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The Engagement Ring Gift Guide

by Haley Anhut
Last updated on January 25, 2022

If you’ve been waiting for the most wonderful time of the year to pop the big question, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve assembled the ultimate Engagement Ring Gift Guide to help you find the ring she’s been dreaming about. Plus, some holiday buying tips that will ensure you have your gift wrapped and ready by December 25th.


Let’s start with the most quintessential engagement ring: the solitaire. This style of ring is as timeless as they come, with an unadorned band and the diamond sitting as the main event. If you really want to show off your lab-grown center stone, then a solitaire is absolutely the way to go. Plus, they’re easily accessorized with other bands, making them the perfect base for a ring stack.


Adding on to the solitaire with a bit of bling is the classic, sometimes referred to as pavé. This style of engagement ring is any solitaire with a band that contains accent stones. These smaller side stones can vary in size and how far they extend around the band. Classic rings are perfect for a significant other that loves the look of a single center diamond, but also wants the flare of the adorned band. 


Stepping up the sparkle a bit further, you have the halo. A halo engagement ring is either a solitaire or classic base with a center diamond that is encircled by a ‘halo’ of other smaller diamonds. This style definitely adds extravagance to an engagement ring and also helps to make your main stone appear larger than it really is. If you’ve budgeted for anything less than 2 carats, a halo can really make the ring pop.


Bringing the past into the present is something we see time and time again. But with centuries of gorgeous jewelry, especially engagement rings, it’s no wonder some individuals want to replicate these stunning designs. From Art Deco to Mid Century, our collection of vintage rings is sure to have a style that will make you fall in love all over again. 

Holiday Buying Tips

Make sure you have all the information you need

Before anything else, make sure you’ve set a budget and you’re all read up on the 4 C’s of diamonds. Not only are these two things directly related to one another, but they will give you parameters to work within once you start the ring and diamond search. 

Chat with a diamond expert

Our diamond experts are here to help and have many years of experience when it comes to finding the perfect ring. They will be able to make helpful suggestions and ask questions that you might not have considered, particularly when it comes to ring size. Even if you have a good idea of what her size is, they can help you make the best decision based on the ring you’ve chosen (most rings can be sized down, but not back up!).

Place your order on time

In order to get your Engagement Ring by December 25th, you must place your order by December 11th!