Engagement rings are incredible. Traditionally, these rings are gifted to one’s partner at the time of proposal, but engagement rings are so much more than simple incentives or celebratory gifts. Beyond serving as a physical representation of an upcoming marriage agreement, engagement rings are ongoing reminders of a couple’s enduring love and commitment. From newlyweds to those celebrating their fiftieth anniversary (and beyond), cherished engagement rings play an ongoing role in a couple’s very own love story.

But the engagement ring is only part of the whole. When paired with the right wedding ring, it becomes complete. That’s why choosing the correct wedding ring set is so important.

Wedding ring sets take the engagement ring to an entirely new level and tighten the bond between two people. Not only are you wearing rings that are a symbol of love and commitment to one another, but the rings you are wearing are also part of the same set, creating a metaphorical representation of the unity of your relationship — just like the wedding ring set, you and your spouse are one whole, comprised of separate, essential parts.

Here, we discuss wedding ring sets: what they are, where they come from, and how you can find the perfect one to start your journey together.

What is a Wedding Ring Set?

A wedding ring set or wedding ring band set consists of three rings in total. The bride has two of these rings; The first being, of course, the engagement ring. The second ring on the bride is the band that compliments the engagement ring and matches the groom’s ring. And the third ring is the groom’s wedding band

The difference between a wedding ring set and other engagement ring sets may be common knowledge to gemologists and jewelers, but for those who don’t specialize in fancy jewelry, it isn’t as well known. 

Simply put, a wedding ring set is when the bride’s engagement ring and wedding band match the groom’s wedding band. A bridal set is an engagement ring and matching band for the bride, but the groom is on his own and has a different band that does not match the brides. 

Both of these sets are popular among soon-to-be-married couples. But there is something special about the wedding ring set. Having matching rings for both the bride and groom really takes the set to another level and ties the couple together in a way that says, “Even in our wedding band choices, we stand together.”

History of Wedding Ring Sets

The history of wedding ring band sets dates back to the European Renaissance during the 16th and 17th centuries. Some of the rings back then were made of two interlocking parts. After a bride and groom got engaged, they would each wear one part of the ring on their finger up until the wedding day. Once the wedding day came the groom would return his ring back to the bride, and when the groom’s ring met the bride’s ring it would form the original whole ring, creating what’s now known as the wedding ring set.

The Renaissance is known for its artistic and creative advancements in society, and the wedding ring set is one of the many products of those revolutionary times.

How to Find the Right Wedding Ring Set

Since wedding ring sets are matching, it can be a challenge to find the perfect set for both the bride and the groom. People have different styles. Sometimes the bride wants an oval-shaped diamond on a white-gold setting, whereas the groom has always wanted more of a traditional yellow gold band

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You’re getting ready to embark on the greatest journey of your life. Your relationship will help define you and your spouse, and as the years pass, the love you feel for one another will only deepen. Choosing a wedding ring set that you can both be excited to wear will help serve as a physical reminder of that ongoing bond. And, when you choose to incorporate a lab-grown diamond, you’ll have a beautiful, top-quality stone that you can show off, guilt-free. After all, your love is pure, so shouldn’t your rings be just as untarnished?

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