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Unique Anniversary Rings

by Lucy Coleman
Last updated on August 20, 2023
unique anniversary rings

Imagine your perfect wedding anniversary with flowers, a special card, and a romantic date that reminds you of your wedding day. At the end of the night, you receive a breathtaking anniversary ring, the perfect anniversary gift you’ve always dreamed of.

No matter if you’re celebrating a 1st anniversary or a 60th anniversary, an anniversary ring is a thoughtful gift with unmatched beauty and value.

Anniversary Ring vs. Wedding Ring

An anniversary band is a ring you give to a partner or spouse for an anniversary, commonly a wedding anniversary. Since there are many types of rings you can buy and wear, it helps to know what anniversary rings are. Knowing this can help you decide how you want to make use of the rings in your jewelry collection.

You give an engagement ring when you propose to your partner; it typically features a diamond or gemstone in the center. The engagement ring is often the stunning ring with the biggest diamond.

A couple exchanges wedding rings during the wedding ceremony. This happens after they say their vows and right before the officiant says, “You may kiss the bride.” Often, both men and women wear wedding bands after they get married. These may be simpler and more suitable for wearing all the time.

When someone gifts an anniversary ring, the recipient probably already has both an engagement ring and wedding ring.

Unique anniversary rings can be part of wedding sets where all three rings match and can be worn together. It can also be different from the other rings.

What Is an Eternity Band?

Buckingham Eternity Band. Unique anniversary rings.

An eternity band is a special type of ring one gives to their spouse or partner during a wedding anniversary or very special date.

It usually features a row of small diamonds that go all the way around the ring. This never-ending loop of diamonds symbolizes a love that lasts for eternity and can never be broken.

The difference between an eternity band and a typical anniversary band is the diamonds and how they are set along the ring.

Eternity bands have diamonds all the way around the ring. This feature is important because it represents an infinite loop, one without a beginning or end. Traditional anniversary bands have a small row of diamonds only along the top of the band.

Although people shop for more modern styles, they still want designs that reflect their personal tastes as well.

Today, there are many designs for unique anniversary rings. There’s no need to follow old customs of what your ring should look like.

When Should You Give an Eternity Band?

Emballage Eternity Band. Unique anniversary rings.

Partners often give eternity bands as gifts to celebrate milestone anniversaries like a ten-year or twenty-year anniversary. You can also give one to your partner to commemorate a special day, even if it isn’t an anniversary.

If you want to give your partner a special ring, save up to purchase one for a big milestone anniversary.

This makes the piece of jewelry even more meaningful. It indicates you took the time to pick out the perfect anniversary ring that your partner can wear for the rest of their life.

How to Choose an Anniversary Ring for Your Partner

Louella Band

If you can match the design of the anniversary ring to your partner’s engagement and wedding rings, it will surely impress them.

You can also give them something more expressive and distinctive. Do this as a way to celebrate the growth of your relationship throughout the years.

If you plan to match the metal of your partner’s wedding band, check it out beforehand. Do this to ensure the two rings perfectly complement one another. Typical metals in jewelry like yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold may have subtle differences.

Diamond Anniversary Rings

7 Stone Emerald Band

A diamond anniversary ring is a special way to show someone how much they mean to you. It can also remind them of how much they shine in your life.

Since most people like to stack their anniversary ring with their engagement ring or wedding band, many styles feature smaller diamonds rather than a large center stone. A diamond anniversary band is a great gift because of its versatility and elegance.

Also, consider lab grown diamonds as an ethical and affordable alternative to natural diamonds. They are real diamonds that sparkle and shine just like any diamond. Plus, you can use the money you saved to buy a more expensive gift.

Sleek Minimalist Rings

Canterbury Matching Band

People often gift simple bands similar to ring enhancers as anniversary rings. If your partner prefers a sleek design over something ornate, you can find plenty of minimalist-style rings with unique features.

Think about the rings your partner wears already and consider what they look like. If they wear a diamond engagement ring, you can shop for a curved or notched band. A curved or notched band would slide up next to the band of their engagement ring and complement the diamond perfectly.

Eternity bands can also have minimalist ring designs. You can pair a curved pavé band, like our Canterbury Matching Band, with an engagement ring. You can also wear it on its own. This particular band has a unique yet flattering shape with a versatility anyone will love.

Antique Anniversary Rings for Everyone

Myriad Diamond Ring

You don’t need to search through your grandmother’s jewelry box to find an heirloom-quality ring. Where your anniversary band came from doesn’t matter as much as what it means to you.

Many retailers have their own carefully-crafted collection of vintage rings for any occasion. Antique and vintage-inspired rings are designed with unique details and are reminiscent of popular ring styles from past eras.

Antique rings may feature twists, braids, engravings, large prong settings, and leaf or teardrop shapes. Each ring has its own story, a story the person who wears it can complete.

Shop for anniversary rings at Clean Origin to find the most exquisite ring, one that will be perfect for celebrating your love for your partner.

Clean Origin Anniversary Rings

If you still need some ideas, here are some of our favorite unique anniversary rings that you can customize yourself.

The Single Prong 12 Stone Diamond Ring features a row of diamonds in a single shared prong setting, making each diamond stand out. With metal options of white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum, this ring truly looks like a halo.

The Evermore Diamond Ring has two infinity twists that blend together to symbolize never-ending love. The twists are set with diamonds that create a stunning visual.

The Buckingham Eternity Band is truly made for royalty. This ring has alternating marquise- and diamond-shaped loops that have diamonds in the center. The blend of soft and straight lines on the ring makes the band look like a crown fit for a queen.