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5 Best 40th Anniversary Gifts

by Sophia Huxley
Posted July 17, 2021

Last updated on January 27, 2022

Are you coming up on your 40th wedding anniversary? Are you looking for the best 40th-anniversary gifts for parents or a loved one? What a special occasion!

As you begin shopping for this ruby anniversary, you may feel daunted by the sheer amount of options or feel boxed in by tradition. We at Clean Origin want such a special celebration of love and commitment to be one that you can enjoy.

Here we go over every detail. We thought of everything, so you don’t have to! We hope you enjoy our list of common questions and gift suggestions for the 40th wedding anniversary. 

What Is the 40th Anniversary Symbol?

People’s 40th wedding anniversary is traditionally their Ruby Red anniversary, where the color theme is often red and traditional gifts come in red, pink, or burgundy.

While ruby is a big part of the celebration, you don’t necessarily need rubies or even ruby red to meet the symbolism. Really, any red-toned stone or reddish-toned decorations will work just as well!

The point is to celebrate the rich inner flame of passion that runs through such a deeply committed partnership. Celebrate that inner flame however you would like!

What Is the Flower for the 40th Wedding Anniversary?

The flowers for a 40th wedding anniversary are nasturtiums and gladioli.

About Nasturtiums

Nasturtium is a flower that represents patriotism, conquest, and victory. This makes it the less popular of the two flowers when celebrating anniversaries today. Some love the flower enough to center it in their day, and some find that the idea of their wedding anniversary being a type of victory is a fun way to celebrate conquering any past hardships.

Nasturtium is a flower that recognizes how wonderful it is to face the world as a united team. They even grow together in thickly tangled patches to support each other. Nasturtiums are also lovely edible flowers. Therefore, when considering your 40th-anniversary meal, you can always plan to make them part of your conquest!

About Gladioli

colorful gladioli

Gladioli are the more popular of the two flowers because of their gentle meaning. A Gladiolus is said to mean generosity, sincerity, the strength of character, infatuation, splendid beauty, and admiration. What a lovely way to tell your partner you care!

Like diamonds, these flowers really speak out proudly about the love within a marriage. Many people enjoy putting a ring or wrapping a bracelet around the thick stalks of these red, white, pink, and yellow flowers when they present a bouquet for an anniversary gift! The defined, varied color flowers and bright green stalks make jewelry especially striking.

Red roses are also a great option for wedding anniversary gifts. If you need a striking way to give your partner a gift on your 40th anniversary, you can’t go wrong with flowers wrapped in jewels! 

What Are Some 40th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas?

There is no set way to celebrate such a big event, which leaves many people a bit stressed and lost. Do not panic! We at Clean Origin have your back. Remember to focus on what makes you and your partner, or the couple you are planning for, the happiest!

You could try highlighting the activities that you have maintained within your marriage. Alternatively, trying something new for this 40th anniversary could add a spark of romance and excitement.

If you’re still nervous, we have included a list of some great 40th wedding anniversary party ideas. 

1. Go Out to a Candlelit Dinner

Picture it, just the two of you, and have a dessert party at home with your family and friends for your 40th-anniversary party!

2. Renew your marriage vows!

You can relive a magical moment as you celebrate your 40th anniversary of marriage.

3. Go red wine tasting!

A ruby red wine will hold onto the ruby theme of your 40th wedding anniversary but still keeps things modern and fun. This can be paired with a fantastic 40th-anniversary gift, a bottle of wine!

4. Take a Hike

Hike out to a gorgeous lookout with some picnic items for your 40th anniversary. Don’t forget a bottle of your favorite, some victuals, and a small velvet box to protect your wedding anniversary gifts on the way!

5. Do a destination vacation together!

Maybe family and friends can join you in Las Vegas, Austin, Vermont, Martha’s Vineyard, or wherever else you might want to go! The trip doubles as a great 40th-anniversary gift.

What Is a Perfect Gift for a Ruby Anniversary?

Depending on who you are, 40th-anniversary gifts are different. Looking for a balance of traditional and modern can be a challenge when celebrating those 40 years together.

If it is your wedding anniversary, congratulations!

Why Not Go Big?

As you celebrate your union and partner, some of the symbols and traditions, such as the color red, maybe a helpful guide. Since the 40th anniversaries are the Ruby Anniversary, consider some pink or red jewelry.

You don’t have to be literal and choose a ruby. You can always opt for a rose gold setting to play on the color scheme, or consider a pink diamond!

Some examples of these gifts would be our Starburst Diamond Pendant in rose-gold or one of our pink diamonds. This way, you can get something more luxurious and worthy of everyday wear than ruby jewelry while still honoring the 40th-anniversary traditional symbols.

An anniversary band is a popular choice of gift as well!

Consider Who You Are Shopping For

Now, if you’re looking for a 40th-anniversary gift for parents or in-laws, you have a lot more freedom. You can stick with the ruby symbolism, but you can also lean into the traditional flower of the anniversary, the gladiolus, and find a more garden-themed piece of jewelry. A great example is our Floral Halo Diamond Pendant.

You can also move away from traditional symbols altogether and get a gorgeous tennis bracelet, like our 1 1/2ct White Gold Petite Diamond Bracelet, and a nice bottle of wine or whiskey.

It is best to remember that you should try not to do combined gifts for parent’s 40th anniversaries, they each did work as part of a team to reach this milestone, and each deserves special recognition.

Something as simple as roses for each person in the pair is enough to recognize. Rings, leather bands, watches, diamond earrings, all of these are wonderful gifts for men on their 40th wedding anniversary. 

What Is an Anniversary Band?

Anniversary bands are a great gift for milestone anniversaries! They are traditionally worn on the right-handed ring finger, so they don’t detract from the wedding ring or band.

Many people love them because you can get various bands over the year. This way, each band commemorates a special day, and each matching a different occasion. Some people like to mix and match gold and silver, some even opting for wood!

These classic gifts can be personalized to anyone’s style and are very romantic gifts. The versatility of an anniversary band is its main pull. This gift can be worn instead of a wedding ring, can be stacked with other bands and rings. Interestingly, it can even be fitted to hug the original engagement ring.

Want a Great Way to Look Back on 40 Years of Memories and Love?

If you want to match your existing ring with a Clean Origin piece, definitely look through our bridal sets. The ring that looks most like your own in our bridal set category will be matched with a gorgeous band that will be a great compliment to your ring.

Eternity bands are also a great option and are often an elegant, modern name for an anniversary band. These diamond-studded bands are a wonderful way to speak to how precious the last 40 years together have been. 

5 of The Best 40th Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you are still unsure of what to buy, don’t worry! We have compiled a list of some of the best 40th-anniversary gifts that pair well together and stand alone perfectly. When looking for an anniversary gift, remember that the perfect gift is personal. Celebrating your years together is an important part of the milestone!

Getting gift ideas can be tough and requires research and inspiration. Keep the ruby anniversary theme in mind while you try to acquire your gift idea.

Mix and match from the 5 gift options we have listed or use them as inspiration as you shop. If you’re still not quite sure, check out our Pinterest! We have plenty of inspiration for your upcoming celebration there, including a board specifically designed for 40th wedding anniversaries.

An Engraved Bottle of Champagne!

This is a great gift to share with your partner. Alternatively, it is a great gift to the happy couple because you can choose a bottle of champagne they have loved for forty years. Or better yet, find a champagne that was bottled on their anniversary date. You can also simply pick a beautiful-looking bottle and engrave a heartfelt message. It really takes the idea of gifting wine to a whole new level!

The 1/2 CT. TW. Saturni Station Bracelet!

A soft, delicate piece that is perfect for everyday wear, this bracelet will become a daily reminder of how far you and your partner have come together. A gorgeous, modern 40th-anniversary gift is the ever-versatile diamond bracelet. Sustainable, like your partnership, the Saturni Station Bracelet sparkles as brightly as the passionate inner flame you’re celebrating.

A Wood Watch Box!

After a few years of gifting watches, cufflinks, and earrings, it may be time to invest in some protection. Soft velvet jewelry cases or ochre wood boxes are great ways to protect the gifts of anniversaries past.

Caring for each other is how 40th anniversaries are reached, so don’t stop at buying gifts, protect them too. White gold watches and diamond earrings need to be lovingly cared for too!

Pink Diamond Earrings!

Sticking with the ruby theme, pink and red jewelry are stunning options for this anniversary gift. Wedding anniversary gifts deserve to be extravagant, and nothing is more extravagant than a pink diamond set in silver!

Pink diamonds, being rare and fancy colored, make a unique, showstopper gift and tip their hat to tradition.

Updated Wedding Bands!

After 40 years, you may want to try a new style or have options when you get ready in the morning. This gift idea can also be a great way to renew your commitment to each other and can accompany a vow renewal ceremony as part of your celebration. Whether you want to add matching wedding bands, a new men’s wedding band or you just like shopping for diamonds, it is all appropriate and encouraged on such a big occasion!