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What Is a Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

A hidden halo engagement ring is a style of engagement ring that features small diamonds surrounding the center stone. The small diamonds can also be placed on the band of a ring, adding an extra touch of brilliance.

Hidden Halo Engagement Ring Styles

Turn your unique hidden halo ring, and you'll find a thin band of tiny diamonds, colored gemstones, or delicate French beading under the center stone. Browse our hidden halo engagement rings to find your perfect fit. This gorgeous ring will make your center diamond sparkle and shine with radiant details.

Hidden halo engagement rings are a special secret between you, your partner, and your engagement ring. A hidden halo accent adds extra intrigue and beauty to any engagement ring. Whether you choose rose gold or platinum band, a princess cut diamond or an emerald gemstone, a hidden halo will elevate any engagement ring. Hidden halos are a great way to highlight your diamond shape as it is a versatile style.

Most hidden halos sit under the centre diamond of your engagement ring. However, not every hidden halo diamond engagement ring is completely hidden. Some hidden halos are still visible from a bird's eye view.

One reason many people dislike the traditional halo engagement ring is because the pavé diamonds can cause you to lose sight of the center stone. With a sea of tiny diamonds surrounding, your center stone might not look as brilliant. However, that's not the case with a hidden halo engagement ring. You still get the extra sparkle of a halo setting without compromising your center stone.

Hidden halo rings also pair beautiful with diamond-encrusted matching wedding band. A matching band with hidden accents beautifully complements many hidden halos, creating a unique engagement ring stack.

Lab Created Hidden Halo Engagement Rings

There's a reason why hidden halo engagement rings are so popular. This type of diamond engagement ring setting can be a breathtaking sight because it creates lots of added sparkle. A hidden halo diamond ring for your engagement is a long-term investment in your love, so you want to make sure you're getting a unique engagement ring for a great price.

Most people spend the majority of their budget on their center diamond and leave little for other settings and any extra sparkle. However, you don't have to choose one or the other. With a lab-grown diamond ring, you can find a high-quality center diamond and that extra sparkle of a hidden halo engagement ring.

Lab-grown diamonds are a huge trend in the diamond industry. Unlike most trends, these diamonds aren't going anywhere soon. Lab created diamonds are a cost-effective option for bigger and smaller diamonds. A lab-grown gemstone can be 20-30% less expensive than a natural mined diamond. You can also feel good shopping lab-grown; these diamonds are ethical and environmentally-conscious.

Extra Sparkle Means Extra Care

No matter the carat size, your stunning diamond ring will need some extra TLC if you have a hidden halo engagement ring. Lotions, dust, and dirt can build up over time, so regularly clean your ring with mild soap and warm water.

Clean Origin is also here to preserve your diamond investment. Our Forever Service Plan covers jewelry care for your hidden halo engagement ring so you can enjoy your hidden halo engagement ring for many years to come.

Clean Origin's diamond experts are also available to help you with the diamond-buying process. For more ideas or custom questions, schedule a free virtual appointment today.

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