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Which Diamond Shape Looks Bigger?

by Lucy Coleman
Last updated on August 21, 2023
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A diamond ring is a beautiful investment that you or whoever you gift it to will cherish forever. In the market, diamond sizes vary greatly, and you may already know that all shapes are not created equal.

Some diamond shapes actually appear larger than others, depending on how they are cut. That reason may encourage you to choose one shape over another for your engagement ring.

A diamond shape that appears larger but is the same carat weight as another diamond can save you some money when buying the diamond of your dreams. Read on to learn about the different diamond shapes and which ones look largest.

Popular Engagement Ring Shapes

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The most popular diamond shape for an engagement ring is the round brilliant cut diamond– it has been the standard for years.

The round cut diamond shape has been perfected to enhance the natural beauty of a diamond as much as possible. It features facets that are cut to very specific angles so they reflect light in the most sparkly way.

However, round diamonds are your only options. In fact, many other shapes like oval cut diamonds and pear shaped diamonds are super popular for engagement rings.

These shapes, as well as other elongated shapes, lengthen the fingers and make them appear slimmer. An emerald cut diamond will have the same effect, since it is a longer shape.

Round Cut Diamond Size

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A round diamond is the typical diamond shape that you’ve probably seen everywhere. They’re on everything from engagement rings to pendant necklaces to earrings. Round diamonds are classic and stunning gems that have the perfect shape to reflect the most light.

While round cut diamonds are the most brilliant, they aren’t always the largest. There are many other shapes that appear larger than round diamonds because diamond cutters cut away less diamond during the cutting and polishing process.

What Carat Size Is Considered Big?

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A diamond that looks large to you may seem small to someone else, so it’s all about what size diamond is right for your needs. A typical engagement ring will have a diamond around one to two carats.

A three carat diamond or larger is considered big for an engagement ring, with something like a 6 carat diamond being quite big.

Of course, there are extremely large diamonds that are part of famous jewelry collections.

A bigger stone may not always be the best option. It may be shinier, but a big diamond comes with extra risks. You may not want to wear your large diamond every day because it can chip or break more easily.

In addition, if you have an active lifestyle, wearing a large diamond may not be best for everyday wear because you may be afraid of chipping or scratching it while doing various activities. Also if you have a job where you have to use your hands frequently, your diamond could be at risk.

Which Diamond Shape Looks the Biggest?

marquise cut diamond

When compared to other diamonds of the same carat weight, the marquise cut diamond is the shape that appears largest. This may surprise some because marquise diamonds are very slim and long.

The next largest-appearing diamond shapes are pear shaped diamonds, oval diamonds, and emerald diamonds. All these shapes are longer, and when placed next to a round diamond, they have a larger appearance.

The oval cut diamond is a very popular shape because it will look larger than a round diamond on your diamond engagement ring. The elongated shape of the oval diamond is perfect for people who want to show off their stunning center stone.

It is important to note that this larger appearance isn’t extremely noticeable. The diamonds we mentioned just look slightly larger at the same carat weight because of the proportions of the shape as well as where the weight of the diamond is centered.

But this difference won’t look the same as the difference between a one and two carat diamond, for example. So don’t make your decision based solely on this factor!

How Big of a Diamond Ring Should I Buy?

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The size of the diamond you buy depends on your personal preference and budget. Whether you want a whopping 5 carat diamond or a few smaller diamonds set in a elegant way, you’ll be able to create a ring that speaks to you.

The typical diamond carat weight for a diamond engagement ring is around 1 to 2 carats. It’s important to note that you will have an easier time shopping for a diamond within this carat weight range just because there are more options available.

Typical 1 or 2 carat diamonds are the perfect size for the average ring finger. They will complement the band of the ring and create a simple, modern, and minimalistic look. Of course, you can always spice up your ring with unique design elements. We love how all of our rings are unique in their own ways. Some of them may have a halo setting, a vintage-inspired band, or floral details to make the ring true to you.

Larger diamonds will be the center of attention in any engagement ring, so you want to find a band that makes the diamond stand out. A solitaire setting is great for showing off the size and beauty of a larger diamond.

Proportions Can Make the Diamond Shape Look Bigger

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How big your diamond appears depends on both the proportions of the diamond and the rest of the ring. At Clean Origin, we want your diamond to represent you and your style. We can help you make your diamond appear larger because we know that this matters!

You’ll want to find a diamond with an ideal or excellent cut. The diamond cut refers to how well the diamond was cut and polished by the diamond cutter. This depends on the craftsmanship of the jeweler, and a good cut indicates that the proportions are correct and the diamond will have the most brilliance.

Back on the topic of shape, people will often choose an elongated shape because these tend to appear larger than a symmetrical shape. Oval and emerald cut diamonds are elegant and perfect for a diamond ring you want to show off to everyone you see.

How to Pick a Diamond Shape for a Diamond Ring

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We recommend thinking about how you want the overall ring to look when deciding on the size of a diamond. Each shape has its own perks and pairs well with certain band styles. You should also consider other factors like color, cut, and clarity when choosing a diamond. We have several handy guides on these topics, such as this one featuring a diamond clarity chart.

Sometimes, smaller diamonds can shine more when placed in the right setting. Other times, people prefer the look of a simple center diamond but want it as large as they can afford for it to be.

Luckily for you, Clean Origin has a wonderful selection of engagement ring designs you can browse before making the big decision. If you’re still stuck on where to start, check out our diamond buying guide or talk to a specialist at a virtual appointment!