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Online Engagement Ring Shopping Tips

Are you starting your online engagement ring search? If you’re co-browsing with your significant other, you’re sure to get a ring that works for both her style and your price. If you’re looking to drop a hint — or stay stealth — here are some tips!

For The Ladies

Let’s be honest, there’s a good chance that your future partner knows little about the difference between a halo setting or an excellent diamond cut. If you want to make sure you get the ring of your dreams, it might mean a bit of work on your end too. We have a few tips to help you out.

Drop Some Hints

See another woman with an engagement ring that you really like while grabbing a coffee at Starbucks? Point it out. Mention that you really like the size, color or style of the ring. Doing it too often may be a bit obvious, but noting specific elements of a ring can help down the line. Especially if you leave a ring page open on his computer “by accident” that fits a description that you’ve previously noted. Make your favorite characteristics known! Plus, with today’s marketing tactics, the ring of your dreams will likely follow him around on his computer for months to come!

Talk With His Family & Friends

If you’re close with his friends or someone in his family, showing them a specific ring is a perfect way to hide that it’s coming from you! Send specific rings to his mom, best friend, sister, or whomever you may be close with. It’s likely that the topic of a proposal will come up organically in conversation. Let the friend or family member show him some “popular rings” that she found (aka the ring you sent!) If you’ve talked rings before, this should be an extremely natural way for him to get a link to the perfect ring without any trace on your end.

For The Guys

Fellas. Your part might be a bit harder. There are some key ways to search for engagement rings that will keep her completely in the dark. But…remember that you want to get a ring that she’ll love! Keep your ears open for hints on her end. Here are some tips on how to make sure she has no idea a proposal is coming!

Go Incognito

Most search engines have an ‘incognito window’ option. Make sure you use this whenever you’re looking for rings! This will ensure that remarketing will not follow you around…and possibly pop up while you guys are looking at the computer together! It will also keep her from looking through your history to see if rings have been a recent search.

Create A Fake Instagram

If your significant other is on Instagram, there’s a good chance she’ll be following ring companies…and liking pictures of rings that she would want! You obviously don’t want to follow all of those companies on your Instagram…because that would be a bit obvious. Create a fake account, look through who she follows and follow any ring accounts that she does. You’ll then be able to see what pictures she’s liking and find patterns in the characteristics.

Look At Her Pinterest

It was found that pinners plan twice as early as people on other platforms. This means there’s a really good chance she’s already pinned some of her favorite engagement rings! Head over to Pinterest (in your incognito window) and take a peak around. It might even include specific information like what companies she’s been searching, what color ring she’d like or if she’s interested in a matching bridal set or a unique stacking ring.

For The Environment

If you’re an outdoorsy person, you’ve likely heard of the term ‘ leave no trace’ in reference to outdoor ethics. Similarly, there’s an extremely easy way to make sure that your diamond purchase does not leave a detrimental trace on our environment. The only way to do this? Purchasing a lab-grown diamond.

Not only are lab-grown diamonds environmentally friendly and ethically sourced, but their only difference from mined diamond is their origin! That means she can still get the diamond engagement ring she’s always wanted with peace of mind that there’s no blood on either of your hands. The added benefit for you? Man-made diamonds are anywhere from 20-30% less expensive than mined diamonds. This could mean money saved for you…or the ability to purchase a diamond that’s 20-30% bigger for the love of your life!