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Throwback: Best Wedding Dresses from the 1960s

by Haley Anhut
Last updated on January 25, 2022

The 1960s were a revolutionary time throughout all areas of life. Peace, love, and flower power reflected in youth counterculture and the decade represented a major break from traditional values. Brides in the 60s did their own thing — tailoring their wedding how they wanted it, rather than what their parents or society expected. Styles quickly became newer, slimmer, and most of all… mini! Mini dresses and skirts took over the fashion trends nationwide, hugely influencing popular culture. Brides that wanted to keep it long chose many different styles, like the v-neck, and began emphasizing their makeup and hair more than ever before.

Sharon Tate

Having designed her own mini babydoll silk wedding dress, Sharon Tate embodies the height of 60s individuality and fashion for her marriage to Roman Polanski in 1968. Her hair, adorned with small flower ribbons, complimented her style beautifully.

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Raquel Welch 

Raquel Welch wore a crochet mini dress and white sandals to her second wedding in 1968. This unprecedented peek-a-boo style is a testament to the increased freedom in fashion in this decade. Along with her knee-length statement white fur coat, her dress received huge publicity for its radical look.

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Jane Fonda

She chose a sleeveless mini shift dress for her wedding in 1965. A looser cut, but still showing off her on-trend mini with tall black boots. Her hair was voluminous and fun, along with eye-catching makeup.

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Priscilla Presley

Priscilla’s wedding dress in 1967 went more traditional, with a long and flowing white gown. Her hair and makeup were the bold stars of the show, and her tiara will definitely “always be on my mind.”

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Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono’s outfit was famous for its hippie vibe at her wedding to John Lennon in 1969. Her elbow-sleeved white crepe mini dress went perfectly with her large sunglasses, and the white ruffle skirt and flopping sunhat emphasized the beachy and laid-back vibe. Another contemporary twist was her tennis shoes and knee-high socks.

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