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Lab Grown 2.5 Carat Diamond Rings

With the sophistication and beauty of a lab grown diamond, a 2.5 carat diamond ring will be the perfect addition to your wonderful jewelry collection.

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How Much is a 2.5 Carat Diamond Ring?

While you may ooh and ahh at the beautiful 2.5 carat diamonds, the price tag of $13,00 to over $100,000 may make you think twice. The typical median price for a mined 2.5 carat diamond is around $28,000 total for the entire diamond.

Many people aren't too sure on how much to spend on an engagement ring, but modern couples are choosing to save money on the ring and instead spend it on something like a destination wedding venue or the honeymoon of their dreams. We completely understand that 2.5 carat diamonds may not be affordable for everyone, so we recommend you consider lab grown diamonds to save money on your precious diamond ring.

How Big is a 2.5 Carat Diamond Ring?

A 2.5 carat diamond will be about 8.9 millimeters in diameter for a round diamond in terms of physical size.

They look bigger than 2 carat diamonds, and the extra half a gram does a lot of work to make the diamond appear the perfect size without having to pay too much extra.

A 2.5 carat diamond will also appear much larger if it is set in a halo setting with a row of smaller diamonds surrounding it.

There are other settings that can make your diamond look even bigger without having to buy a bigger diamond. Incorporating side stone diamonds on the ring makes it sparkle and shine even more, granting that extra oomph to your center diamond.

In addition, some fancy shapes appear larger than round diamonds, like an oval cut diamond or pear shaped diamond.. Because of the way they are cut from a rough diamond, these shapes will appear larger than round brilliant diamonds when worn in an engagement ring.

How Much Is a Lab Grown Diamond Compared to a Mined Diamond?

The diamond prices of lab grown and mined diamonds vary considerably, enough that you can save anywhere from 20 to 40% on a lab grown diamond. The bigger the diamond you want, the more your savings go up!

For a 2.5 carat lab grown diamond, you can expect to pay no more than $5,000 for an average priced diamond that is fit for fine jewelry like an engagement ring.

But if you compare that to the median price for a 2.5 carat mined diamond of $30,000, you'll understand that it is a huge difference for a diamond that is physically and chemically the same!

Is a 2.5 Carat Diamond Suitable For an Engagement Ring?

A 2.5 carat diamond is one of our favorite choices for our carefully crafted engagement rings. You can also find 2.5 carat diamonds of good quality without going over budget, especially if you shop lab grown diamonds.

A 2.5 carat diamond is great for a solitaire setting or any other setting you like. You can shop for vintage-inspired rings, classic rings, unique rings, hidden accent rings, and many more.

There are styles that will complement your stunning diamond perfectly to create a ring that shows off your true personality and will shine as much as you do.

How to Choose A Diamond Shape for a 2.5 Carat Diamond Ring?

The different diamond shapes give you the opportunity to choose what you think will flatter you or your partner the most. It also lets you be more creative with designing your own engagement ring, so we love that there are so many different diamond shapes.

If you are totally unsure of what shape you want, we recommend looking at each of the shapes online, preferably by looking at pictures of the different shapes already set in a ring. Then you can shop for the diamond individually.

Round diamonds are popular, but other shapes like emerald cut diamonds and princess cut diamonds add some flair to your ring and make it more unique to you.

A beautiful diamond will give you an effortless look of beauty no matter what shape you choose for your ring.

Different Engagement Ring Settings

We love pairing lab grown diamonds with a special engagement ring setting to truly make the ring personal and fit for only you. A solitaire engagement ring setting is the most simple and classic and will go with anything.

A solitaire ring is also a good choice if you like more modern and minimalist rings. It features a center stone so your attention will only be on the sparkle and brilliance of the diamond.

If you like round diamonds but still want something a little extra unique, try going for a unique setting that incorporates beautiful round diamonds. A three stone engagement ring will usually feature a larger center stone with two smaller diamonds flanking it.

Metals For a 2.5 Carat Engagement Ring

White gold engagement rings are modern and elegant. This is a great metal choice for someone who likes the simple look or wants a classic silver color to add unique details to.

Yellow gold is another popular metal because of its warm gold color and flattering shine that pairs well with brilliant diamonds. It is a more traditional engagement ring color but looks just as beautiful as any other color.

A rose gold engagement ring is romantic and sweet and will make anyone blush. If your partner is a fan of rose gold for its feminine aura, then consider a rose gold band to match the love you have for them.

Platinum is a luxurious choice for an engagement ring as well. Platinum will also last you forever without much maintenance so it is great for the active person.

How to Shop for the Perfect Diamond Ring

You can customize your search selection when buying a diamond from Clean Origin based on shape, carat weight, color, clarity, and cut. If you understand these categories, named the 4 C's, then you're already a step ahead in choosing the best value diamond.

The cut is super important because it is the cutting and polishing process that turns rough diamonds into beautiful gemstones you will treasure forever. The color grade will determine if your diamond has a slight color or not, with a D color diamond being truly colorless.

A flawless clarity means that the diamond does not have any imperfections or blemishes, even when looking at it under magnification. Lastly, carat weight is how much the diamond weighs, and you'll often see diamonds priced per carat.

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