Engagement Ring Styles 101

Everyone has a personal esthetic or style. One of the most frightening parts of choosing an engagement ring is choosing the right one. At Clean Origin we have a design library of over 1600 engagement rings. If you don’t find just the right one in our featured collections let us know what it is you are looking for and we will sift through our designs until we find the perfect ring. If that doesn’t work we will work closely with you to custom design a Bespoke Engagement Ring that will be yours alone. In addition to your budget, your intended’s personal style is the main consideration that should guide your selection of a setting. Here are some suggestions that may help you narrow down the choices. Check their Pinterest posts, ask friends and family, do a little window shopping together and, most importantly, pay attention to their reactions to specific looks. 


A Solitaire setting is timeless and not subject to the whims of fashion. These rings elegantly showcase the center diamond with no distraction from side stones and with their plain metal band bring all eyes to the star of the show.


Our Classic Collection is sort of Solitaire V2. The center stone is still the star of the show but rows of accent diamonds are set into the band of the ring for additional sparkle and glamour. This style of ring is among the most popular of today’s ring designs and really bridges the gap between the simplicity of a Solitaire and the bolder statements of modern design. 


Halo engagement rings add a circle of diamonds around your center stone to add sparkle and make the center diamond look larger. Halo designs have become very popular with today’s modern consumer who is not afraid to make a bold and sparkling statement with their engagement ring.


Vintage designs celebrate romance bringing us back to a slower, less hectic time. Vintage engagement rings feature milgraining, filigree and scrollwork to soften the lines of the ring and introduce a softness to the design. In a Vintage engagement ring it is all about the details and intricacies of the design.