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Wedding Gift Ideas That Couples Will Actually Love

by Clean Origin
Last updated on August 19, 2023

Wedding season is here, along with the stress of coming up with a good wedding gift idea that couples will love and use. In this post, we’ll give our expert advice on the dos and don’ts of wedding gifts and our best unique wedding gift ideas.

How Much Should You Spend on a Wedding Gift?

Knowing how much to spend on the perfect wedding gift is tricky. How much do you spend on a close friend vs. a colleague at work? These three guidelines will help you determine the right amount for you.

  1. Consider Your Relationship with the Couple

The average wedding gift is around $100. Think about how close you are to the couple and adjust your budget. If you are very close or related to the couple, you may choose to spend $150-200, while more distant friends are comfortable paying $50-75. 

  1. Review What You Have Already Spent for the Occasion

What you have currently spent on the wedding includes many things. Costs of attending a wedding may consist of your attire, flight, and hotel accommodations.

The bride and groom are likely aware of this and don’t expect you to drop hundreds of dollars on a wedding gift. However, it is helpful to flip this mindset and think about the cost of your food, transportation, or entertainment covered by the bride and groom. 

  1. Remember the True Reason for a Wedding

While a lot of money and resources go into planning and preparing a wedding, weddings are ultimately about celebrating the happy couple. Supporting the couple with your attendance says more than any expensive gift could.

So, prioritize your budget so that you can give them the recognition they deserve! Don’t give in to the pressure to spend more than you can afford.

Wedding Gift Ideas

Now that you have a better idea of how much to spend, let’s cover a few unique wedding gift ideas the newlyweds will appreciate. 

Reliable Wedding Gifts

Gifts from the Wedding registry

An innovative gift is not always the best choice. Utilizing a couple’s wedding registry is a fantastic way to ensure you are giving a gift that they will use. After all, the couple picked it out themselves!

Toasters and cutlery on the list? Buy that! Many items on the registry may not be the most unique or exciting wedding gift ideas, but practicality will still be appreciated.

Choose an item you can connect with the couple over to make a gift from a registry more personal. For example, if you love going camping with the couple, purchasing camping equipment off of their registry and writing a heartfelt note will feel authentic. 


Giving cash as a wedding gift continues to increase in popularity. Many couples opt for a honeymoon fund instead of a registry or traditional presents. Studies even show that cash is the most welcomed wedding gift.

If the newlyweds request cash, respect their choice. Make sure to include a handwritten note to let the recipient know how much they are loved and appreciated. 

Cash and registry items are fantastic options for wedding gifts. However, we know there is still something special about hand-picking a perfect gift. Here are some great wedding gift ideas to choose from.

Wine and Spirit Wedding Gift Ideas

Wine Subscription

Know a couple who loves a good glass of wine? Treat them to a monthly wine subscription! They will appreciate this unique and fun wedding gift for months to come. Gift them their favorites along with new variations to keep things exciting.

Wine Glasses

Supplement the subscription with a new set of wine glasses. This way, the couple will have gorgeous glassware to cup the beverage when the box arrives.

Your gift will contribute beyond the wine bottle subscription. Wine glasses elevate any date night, anniversary, or picnic. The gift is even helpful at dinner parties for the couple that prefers to host guests.

Bar Cart

A bar cart works as home decor and storage space. Understand the couple’s home aesthetic, or pick a neutral tone, to offer a home bar they are sure to show off.

Wedding Gift Ideas for Foodies

Air Fryer

Today’s star of the home cook’s show is the air fryer. While it is definitely not on the list of unique wedding gifts, it is sure to be a favorite. Reminder – everyday items can still be an amazing wedding present.

Cheese Board Set

For the pair that’s into picnics and snack foods, a cheese board set is the best option for them.

DIY a basket yourself or shop for a pre-made package with cheese knives, a wood board, and other charcuterie essentials.

Find service for customizable serving boards and engrave the couple’s name, initials, or wedding date on the wood. Bonus points if you include a few jars of crackers, pickled veggies, and spreads in the package!

Cast Iron Pan Set

Let’s say the newlyweds are chefs or generally amazing home cooks. What should you buy?

High on a chef’s list of kitchen essentials is the cast iron skillet. It is one of the most versatile kitchen tools for anyone to use. Suitable for stove-top and oven food preparation, the gift will get a lot of use.

Whether used for special occasions or casual weeknight dinners, the lucky couple will adore their new cast iron cookware set.

Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Special kitchen tools are great for couples who love food and beverages. However, a pot or pan will not suffice for caffeine-loving couples. Show them your love and admiration by elevating their morning coffee routine with a pour-over coffee maker!

Wedding Gift Ideas for Sentimental Couples


Contributing to their wedding day appearance is a memorable gift that they will greatly appreciate.

At Clean Origin, we have many options from earrings, necklaces, rings, and other pieces of fine jewelry. Most importantly, these gifts show your care for the couple and your respect for the planet. With the OneTreePlanted initiative, with each purchase, a tree is planted. 

Regarding jewelry preferences, we recommend consulting with other friends and family.

Generational Bride Portrait

More intimate and personal gifts can be a great alternative to buying off the registry, especially if you’re artsy and creative.

Use your talents in painting, crocheting, sewing, drawing, etc., to create an unforgettable wedding gift. For example, an artist can create a generational bride portrait that beautifully represents family. 

Bouquet Preservation

To immortalize the day, consider helping preserve the bouquet. There are many options for bouquet preservation, from resin preservation, dried flower keepsakes, bookends, dish sets, and many more options. 

Purchase floral preservation resources in advance, and then help the newlyweds send in the flowers after the big day. 

Wedding Gift Ideas for Homebodies

Homebodies find peace at home and are likely to invest their time and money in that space. Purchase a thoughtful gift that will help them do that.

Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets have been linked to calming symptoms related to insomnia, anxiety, and autism.

Generally, the blanket can promote a tranquil feeling that allows for improved sleep for anyone that chooses to use it.

Relaxation is a great gift. So, a weighted blanket is a quintessential addition to curating a cozy home.

Premium Bath Towels

Home decor comes in many forms; functionality is arguably the best. Premium bath towels are gorgeous to look at and feel amazing on the skin.

If you are sure about their preferences, pick what fits. If you’re not positive about how the married couple plan to decorate, go for neutral tones that are sure to match any home aesthetic.

Wedding Gift Ideas for Nature-Lovers

For the outdoorsy couple, the best wedding gifts encourage them to venture outside.

Picnic Basket Set

Do it yourself, or buy a pre-made basket. Either way, a picnic set makes outdoor dining easy. Choose a basket with reusable forks, knives, spoons, plates, a waterproof mat or blanket, and an insulated pouch.

Camping Equipment

As we mentioned above, the best wedding present idea reflects your relationship with the newlyweds. An activity commonly shared amongst family members or a friend group is camping.

There are so many gadgets that can supplement a camping experience, so take your pick.

Go for a camping stove if you think they would use that. Customize a two-person tent, folding chairs, or two sleeping bags with the couple’s initials.

The possibilities are endless for making outdoor adventures a gleeful experience.

Wedding Gift Ideas for Travelers

Multipiece Luggage Set

Present the wanderlusts with a luggage set to give their post-wedding travels a makeover. Ensure the bundle includes at least two of each item: a large suitcase, carry-on, set of packing cubes, etc.

Film Camera

Were you looking to give a memorable wedding gift? This is that gift! Give the gift of making memories. Taking pictures is one of the best ways to capture the moment to revisit in the future. Give the travelers a camera to remember the years that will speed by.

Any camera will do. However, if you want to gift a film camera, remember to include the necessary accessories like film cartridges.

Whatever you decide to give the couple on their big day, they will surely appreciate it, as it’s coming from their dear loved one. 

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