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Celebrate Your Anniversary in Style with These 6 Unique Anniversary Rings

by Molly Jones
Last updated on August 19, 2023
Unique Anniversary Rings

Wedding anniversary traditions dictate that the perfect anniversary gift depends on what year you are celebrating and what that year’s ‘theme’ is. For example, the traditional first wedding anniversary gift is paper, and the modern anniversary gift is a clock. But who wants to receive a paper gift or a clock for such a momentous occasion? Why not a pair of unique anniversary rings?

At Clean Origin, we feel that the best anniversary gift is the one that comes from your heart – and, ideally, is bedazzled with glittering lab created diamonds. Because there is nothing that signifies how much you love your partner like a diamond anniversary ring. Below, we’ve highlighted our top 6 favorite unique diamond rings that are perfect for that special someone on your anniversary.

1 – The 2 1/2 CT. TW. 5 Stone Emerald Band

Unique Anniversary Rings: 5 Stone Emerald Band
5 Stone Emerald Band

Diamond anniversary rings are excellent options to consider when you want to go above and beyond classic earrings and necklaces while not feeling like you’re presenting your significant other with another wedding ring or even an engagement ring.

Our 2 1/2 Ct. TW. 5 Stone Emerald Band strikes the perfect balance between a luxurious and sentimental gift. This diamond anniversary band is truly the best of both worlds. Dress it up with furs and your best evening gown, or pair it with slacks and a sweater for an effortless casual look. Five gleaming emerald-cut diamonds fit snugly together, while the sturdy yellow-gold, white-gold, or rose-gold band is comfortable enough for everyday wear.

2 – The Savannah Band

Unique Engagement Rings: The Savannah Band
The Savannah Band

If you prefer a simpler approach to jewelry, consider choosing thin bands with eye-catching details. Our Savannah Band features twelve sparkling diamonds that glitter and gleam from the center of a sleek yellow-gold band.

Crafted with comfort in mind, the thin design of the anniversary band provides an attractive minimalist appeal and is perfect for stacking, allowing your partner to mix and match their heart (and inner fashionista’s) content.

3 – The Buckingham Eternity Band

Unique Anniversary Rings: The Buckingham Eternity Band
The Buckingham Eternity Band

Show your love that they are the Queen or King of your heart with an eternity band truly fit for royalty. Our Buckingham Eternity Band combines a unique geometric style with double rows of raised milgrain details to create a diamond anniversary ring as stylish as it is regal.

Eternity bands are anniversary bands that have diamonds stretching across the entirety of the band and fully encircle the finger. And, when you gift an eternity band, you’re not just telling your S.O. you’ve loved them for all the years you’ve had together, but that you’ll continue to love them in the years to come.

4 – The Piatta Diamond Anniversary Ring

Piatta Diamond Ring
Piatta Diamond Ring

Looking for an anniversary ring that could double as a wedding band? Look no further than our Piatta Diamond Anniversary Ring.

This stunning ring design contains 40 glinting diamonds that adorn both the top and side of the band to provide a heart-pounding sparkle no matter where you’re looking. Two bars line the diamonds to create a unique faux channel setting and add extra smooth glimmer.

All things considered, no matter if you’re celebrating one year, ten years, or your forty-year anniversary, the Piatta Anniversary Ring is the perfect gift.

5 – The Tess Eternity Band

Tess Eternity Band
Tess Eternity Band

An Eternity band is arguably one of the most romantic presents you can give your spouse on an anniversary. After all, while an engagement ring or a wedding band simply hints at the concept of forever, eternity is in the literal name of eternity bands.

So bring the romance with our Tess Eternity Band. This stunning anniversary ring employs 60 incredible 0.9mm lab created diamonds that fully encircle the finger like stars in a night sky. A popular choice for couples of all different ages, the Tess Eternity Band is available in rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, or platinum and can be worn alongside other rings for added sparkle or all by itself in its show stopping glory.

6 – Fantasia Diamond Anniversary Ring

Fantasia Diamond Ring
Fantasia Diamond Ring

A fantasia is a musical composition with a free form and loose improvisational style. Fantasias can be elegant yet fun, quiet yet bold, and more -above all, however, they are usually celebratory and joyous.

Correspondingly, our Fantasia Anniversary Ring is the idea of Fantasia realized in stunning precious form. Thirty six lab created diamonds run parallel to one another, creating a duet of lyrical majesty that could only be divided by the thin beaded band. Chiefly, with its various textures, distinctive glimmer, and curves, the Fantasia Diamond Ring is unforgettable.

Things to Keep in Mind While Browsing Anniversary Rings

Anniversary Rings
Anniversary Rings

Still, looking for that perfect anniversary ring? Like engagement ring shopping, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that you’ll find the best ring possible for your partner.

Consider What Type of Engagement Ring Your Partner Has

Many engagement rings actually come within wedding sets, that is, a wedding band and engagement ring together. If this is the case with your partner’s wedding jewelry, consider buying a complimentary anniversary ring that seamlessly blends with the jewelry they already have. Plus, if you’re not sure what type of style your partner prefers in anniversary rings, there is no better place to look than what is already on their finger!

Go for Anniversary Bands that Match Their Lifestyle

Delicate and fragile anniversary bands can be beautiful and special gifts for any year anniversary, but if they are someone that subjects their hands to rough activities like rock climbing or frequent cooking, that dainty ring may not hold up. When you take into consideration your partner’s lifestyle and match the ring to the lifestyle, you are not only ensuring that the ring is something they’ll love but that it will stand up to the test of time (and the entirety of your marriage)!

Go for Lab Created Diamonds Over Natural Diamonds

Lab created diamonds are an ethical and more environmentally friendly option to naturally mined diamonds. On top of that, despite being exactly the same and maintaining an identical chemical composition, you can save 20-40% on lab created diamonds, allowing you to buy more for less.

Find Your Perfect Anniversary Ring at Clean Origin

Lab Diamond Anniversary Rings
Lab Diamond Anniversary Rings

Regardless of whether you are celebrating your 1st, 25th, or 50th anniversary, Clean Origin has the anniversary ring for you. With a wide selection of stunning stones, precious metals, and beautiful styles, you can rest easy knowing that your anniversary ring will dazzle and delight.