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5 Carat Diamond Ring: Greatest Guide to Buying

by Haig Ter-Martirosian
Last updated on October 16, 2023

A 5-carat diamond ring staggers with brilliance due to its privileged size and sparkle. 

Science’s marvelous handiwork proved that lab-grown diamonds could deliver as much light performance and attractiveness as their natural counterparts

5-carat diamonds are easy to feel on the finger given their weight. A marriage proposal with a 5-carat diamond ring bestows confidence and significant commitment to your soulmate. It is also a resounding celebration of your unique love story!

Let’s talk about the 4 C’s that can make a 5-carat diamond ring the perfect choice for your dream engagement ring.

Shedding Light on Diamond Size vs. Carat Weight

We often confuse these two terms; let’s explain the difference. Carat is the measurement unit that determines the actual physical weight of your loose diamond. The overall shape and cut proportions dictate the size

Shape & cut will influence the actual appearance of your precious stone, but not its carat weight. In other words, the size aspect will affect how large it will look from the top versus its actual weight. A larger-sized diamond does not necessarily equal heavier carat weight.

How Big Is a 5-Carat Diamond?

A typical round brilliant-cut 5-carat diamond weighs 1 gram with a diameter of about 0.4 inches. If you’re in the office right now and can hold a push-pin thumbtack in the palm of your hand. That’s roughly it!

Carat weight is an important segment to consider. It can influence both the price and quality of your 5-carat diamond ring. Are you are curious about how it’ll look on your finger? You can check our hand visualizer function available on most product images like the one below:

Choosing the Right Diamond Shape

There’s no set-in-stone practice when it comes to picking a particular diamond shape. Here at Clean Origin, we encourage 5-carat diamond engagement ring shoppers to reflect on their unique personality traits. A ring represents your overall style, so it should match your personality.

Pear cuts are for trailblazer brides-to-be, round cuts for classic design lovers, while the emerald cuts evoke glamor & red carpet. 

Let’s look at some of the world’s most sought-after styles of cuts:

Brilliant Round Cut

A round-cut brilliant diamond is simply a timeless shape, namely for its glorious role on solitaire engagement rings. In 1948, DeBeers dropped its iconic TV commercial sloganA diamond is forever.” This cemented the shape as many brides’ cut of choice

Pear-Shaped Cut

The eloquent aesthetics of pear cut diamonds bring out that fearless, contemporary elegance. Pear cuts also make the ring finger look longer. A perfect choice of elongated shape for the energetic, go-getter who’s looking to stand out from the traditional.  

Emerald Cut

Strikingly stunning, this rectangular-shaped diamond cut features step-like light rays. The diamond creates this effect when reflected upon due to its various facets in parallel at the forefront. The shape gets its name from the famous green gemstone, the emerald. Emeralds pioneered this style of lapidary technique. 

Heart-Shaped Cut

A heart-shaped diamond cut symbolizes the powerful connection you and your partner share. It also shows your wholehearted will to express your love to your significant other. Heart-shaped diamonds are a refined way to frame a romantic commitment. They stand out from the crowd if you’re seeking to adorn with something extraordinary.

You may also opt for a three-stone engagement ring, which has two smaller side stones. This setting increases the perceived size of your center one and gives it a higher sparkling sensation! Another option is a two stone engagement ring, which has two center stones.

What’s the Best Clarity for 5 Carat Diamonds?

Diamond clarity grades the stone’s overall visual appeal in terms of inclusions and imperfections. In a nutshell, the more flaws it holds when closely examined, the worse its final clarity grade will be. 

The clarity scale begins with Flawless (FL) all the way to Inclusions 2 (I2). When gazed at carefully under a loupe, diamonds without any visible inclusions are considered flawless and are usually in short supply. Be sure to see our diamond clarity chart to learn more about clarity.

For a 5-carat diamond ring, we recommend going for anything between a VS2 and VVS2 clarity grade. A lower clarity can offset the significant investment you have already put in carat weight. With this degree, most blemishes will barely be perceptible to the naked eye.

What About the Optimal Diamond Color?

colored diamonds

Diamond color is the color quality that the naked eye can easily detect without magnification. It is probably the most significant factor of all the 4 C’s.

What’s the best color diamond to go with? No one can honestly answer this question but yourself. It depends on what you consider necessary, and choose a stone that’s perfectly in line with your budget and taste.

Understanding Color Scale

Generally speaking, most people want their 5-carat diamond to be as transparent as possible (with no yellowish hue).

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) consistently grades diamond color on a scale from the letter D to Z. 

D-graded diamonds are the most transparent and colorless, while Z-graded diamonds embody a noticeable yellowish or brownish tint. 

What a lot of folks don’t know when searching for a 5-carat diamond is that it’s tough to see this level of distinction between color grades. Nevertheless, the distinction in terms of cost will most certainly pop out! 

Thus, our lab-diamond experts will assess what you consider a priority and help you make an informed decision.

Here is the color scale to help you visualize better:

colorless diamonds to light yellow

What Ring Setting Will Best Magnify My Center Diamond?

Finding the perfect engagement ring setting shouldn’t have to be a needle-in-a-haystack experience.

This is the starting point for many people before choosing the perfect diamond, but don’t fret! There are no complex rules. Your best bet is to listen to what your heart tells you and err on the side of individual preference.

Making a setting choice should depend on your daily lifestyle. Are you looking for something more light, simple, or extravagant? Also, technically speaking, how important is it for you to eliminate the possibility of losing your precious stone?

These are important questions to tackle. We believe that the best setting for a 5-carat diamond ring is one balanced between elegance and durability.

Here are a few examples:

The Classic Solitaire

This timeless and classic ring setting is designed to purposely highlight the center stone. If you want a stronger setting, master jewelers suggest going with six prongs instead of four.

The Vintage Look

If you or your partner have a taste for French Renaissance or Victorian-era-inspired designs, a modern vintage engagement ring setting is perfect. With geometric-rich bands that exude the center stone, this look is simply flowers for your finger!

The Glamorous Halo

Looking for a great way to add extra sparkle? Maybe you originally hoped to buy a larger diamond but you’re on a budget. This is where halo engagement ring settings come in handy. Halos include a strip of pavé diamonds that encircles the center diamond. Your ring will look bigger than expected plus the glamour and glitz that come with such a design.

There’s also the bezel setting, which is extremely secure. Bezel settings protect the edges of your 5-carat diamond to prevent it from unnecessary scratching or damage. Here’s a cool article about this topic if you wish to learn more.

How Much Is a 5 Carat Diamond Worth?

The exact price really depends on the quality of the cut, color, and clarity characteristics.

A mined or natural diamond can go anywhere from $39K to over $300K. These diamonds make a harsh journey from the earth’s mantle into the hands of a jeweler. The long supply chain leads to a spike in cost for the consumer.

Lab-grown diamonds within the same carat weight and quality range can cost between $45K to $75K. Diamond prices per carat increase exponentially in contrast to their weight. This is because larger diamonds are produced less frequently than smaller diamonds.

Our diamond experts can guide you in this process. We recommend spending more on the cut quality aspect rather than color if you’re shopping on a budget.

Final Thoughts

With everything we’ve covered in this guide, we hope you feel enlightened and empowered in your diamond buying journey! 

Our Ideal Love promise ensures that you get a world-class lab-created diamond. Our diamonds come with a GemEx® certification from GIA or AGS. With such standards, you get a stunning stone that allows facets to reflect nearly 100% of light while ensuring tremendous brilliance, fire, and sparkle.

We know love is a quest. That’s why our diamond experts are available upon request to guide you through the entire process. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and a completely tailored online experience.