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Wedding Ring Enhancers

by Lucy Coleman
Last updated on August 22, 2023
wedding ring enhancers

Wedding ring enhancers as well as wedding bands are commonly purchased as wedding rings for the wedding ceremony. While most people choose one or the other, there are many different styles of ring enhancers. There are also many reasons you may be looking for one.

What is a Wedding Ring Enhancer?

Lotus band. Wedding ring enhancers.

A wedding ring enhancer is typically another small band that pairs with your wedding ring or engagement ring to make it sparkle and shine even more.

Generally, you can pair enhancers with engagement rings to make them appear bigger. They come in many types of metals including white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, and even sterling silver. You can play around with different metals and even get a tri tone look with multiple bands.

Why Buy a Ring Enhancer?


People shop for ring enhancers for many reasons. One may be that they are looking for a simple ring to add to the engagement ring during the wedding ceremony without purchasing a separate wedding ring.

You can give an enhancer as a gift for an anniversary or when renewing your wedding vows. A solitaire enhancer can also be bought to enhance a simple ring for a special occasion. They don’t have to be for weddings.

If you have multiple enhancers, you can build a collection of rings that you can change up to fit your style.

What’s the Difference Between a Wedding Band and an Enhancer?

SERENDIPITY DIAMOND RING. Wedding ring enhancers.

The main difference is that enhancers are designed to be worn with engagement rings and wedding bands are for wedding rings. These terms can be a little tricky when you think about wedding rings versus wedding bands as many use these interchangeably.

Whatever you call them, rings exchanged at weddings are usually in addition to an engagement ring. But these can be whatever you want.

Everyone has different rings and traditions they follow. There are no strict rules on wearing an enhancer versus a wedding band. It is ultimately up to you what rings you wear for your wedding and every day.

You could have a special wedding band and a separate enhancer you wear occasionally.

Can Wedding Rings Enhancers Be Used as Wedding Bands?


Yes, you may purchase a “ring enhancer” but use it as a wedding band. Many wedding bands have curves or notches to fit with engagement rings. Both can be considered an enhancer or a wedding band.

If you’re still shopping for wedding bands, you can also look at ring enhancers to see if there are any styles you like.

How Do I Make My Diamond Ring Appear Bigger?


People use enhancers to make rings look bigger and bolder. An enhancer with smaller diamonds adds sparkle as well as shine to your diamond engagement ring or wedding ring.

An enhancer of the same metal color helps to match the enhancer with the band; it also makes the diamonds stand out. If you have a yellow gold engagement ring, look for yellow gold enhancers with small diamonds.

Ring Wraps

A ring wrap can also make the ring appear larger with two bands that lay on either side of the ring. This is like a guarded wedding band

Lab Created Diamonds

A lab created diamond is another way to make any diamond ring look bigger. This is because you can purchase a bigger lab grown diamond at the same price as a mined diamond.

If you choose lab grown diamonds, you can buy more diamonds for a lesser price–then you can use that money to splurge on a higher quality metal or a more intricate design.

How to Shop For Ring Enhancers


You can easily find ring enhancers at most jewelry retailers that sell wedding and engagement rings.

At Clean Origin, there are many options for wedding bands, stackable rings, and bridal sets so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.