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Mother of the Bride Gifts Mom Will Love

by Lucy Coleman
Last updated on May 31, 2023
mother of the bride gifts

It’s almost your wedding day. You likely have a lot on your plate, from planning the event to getting the perfect outfit ready. But one thing you shouldn’t forget to do is honor your much-appreciated mother. She has probably stepped up to help with your special day, so be sure to give her something special in return. To help you decide what to give her, we have put together a list of mother of the bride gifts.

Should You Give a Gift to the Mother of the Bride?

The short answer is yes. Of course your mom deserves a gift! If you think about it, your mom probably handles everyone else’s problems without complaining. She is always there for you and your family. She should be recognized for all her hard work, especially when one of her kids is leaving the nest.

Here’s a little nudge to remind you that your mom is a rockstar and deserves more than a medal or trophy.

Whether your mother contributed financially, made place cards, decorated the venue, or played another huge role in the wedding planning process, you should find the time to appreciate her with a special gift. On top of a gift, take some time to thank your mom for helping plan your wedding and making it extra special for you.

Does the Groom Have to Give the Mother of the Bride a Gift?

The couple often gives a joint gift to the mother of the bride as well as to all members of the wedding party. If the mother of the bride is your future mother-in-law, it is still appropriate to give her a thoughtful gift. A gift shows you care and starts off the extended family relationship on a high note.

What you give the mother of the bride can either be a truly sentimental gift or something funny and unique. You may have first met your mother in law on an awkward date as a teenager, or you might have just met her. Either way, you should build a genuine relationship with her without seeming too superficial. A personal gift is the perfect way to do this.

When Should You Give the Gifts?

Matching Jewelry Makes a Great Gift For Mom

You don’t have to follow a set timeline when thinking about when to give the gift. A simple way to think about it is if she could use the gift during the wedding, give it before. If it is dependent on photos or something that happens during the wedding, give it to her after.

Is it matching jewelry that she can wear on the day of the wedding? Or would you prefer to give a special framed photo?

Before the Wedding

Steal her for a moment during or prior to the rehearsal dinner before everyone sits down. Or you can make it a big deal; make a toast during dinner before you give her the gift.

If you want to keep the gift giving more intimate, you could give it to her on the morning of the wedding when you’re getting ready.

After the Wedding

A framed photo or keepsake from the wedding is also a lovely gift. But you’ll have to give it to her after the wedding. After the wedding, you and your spouse can treat her to dinner and present the gift then. Or if you’re visiting for any reason, you can always give it to her as a spur-of-the-moment gift.

How Much Should You Spend on a Mother of the Bride Gift?

You can spend whatever you and your partner feel comfortable spending on the gift. If you’re the bride and want to give your mom a personalized mother of the bride gift, the sky is the limit on how much to spend.

Make sure to keep your wedding budget in mind when shopping for gifts. This way, you don’t get surprised by any large bills.

Most meaningful gifts are not expensive; they can be either personalized or handmade. No matter what you give your well-deserving mother, she will surely love and appreciate it as much as you appreciate her.

Customized Mother of the Bride Gifts

A customized mug or necklace is the perfect gift for any mother of the bride. She will be proud to show off her newlywed children to everyone she knows.

Mother of the Bride Wine Glasses as Gifts

Stemless wine glasses that say “Mother of the Bride” in cute lettering are simple yet sweet. She can use a set of these for hosting pre-wedding festivities or just entertaining guests.


If she prefers coffee over wine any day, then a new coffee mug with “Mother of the Bride” on it is perfect. She can be reminded of her MOB status every morning.

Personalized Calendar

There are many places online where you can upload your own photos and have them print a beautiful custom calendar. You can make it elegant and professional quality with nice photos and a simple theme.

Alternatively, you could design a funky and cute calendar with little hearts, stars, squiggly lines, and other accents. Have fun and add some of your personality to it.

Monogrammed Makeup Bag

A gift that’s personalized doesn’t have to be a photo or video. You can make it simple. Customize a tote bag or makeup bag with her initials in a subtle way.

This is great for the mom who isn’t into wearing t-shirts that say “Mother of the Bride” but would still love a personalized gift.

Mother of the Bride Gifts She’ll Actually Use

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If your mom is a practical woman, she will appreciate these mother of the bride gift ideas. They are just as functional as they are cute.

Here are some functional but unique gift ideas that your mom can put to good use.

New Kitchen Appliance

While your wedding registry probably has things like a stand mixer, blender, or air fryer, your mom could also use a kitchen upgrade.

Does she like to bake or cook more? This is a great time to buy her that new appliance she’s been wanting forever but could never justify buying herself.

Maybe she’s a coffee lover and would love an espresso machine. Or something fun like an ice cream maker. Any new appliance is super practical and can also be a great gift for your mom.

Rose Gold Bracelet

A rose gold knot bracelet or bangle is a gift she’ll treasure forever. An eternity or diamond bracelet is another great gift for your mom.

Rose gold is a soft color that goes with any outfit, so she can use this gift for years to come. If you give it to her before the wedding, she may even wear it on your special day!

Mother of the Bride Gifts From the Heart

Buying a personalized gift will surely put a smile on your mom’s face, but a handmade or sentimental gift is also very fitting for this occasion.

In many senses, you are leaving the woman who has cared for you your entire life. You feel many emotions when getting married like joy, excitement, and even sadness or bittersweet feelings.

Meaningful Video Montage

If you can cut and edit videos like they do in movies, you can make a video montage of all the special moments you’ve shared with your mom.

Even if you’re not a video production pro, you can put together a simple collection of pictures and videos that show your favorite memories with your mom. If you want it to be wedding themed, you can take photos and videos with your mom in the process of planning the wedding like at the rehearsal dinner, choosing a wedding dress, and on the wedding day.

This video will highlight the crucial role your mom played in making your wedding a hit and show her that you recognize her wedding-planning efforts.

Wedding Day Picture Frame

A framed photo is always a great gift idea for the mother who loves to collect memories and display them on her wall.

The picture can be a romantic scene of you and your partner at the altar or a photo of the whole family. You can even ask the wedding photographer for a special photo of just you and her to frame.

Include the wedding date on either the photo or the frame to commemorate the day she was there for you when you were making a big life change.

Commissioned Wedding Art

You’ve probably seen the painters who paint beautiful scenes of weddings all over social media. They are wonderful at capturing the bride and groom, but what about the bride and her mother?

Get in touch with a local artist who could paint a picture of you and your mom from a reference photo or a scene from the wedding.

More Great Gift Ideas

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Whether she’s the sentimental type or not, you don’t have to worry about her loving what you get her. Moms are always appreciative of whatever their kids do for them.

Here are even more ideas to spark that lightbulb in your head!

Minimalist Necklace or Diamond Pendant

Whether she’s the type to be flashy or likes the look of sleek modern jewelry, a necklace is a sweet gift. When she wears it around her neck, it will be close to her heart. So find something that truly represents your love for her.

Jewelry Organizer or Dish

A nice travel jewelry organizer or porcelain dish is a sweet gift that may be something your mom wouldn’t even think to get herself. She can put her diamond rings in it for safekeeping or organize all her jewelry.

Treat Her to a Spa Day

You and your mom can have a spa day before the wedding for some much-needed catching up and relaxation. Spas are a great place to simply enjoy each other’s company and spend some time together that you might not have had.

You can buy a gift certificate and wrap it nicely for her to open as a surprise. Who knows? Maybe a mother-daughter spa day will become part of your regular routine!

Mother of the Bride Gifts From Clean Origin

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