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Fall Proposal Ideas

by Julia Weyndling
Last updated on February 1, 2022

Autumn is the time of year for crisp beautiful leaves, taking a romantic walk in a pumpkin patch, and making some absolutely delicious comfort food. The only thing to make this time of year more wonderful would be a proposal!  If you are thinking of asking your significant other to spend their life with you in the upcoming season, check out our ideas for a gorgeous and romantic setting for when you pop the big question!

A Proposal in the Pumpkin Patch

If you are a couple who loves the fall weather, going outside, and stepping on all of the crunchy leaves while looking at the beautiful scenery, then this is definitely the way to go for your proposal!  Take a romantic walk through the pumpkin patch and when you think the moment is just right, get down on one knee. After she says yes, you can pick out a few pumpkins for a fun carving party back at home! Make some delicious pumpkin pie or spiced pumpkin seeds, as a bonus! Either way, you’ll have a festive reminder of the perfect day.

Proposal on Halloween

If you two LOVE Halloween, then what better day to start your new life together than your favorite day of the year?!  Get dressed up in your costumes and right when you’re about to smile for a fun picture, ask your partner in crime for their hand in marriage. Not only will it be tricky, but you’ll have an in-the-moment memory as a special treat!

Campfire Proposal

What’s better on an Autumn night than cozying up by a warm campfire?! Grab some blankets and, of course, s’mores supplies, and soak in the beauty and peace of a chilly fall evening. Whether your S/O is gazing up at the stars or in the middle of enjoying their tasty treat, this intimate proposal will leave them stunned. Not to mention, you can toast with your favorite pumpkin or apple-flavored beverage when they say ‘yes!’

Proposal at an Apple Orchard 

A super fun and romantic thing for couples to do in the fall is going apple picking! Walking through a beautiful orchard while the temperature is just right with your special someone by your side is almost as adorable as it gets!  You could propose in the middle of the orchard, afterward while drinking freshly made cider by a fire, or even after that when you two go home and inevitably start making delicious apple pies together!  Any one of these will have your S/O jumping up and down saying ‘yes’ a million times over.

Proposal at a Winery 

Something else that comes to mind when thinking about harvesting the autumn is wine!  If you are a wine enthusiast couple then look no further!  A weekend winery tour (especially a private one) is a fun, romantic, and very interactive setting for a proposal. For optimal results, pick your other half’s favorite grape variety (or better yet, their favorite wine) and visit a vineyard that specializes in it. If you give the winery enough notice, they should be more than happy to help you make the moment extra special… and extra private if you wish. You can bike through the vines, enjoy a bespoke wine tasting, and even make some wine yourself. There is something for every kind of wine lover and she is certain to say ‘yes’ with this unique proposal!

Sunset Proposal 

It is a belief among many that autumn sunsets are superior to all other seasons. It’s the sun descending lower and lower from the sky, the clouds adding to the beautiful colors, and the fact that it’s not too chilly to stay outside once that big ball of light dips below the horizon. All you need is a great spot to watch from, maybe a blanket, and a nice soft sweater to get wrapped up in once the sun is gone. So find a nice open space to enjoy it like a rooftop, the top of a hill, or the tallest building, (bonus points if you can get by the water!) and make sure to have a warm drink in your hand in case one of you gets the shivers. Wait until the view is just right — at its most spectacular. We promise you’ll both remember it forever!  

A Beachy Proposal

Hold on, just hear us out! Beaches are a summer thing, we know. But beaches in the summertime are too crowded for the private moment that you need for a proposal. Beaches in the fall are pretty secluded, and not as cold and windy as beaches in wintertime. If you want to feel like you’re the only two people in the world and if you don’t want strangers looking and gawking during your big moment, an autumn beach proposal is the way to go and it is most definitely one of the top 10 places to propose, at any time of year. Preferably in the early morning or late afternoon. Don’t forget to check the high/low tide times, especially if you’re planning on writing a romantic message in the sand!