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Pink Diamond Jewelry

Fancy color diamonds come in a rainbow of hues, but not many are as rare and stunning as a pink diamond. Explore our curated collection of conflict-free pink diamond jewelry.

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What Are Fancy Pink Diamonds?

No one is exactly sure what makes a diamond pink: While other fancy colored diamonds get their signature hues from traces of different elements (like nitrogen or boron), even a trusted diamond pro doesn't know what elements or conditions turn diamonds pink.

Pink diamonds are one of the many types of fancy colored diamonds. They come in eight different color intensities, determined by the depth of its color. These include:

  • Faint pink
  • Very light pink
  • Light pink
  • Fancy light pink
  • Fancy pink
  • Fancy intense pink
  • Fancy vivid pink
  • Fancy deep/dark pink

Additionally, each pink diamond has a main hue and a secondary color. A secondary color can be purple, brown, and even orange.

What Makes a Diamond Pink?

Although no one knows what creates this gorgeous pink color, one theory is that pink diamonds get their intensity from the strong pressure they go through during formation. Another theory is that seismic shock can affect the diamonds' molecular structure. Either of these could explain how we get these pink hues, ranging from fancy light pink to fancy intense pink.

Are Pink Diamonds Real?

Yes, pink diamonds are real! They are also incredibly rare. According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), "Fewer than 3% [of diamonds] are classified as colored diamonds, and fewer than 5% of those are considered predominantly pink."

Mines that produce pink diamonds have been found in Russia, South Africa, Tanzania, and Brazil. However, around 80% of the world's pink diamonds came from the Argyle diamond mine in Kimberely, Western Australia, which closed in 2020. These Argyle pink diamonds are some of the most sought-after diamonds in the world -- and since the mine closed, Argyle pink diamonds are now even harder to find.
Can Pink Diamonds Be Lab Grown?

Yes, pink diamonds can be lab grown. Like natural diamonds, lab grown pink diamonds are created using intense heat and pressure. The result is pink diamonds in a variety of hues and secondary colors (purplish pink, orangy pink, and even brown pink).

Because of their incredibly rarity, mined pink diamond can be very expensive. If a natural pink diamond center stone or pink diamond engagement ring is out of your budget, you can consider a pink lab grown diamond. An ethical alternative to mined diamonds, lab created diamonds are molecularly identical to mined diamonds -- and they also can be 20-30% less expensive than mined diamonds. With lab grown, you can have beautiful lab grown pink diamonds at a reasonable price.

It's important to note that lab grown pink diamonds can have inclusions, just like natural diamonds. Unlike white diamonds, inclusions in pink diamonds don't affect their value. A pink diamond's value comes from both its color intensity and its carat weight, not from its clarity.

How Much Is a Pink Diamond Worth?

A pink diamond can be worth thousands to millions of dollars per carat. According to the GIA, "Top, vivid-colored stones can bring more than $2 million per carat at major auctions."

As a pink diamond's color intensity and carat weight grow, so does its price. The only other fancy colored diamond on the market today that fetches more per carat than a pink diamond is a red diamond.

If you are looking for a pink diamond ring on a budget, a pink diamond halo ring is the perfect choice, as a diamond halo makes a smaller carat pink diamond center stone look larger. A diamond halo will also add even more sparkle to your dazzling diamond ring.

What Does a Pink Diamond Symbolize?
A pink diamond represents femininity and romance. Because pink diamonds score a 10 on the Mohs hardness scale -- meaning they are very durable -- a pink diamond can also represent strength and longevity. We believe they symbolize the ideal sentiment for special, heirloom jewelry, like pink diamond engagement rings.
Celebrities With Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

Pink diamonds are a popular choice for celebrities who want something different from a white diamond. A couple of our favorite examples are:

Jennifer Lopez

When Ben Affleck first proposed to Jennifer Lopez in 2002, he gave her a 6.10 carat radiant-cut pink Harry Winston diamond. Ben and Jen's engagement started a pink diamond engagement ring trend. As a result, the demand for pink diamonds increased enormously.

Victoria Beckham

Most people go through life with one engagement ring, but not Victoria Beckham. Depending on the source, Beckham has received either 14 or 15 engagement rings from her husband, David Beckham, since they married in 1999.

One of these rings is a pink champagne halo diamond ring. David purchased it for her as a 30th birthday gift, and it cost about $1.1 million.

What Are the Most Famous Pink Diamonds?

Pink diamonds are in limited supply, so they tend to really make a statement. Here are some of the most spectacular pink diamonds in history.


The Daria-i-Noor is one of the largest cut diamonds in the world: It weighs around 182 carats and came from the Kollur mine in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Over the centuries, it has exchanged hands many times across different cultures. Currently, the diamond is part of the Iranian crown jewels.

CTF Pink Star

De Beers in Africa found this pink 132.5 carat rough diamond in 1999. Over 2 years, the Pink Star was cut and polished into a perfect, 59.6 carat flawless vivid pink diamond.

Originally named the "Steinmetz Pink" for the diamond company that bought it, it sold at auction in April 2017 for a whopping $71.2 million. The purchaser was Hong Kong jeweler, Chow Tai Fook. The diamond was then renamed the "CTF Pink Star" for the company's founder.

The CTF Pink Star will be known for many years for its record auction price and incredibly rare and perfect beauty

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