 


Clean Origin Engagement Ring

Even if you’re in love, the best time to buy an engagement ring is when you’re financially prepared. Set your budget and start educating yourself on what you can get for the budget you’ve given yourself.

Familiarize yourself with the 4 C’s and decide what you want to prioritize. When it comes to metal, there are ways you can save without skimping on quality. Choosing 14k gold over 18k gold saves you money. So, you can put it towards a future eternity band or your wedding bands.

As stated before, the price can range drastically, so you’ll want to educate yourself. Just remember, quality diamonds don’t go on sale, so budget accordingly, and don’t be fooled by seasonal discounting. 

Popular Times to Propose

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The right time is different for everyone. Popular times to propose are typically around the holidays, New Year, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day.

While these can be extremely romantic and special times to propose, it is important to remember that because they are popular times, it may require you to add some buffer time when purchasing a ring. Jewelers and stores are very busy during these times, and thus it may take them longer to create your unique engagement ring. If you are shopping for something rare, such as a black diamond, you will want to give yourself as much of a time buffer as possible.

Shipping times may also be affected during these times because of the mass amounts of shopping that goes on during these holidays. You’ll just want to plan ahead to avoid any shipping delays and, therefore, proposal postponements. 

In the end, the best time to buy an engagement ring and propose will be a meaningful date for you and your significant other — this isn’t an answer you can find online!