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Lab Grown 5 Carat Diamonds

Few diamonds can draw attention to themselves like a 5 carat diamond, making it the perfect choice for a diamond ring that will wow anyone, anywhere.

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How Much Is a 5 Carat Diamond?

Many factors contribute to diamond prices. As with all others, the price of a five carat diamond is mainly impacted by the 4Cs - carat weight, cut, clarity, color - and its origin.


The diamond cut refers to how well a skilled gem cutter cuts a rough diamond into a sparkly center stone worthy of any engagement ring. This is the most important factor in any diamond as it determines how shiny the stone will appear. All Clean Origin lab grown diamonds have a diamond cut grade of either "very good" or "better."


Color grade refers to the presence of color in a diamond. Color is graded alphabetically from D to Z. Grades D, E, and F are colorless diamonds, while G, H, I, and J are near-colorless diamonds. Colorless diamonds reflect the most amount of light and shine the brightest. At Clean Origin, all our lab grown diamonds occupy the top seven color grades between D and J.


The clarity grade of a diamond indicates how internally flawless it appears to the naked eye. It measures the degree of inclusions (imperfections inside the diamond) and blemishes (those on the surface of the diamond). Diamonds graded SI2 or better are generally spotless, while diamonds graded below SI2 have imperfections that are easily visible without the assistance of specialized equipment. Clean Origin Lab Created Diamonds are always graded SI2 or better.

Carat Weight

Carat weight and carat size are often used interchangeably; however, a carat is a weight measurement unit used for diamonds. One diamond carat is equivalent to 0.2 grams. Our diamonds are available in a wide range of carat weights. The more carats (and thus heavier) a diamond is, the more expensive it will be. Larger diamonds = larger prices.


You can save thousands by purchasing a lab diamond instead of a mined diamond. A natural diamond of five carats can cost between $9,350 - $150,000, while lab created diamonds from Clean Origin can run as low as $4,000. On average, a 5 carat diamond ring made from a lab can save cost you 20-40% compared to the price of a natural diamond of the same carat weight and diamond quality.

How Big Is a 5 Carat Diamond Ring?

A five carat diamond ring will stand out in any crowd. Generally, a 5 carat round brilliant cut diamond will be approximately 11 millimeters or 0.43 inches across the surface. To give you an idea of what 0.4 inches look like, it is very close to the length of an aspirin pill, which measures 0.55 inches.

Is a 5 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring Too Big?

5 carat diamond rings have a larger carat weight than most others sold by a diamond vendor. On average, the center diamond for engagement rings is between 1-2 carats. When you buy big diamonds, you need to consider the ring setting. A claw or double-prong setting can offer extra protection and protect your 5 carat diamond from damage.

Our lab created diamonds are available in various ring settings and colors, including yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. You can use virtually any setting style with a 5 carat diamond. However, remember that not all ring settings, such as a dainty vintage ring, can hold a higher-carat diamond.

How Diamond Shape Relates to Carat Weight

Diamond shapes can change how big engagement rings look, even if they're the same carat weight. For instance, round diamonds appear more petite than most shapes because their table's surface area is smaller than others. Most other fancy shapes have a more extensive surface area, with a couple of exceptions, such as cushion cut diamonds.

With a 5 carat diamond ring, the concern over the diamond shape affecting the size perception is less prevalent. A diamond of this carat weight is already a large diamond. If you want an oval diamond or other stones of different shapes, you don't have to worry about your diamond appearing small on your finger. Instead, the shape of your diamond will come down to your personal preference.

How to Choose a 5 Carat Diamond

Keep the following tips in mind when looking for your next 5 carat diamond ring, and you are sure to find the perfect diamond ring, earrings, or whatever piece of fine jewelry strikes your fancy.

Cut Quality Matters

We've discussed how a diamond's shape can affect its perceived size. But cut quality is equally essential and can make a significant price difference. The larger your five carat diamond rings are, the easier it is to see inclusions due to poor cut quality. To avoid this, Clean Origin only offers 5 carat diamonds that are Ideal and up. This ensures your diamond ring is as sparkly as possible.

Go for High Clarity Grades When Purchasing a 5 Carat Step-Cut Diamond

Step cuts show an unobstructed view into the inside of a diamond. When the diamond is larger, flaws within will be more visible. For an eye-clean diamond, it is essential to prioritize clarity for diamonds that feature the beauty of the step-cut. While finding an internally flawless 5 carat diamond can be challenging, a slightly included diamond with very small inclusions can easily be found and recommended.

Buy Lab Created Diamonds to Save Big and Afford More

If you're looking to purchase a large diamond while getting the best value for your money, it may be worth looking into a lab created diamond. Clean Origin offers a range of diamond cuts and sizes at affordable prices. Expect to save 20% -30% when you purchase a lab created diamond, allowing you to get a larger diamond for less money.

Celebrities With a 5 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

5 carat diamond engagement rings are all the rage in the world of celebrities. And who can blame them? The sparkle of a 5 carat diamond is unmatched, save for the flash of the paparazzi's camera.

Mila Kunis

Ashton Kutcher popped the question to former coworker Mila Kunis with a 5 carat round diamond ring from Tiffany's. Estimated at around a quarter of a million dollars, the beautiful diamond ring is locked in a safety deposit box for safekeeping. In their daily lives, Ashton and Mila wear thin, platinum bands they discovered on Etsy.

Carrie Underwood

Singing sensation Carrie Underwood rocks her 5 carat diamond ring from her husband, Mike Fisher. A halo setting and delicate side stones around the shank surround the stunning diamond.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Carrie has nothing on Sarah's 5 carat emerald-cut diamond engagement ring. The overall beauty and style of the ring are further enhanced by its simple yellow gold setting.

Looking for Engagement Rings?

Clean Origin has an extensive collection of lab grown 5 carat diamonds that will turn heads anywhere they go. Create your dream engagement diamond ring with our ring builder, where you can customize every aspect of your five carat diamond ring and make it truly yours. Plus, with free shipping, complimentary resizing, and many stylish options, you are guaranteed to delight your loved one with the beauty of a 5 carat diamond ring.

Our team of experts is ready to help you browse our select diamonds for the perfect diamond ring. Contact our customer service team via virtual consultation or browse at one of our brick-and-mortar stores in a city near you today!

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