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One Tree Planted is on a mission to restore forests and biodiversity, one tree at a time. With our partnership, we’re making a difference by planting one tree for every purchase.

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earth icon Global Impact

As we grow, so do forests around the world – including in the regions most impacted by the harmful effects of diamond mining.

hand action icon Climate Action

Reforestation has immense benefits for local communities, biodiversity, and the overall wellbeing of both planet and people.

water air icon Water & Air

Trees play a vital role in cleaning the air and filtering rainwater – creating a healthy, stable climate for us all

Every purchase you make is another tree planted. Since 2014, the 501(c)(3) non-profit One Tree Planted has been making a lasting difference by restoring over 40 million trees in over 43 countries – including those with regions that have been adversely impacted by diamond mining.
From saplings to a sustainable, climate-stable future. Each purchase means another tree planted – and that means another tree restoring the soil, enhancing biodiversity, creating jobs, and absorbing greenhouse gasses. Together, we can plant forests and make a positive environmental and social impact. Shop Ethical Jewelry
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