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The Best Spring Wedding Colors

by Clean Origin
Last updated on April 7, 2022

There are a lot of details to consider when planning your wedding; you don’t want to get anything wrong. One detail is the color combination you would like to use for your wedding. If you plan on getting married when flowers begin to sprout, popular Spring wedding colors may help make your decision easier.

Your color choice would determine what the wedding decorations would look like, along with the bridesmaids’ dresses, table linens, flowers, the wedding cake, wedding invitations, and much more. Seasonal colors are an excellent guide to help you choose your wedding color. You would usually go for bright colors in summer, while gentle and fresh colors are appropriate for spring.

Springtime is a lot of people’s favorite season because the days are longer, the sun is soft, it is just warmer weather, and without a doubt, Spring weddings are a delight with all the gentleness and softness it brings to your wedding.

How to Pick the Best Spring Colors for Your Spring Weddings

Choosing the perfect color palette for your spring wedding is a big decision you can’t afford to get wrong. This romantic season is a specific time to give your wedding that lovely glow that you might not find in other seasons, regardless of your budget.

All the spring wedding color combinations that will help you celebrate a lovely spring wedding have been prepared here, regardless of your theme and wedding style. These delightful color combinations and rich shades will set you on the right part toward having a great day.  

Here’s how to pick the best spring wedding colors:

Choose Colors That Are Related to Springtime

Just like in fashion, you can inspire your wedding color scheme with the time of year when you say, ‘Yes.’. Think about your tone or color to create an autumnal wedding feeling. Rose pink/peach makes a beautiful wedding color during the spring season. A pinker coral makes an excellent wedding shade in summer.

Make sure your color combinations are perfect for your big day of spring so you can enjoy the colors at your wedding.

Your Wedding Theme and Style Matter

Whatever spring color you would use should match the theme of the wedding and the style; it should also check the trend at the time and the people you will be inviting. You would like to go with some trends that do not allow you to use certain colors.

For instance, if your spring wedding has a modern theme, Some spring wedding colors are acceptable for a modern theme wedding. In contrast, some spring wedding colors would not work well for a modern theme wedding. Understand the theme of your wedding before you decide what spring wedding color you would like to use.

What Is the Base Color?

You should select the base color first before deciding on your spring wedding colors from a color scheme; please note that the base color plays an important role and should be determined carefully. It can make your color combination perfect or ruin it. It makes picking your color theme much easier and ensures your desired result is achieved.

Your base color can be lilac, navy blue, orange, or peach. Bright colors are great for the base color for your spring wedding, so do not shy away from them. However, you can add at least two to three additional colors after you have decided what you would like as the base color. Any other color you would be adding is meant to complement the base color and not overshadow it.

Keep Your Color Combination Simple

Suppose you find it challenging to have more than one color combo that works together. It is better to keep it simple, go with just one shade instead of varieties. You do not need to use a different tone; it might not work well if you can’t match it well.

Instead, stick to two to three shades of a particular color. Another option would be to mix one color with white; white is timeless and works with color, especially for a spring wedding. If you don’t want that, try other shades like rode gold with lilac; this is a good combination with an excellent outcome.

Select Attractive Colors

If you find that the color you choose is not attractive enough, you might not like the outcome at the wedding venue. Carefully go through colors that work for a spring wedding, do not make these decisions in a hurry.

You can start by deciding the color of your wedding dress, then use that color to determine the contrasting color. This way, you avoid picking color combinations that do not work. The goal is to ensure that you get the contrasting color palette right and that it fits your wedding theme.

Ask For Help

Deciding your color palette isn’t always easy. It can even be stressful because you might need it to make other decisions you might not be ready to assemble. You might not even be good at choosing colors. Everyone says you always choose odd colors.

Don’t worry too much; one thing is sure you can always seek the help and opinion of others. Ask your friends and family to help you with the decision. This way, you can see through the eyes of others and come up with a pleasant color scheme.

You could also seek the advice of a wedding planner; if you can afford to use one, they have tons of experience and can help you make decisions quickly.

The Most Beautiful Spring Wedding Colors for Your Celebration

Many benefits come with having a spring wedding. This includes incorporating spring wedding colors into your entire décor and even your attire. You can have the most memorable wedding with lasting memories with just the right colors. Here are the new spring colors for weddings.

Pink and Bright Purple

Spring wedding means soft and colorful, and what better color combination does it than pink and purple. Pink is really feminine and screams spring wedding. You can choose to make it bright pink and light violet or light pink and bright violet; either way, you will get the perfect color combination.  

A white backdrop would give the pink and purple color the much-needed pop, even as you choose your lovely flower arrangement with this color.

Gold and Mint

Another spring wedding color you should consider would be gold combined with mint. These spring wedding colors balance each other to bring a calm and beautiful tone to your wedding. They seem like two unlikely colors at first. Still, this unique color scheme will give you eye-catching and breathtaking scenery with all that mint and gold flowers and decorations.  

Peach and Powder Blue

This is a stunning palette and is just suitable for your spring wedding. There is something special about the soft shades of peach; it is so warm and has a way of adding contrast when paired with other colors; it is especially perfect when paired with blue.

There are different shades of blue, but powder blue is very feminine and represents delicacy. Combining blue and peach will give you a brilliant spring wedding. But don’t just stop with peach and blue. A touch of greenery like jasmine will complete the burst of color. This is also an excellent combination for a summer wedding.

Blue and White

Blue and white is another great color combination for spring weddings. These colors bring an elegant and romantic theme to your wedding. Working this color into your wedding isn’t challenging; have the bridesmaid gowns blue while the groomsmen wear a light blue tie on their navy-blue suit. Use a mix of white and blue venue décor to get the venue popping. You can start with the table linen and include it in the bouquets and wedding cake.

Lavender and Mint Green

Lavender and mint green is another exciting color combo to use for your spring wedding. It easily pops out yet remains soft and inviting, giving a warm welcome to your guest at the wedding venue.

This color combination gives your wedding cake a brilliant and enticing look and a warm appearance to your wedding invitations. Take it a step further and have overflowing flowers and dishes in mint green while your glass bottles have a touch of lavender.  

Vintage Yellow, Lilac, and Blush

Vintage yellow, lilac, and blush are some of the best color palettes for spring weddings you should try. This vibrant palette is very romantic and is perfect for expressing love. If you want a vintage wedding with a modern touch to it, this color combination is just right for your spring wedding. Be sure to use blush bouquets as the bride and the bridesmaid dresses should have a touch of lilac.

Blue and Yellow

This is an easy favorite for a spring wedding. Blue and yellow are some of many spring brides’ favorite colors for a spring wedding, and the reason is not too hard to find; when mixed perfectly, you will feel the romantic wave it gives. The combination easily works for both the bride and the groom, so you don’t have to worry about matching the groom’s men and bridesmaids. Let’s not even talk about the effortless glamour it is sure to bring to your event.


Green has a top spot with the trendy spring wedding colors. This beautiful wedding palette is perfect for your spring wedding. An embodiment of elegance and sweet romance, the ethereal greenery gives your big day a splash of lush green and a combination of nude and warm yellow.

This palette works for all brides; whether you are sophisticated or free-spirited, it’s a color that would work for you more than you can imagine. Imagine all that lush green all over your wedding venue, just enough over the tables, down the walkway, among the lovely flower arrangement.

Rose Gold and Blush

Blush is a lovely spring color; it makes everything romantic; when you combine it with rose gold, the result is breathtaking. Rose gold and blush are perfect for your spring wedding if you would want a wedding that is romantic and chic at the same time.

Your bridesmaids would look so lovely in their blush dress and hair adorned with a rose gold tiara; the same goes for your wedding cake and wedding decorations.

Grey and Red

If you want a spring wedding with a classic touch, red is your best bet; add grey for a bit of edge, and you will have one of the best spring weddings ever. Let your flower arrangement be bedazzled with red rose and grey ribbons while your bridesmaids’ dresses can be a red gown, have their hair arrangement with red. Of course, as the bride, you are not left out; a red bouquet is all you need to match your white gown.

Green and Warm Hues

These subdued shades are at the top of the list of color combinations for a spring wedding. They are the best colors for warm brightness and a radiant atmosphere. Among these colors are yellow, red, orange, and green. They are just suitable for the season if you are looking to have enough brightness at your spring wedding.

Burgundy and Gold

What better way to have an eye-catching spring wedding than with a burgundy and gold combination? This unexpected combination gives a contemporary twist. Its rich color gives all the vibrancy you might want for your wedding. This is the perfect blend between a subtle and outspoken palette; you are sure to leave your guest wowed and very excited about your wedding venue.

Final Note

One of the best things about spring wedding colors is how surprisingly versatile they are; they also bring fun and brightness to your wedding. Of course, spring wedding colors are not entirely easy to come up with when you have varieties like green, yellow, lavender, pink, gray, and many more to choose from.

However, we have made making spring wedding color decisions very easy for you; that doesn’t mean You would disregard your personal preference, but this will answer some of your questions and make it less stressful for you to make your choices.