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Your Guide to Hosting a Micro Wedding

by Lucy Coleman
Last updated on August 11, 2023
micro wedding

Getting engaged to the love of your life is one of the happiest moments in your lifetime. But planning a huge wedding ceremony for you and your 150 closest friends and family members can be daunting. Maybe you and your partner have thought about doing the opposite of an extravagant wedding and eloping. But what about somewhere in the middle? More and more modern couples are opting for a micro wedding instead of a traditional wedding.

So what is a micro wedding and why should you have one?

What is a Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding is a smaller scale wedding that generally has no more than 50 guests. It still follows the same wedding traditions but it is a much more intimate affair.

Micro weddings have become popular in the wedding industry because they allow the couple to have an intimate wedding with people that are truly nearest and dearest to their hearts.

With a micro wedding, you have so many more opportunities to make your wedding day special. With fewer guests, you can splurge on the venue you’ve always wanted or have your own destination micro wedding. In addition, micro wedding packages can be much more cost-efficient.

What’s Included in a Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding can include all your favorite aspects of a wedding. When hosting micro weddings, you still have to plan for the basics of a wedding. However, everything is much smaller than a regular wedding package.

You can still feature time honored traditions while adding your own spin to the wedding plans. Micro weddings also fit within a couple’s budget so you don’t have to spend a fortune on this occasion.

Micro Wedding Venue Ideas

It may be best to pick a venue you love first. After you choose your venue, you can adjust your guest list to fit their capacity. Think about what you want your wedding reception to look like.

You should also think about the ceremony. Do you want to hold it at the same venue as the reception? Where will you say your wedding vows? Where will your guests sit? With a unique venue, you can have an original ceremony idea without sacrificing style.

Another benefit of micro weddings is you have more venue options; you can book places you would have never imagined for a huge wedding. With a smaller wedding, it’s easier to find space for everyone. You can get creative with how you seat people, especially since it’s an intimate celebration.

Non-Wedding Venues

Is there a picture-worthy venue with a beautiful outdoor space you’ve always loved? Do you have a historic family estate that would be perfect for hosting? You can look at parks or galleries in your city, or maybe you’ve dreamed of an industrial wedding venue.

Since you have a smaller guest count (and a much smaller scale ceremony and reception), you may be able to book a venue that is not traditionally a wedding venue. Maybe they don’t have the space for a huge wedding but can fit your smaller guest list.

Narrow Down Your Guest List

If you want a truly intimate ceremony, it’s okay to leave out your friend who you’ve haven spoken to for ten years. It’s all about who means the most to you and who you want to be there with you to celebrate this special moment in your life.

An intimate guest list for both you and your partner is the perfect way to make your wedding memorable.


You can add some sentimental touches to give your wedding a fairy tale atmosphere. Since you don’t need a lot of decor for a small ceremony, you can find vintage inspired decorations

There are many creative ideas for handmade wedding decor for table decorations and wedding favors. If you choose a unique venue, they may already have wonderfully decorated spaces, so you save on decor.

Talk to your local florist or flower shop about ordering a few floral arrangements for the tables without having to buy a whole wedding package.

Food and Drinks

Food and drinks are a key part of any wedding reception, so be sure to choose the best. Since you only have to feed a small group, you can splurge on catering from your favorite restaurant or keep it simple. It doesn’t have to be catering specifically for a wedding, you can simply book catering for an event with your guest list size without the hassle of “wedding catering.”

Drinks are great for loosening guests up. So come cocktail hour, make sure you have your favorite picks at the bar.

And you can’t forget the wedding cake! Having a small scale wedding means fewer people to feed so you can get a wedding cake big enough for everyone at your favorite local bakery or small cake shop.

Music and Dancing

The dance floor is where you’ll make the most fun memories with your friends and family. Make sure you plan for music and a space for everyone to dance and have fun!

Don’t forget about the special first dance. You want to make sure there is space for everyone on the dance floor and that there is enough room around it for people to gather as well.

For music, ask your friends and family if they’ve recently hired a DJ that they loved. Or look for someone local who can cater to your style and play the perfect music.

Hire a Photographer or Videographer

Wedding photography is a must, even for a tiny wedding. You want to have special memories of your wedding, and wedding photos are the perfect way to capture these moments.

Look for a great photographer in your area that specializes in weddings. They are sure to know all the tips and tricks to get the best shots. You also want to make sure you like their style, so check out some of their past work. Doing so allows you to see if their work matches your idea for your wedding.

You may also want to look into a videographer for the wedding. While this is completely optional, having professional videos of your wedding day can make for the most special memories of your day.

Think About Your Bridal Party

You may choose to still have a traditional wedding party or cut back on some of the bridesmaids and groomsmen. This is totally up to you.

If you only invite 30 or 40 people, there’s no need for ten bridesmaids. But you still may want to have a maid of honor and best man to recognize the special people who have always been there for you.

Get Dressed Up

You still probably want to have the special white dress that makes you feel like a princess. While you don’t need to fanciest outfits, still put some effort into what you wear.

You’ll want to look back on the photos and remember how special the moment was, so there’s no need to skip the perfect wedding dress. Go shopping for something that speaks to you and that you feel proud and confident in. And don’t forget hair and makeup for the special day!

You can still set a dress code for guests, especially if you are hosting the wedding at a venue that requires a specific dress code. Just because the wedding is smaller doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice special outfits.

Destination Micro Weddings

A destination wedding is perfect for getting away and celebrating while getting to travel. You can choose venues in the United States or even have an international wedding.

There are plenty of great places for a destination wedding in the US. Maybe you want a beautiful beach wedding in California. Think about a quiet cabin in the woods or lakeside with views of the mountains. Maybe the wedding of your dreams in a pristine wildflower meadow? Saying your vows under a blue sky and framed by a pine forest is an incredible way to get married.

Or if you want to travel outside the country, it is easier to do so with a small group. You can combine your wedding ceremony, reception, and honeymoon into one trip that you’ve always dreamed of.

How Much Does a Micro Wedding Cost?

The average wedding costs around $30,000 or more which is a hefty expense that many couples may not be able to afford outright.

As with any wedding, the cost of a micro wedding can vary greatly on the specifics of the wedding. A micro wedding may cost anywhere from $5,000 to upwards of $10,000.

A micro wedding, however, can definitely save you money with a smaller guest list and access to smaller venues. With a micro wedding, most of the money can be put towards the things that really matter to you, instead of catering to over a hundred guests.

Do You Need a Wedding Planner?

Wedding planners are so helpful when planning your wedding. They can be a lifesaver in helping you budget and account for everything.

You can still hire a wedding planner for a micro wedding to make sure all the details are perfect and everything goes smoothly. Some wedding planners work hourly which is better for a smaller scale wedding that doesn’t require as much as a large scale event.

Micro Wedding Pros and Cons

Many couples opt for a micro wedding to celebrate their special moment with close friends and still have more intimate elopements.

If you’re still deciding between a micro wedding and a traditional one, here are some of the pros and cons to consider.

Micro Wedding Pros

  • Micro weddings are more budget friendly
  • You can have an intimate celebration with only people close to you
  • There’s the opportunity to book a special venue that isn’t big enough for a huge wedding
  • You could have the destination wedding of your dreams
  • There is less stress in planning for the wedding
  • You can be more creative with everything from the venue to the decor to the food

Micro Wedding Cons

  • You can’t invite as many people as you may want
  • There may be drama with a small guest list, or people may be offended if they aren’t invited
  • You have to entertain your guests more than at a larger wedding
  • If someone can’t make it unexpectedly, their absence will be felt more
  • A micro wedding may send the wrong idea to people in your life who tend to stick to traditions or already had plans for a big wedding for you
  • You may not have support from everyone, especially if a family member or relative is helping pay for the wedding

Ultimately, despite the pros and cons, the decision to have a micro wedding is up to you. And even if you do have to deal with some of the disadvantages of having a micro wedding, you can still make your big moment special for everyone in your life.

The Bottom Line

Lab Created Diamond Wedding Set
Lab Created Diamond Wedding Set

Hosting a micro wedding can be an intimate experience and a great way to celebrate this milestone in your life. If you choose to have a micro wedding, there are so many ways to make it extra special. Handwrite your invitations and place cards or make special wedding favors for each of your guests. These special touches will make your wedding one that everyone will remember.