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A Guide to Anniversary Jewelry

by Molly Jones
Last updated on August 21, 2023

Time is funny. You are already looking for anniversary jewelry! It may feel like just yesterday, but you were engaged. Suddenly you are celebrating a milestone anniversary.

If you’re looking to celebrate your love with stunning anniversary diamond jewelry, you’re not alone. According to a survey conducted by Jewel Street, chocolates and flowers are among the most unwanted gifts. Jewelry is preferred.

So whether you are looking for a gift guide for anniversary jewelry ideas for your first or twenty-fifth anniversary, we’ve got you covered.

Consider the Anniversary Year

The tradition of celebrating a wedding anniversary with a gift is nothing new. It goes back to Medieval times when husbands would crown their wives with wreaths of sterling silver or yellow gold on their 25th or 50th wedding anniversary.

However, assigning a different type of gift to each anniversary year became a common cultural practice during the Victorian Era. Elaborate anniversary celebrations were en vogue thanks to the very public and celebrated love between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

The traditional anniversary gift list by year includes:

  • 25 years: Sterling Silver – A sterling silver picture frame is the traditional gift
  • 30 years: Pearl – Because who could say no to a pearl pendant
  • 40 years: Gemstones and metals [such as emerald]
  • 45 years: Sapphire
  • 50 years: Gold
  • 60 years: Diamond

More recently, jewelers have developed different categories of anniversary gifts that include assigned colors and gemstones in addition to the traditional materials. As a result, the combined gift ideas create endless opportunities that help you develop your anniversary jewelry gifting tradition.

Your Partner is Your Best Jewelry Consultant

Dolce Vita Ring

You don’t have to rack your brain to conjure the perfect jewelry piece for your anniversary gift. Just think of your partner as your unknowing jewelry consultant.

Consider your partner’s jewelry preferences when searching for that perfect gift. If you’ve never had an anniversary before and aren’t sure what they’d like, think back to your engagement ring search.

How does your partner’s engagement ring look?

Do they consider diamonds darling, or would they prefer a colored gemstone?

Would your partner want to wear a diamond necklace, diamond bracelet, or earrings?

Start thinking of anniversary jewelry options in more general terms, and then get more specific with your partner’s preferences. When in doubt, double-check their wish list. You could even ask them! After all, great relationships come from strong communication.

Research the Meanings of Different Metals

While it is common knowledge that gifts given on milestone anniversaries contain deep symbolic meaning, you may be surprised to learn that the different metals used in anniversary jewelry are just as symbolic. Keep reading to discover the most common meanings of popular metals.

Rose Gold Anniversary Gifts

Everything comes up roses when you gift rose gold jewelry. Rose gold is the perfect combination of yellow gold, copper, and white gold metals. The rosy hue is symbolic of everlasting devotion and eternal love.

Rose-gold’s blush tones greatly compliment the brilliance of a diamond and can instantly modernize classic pieces of fine jewelry.

Brian 7.5mm Men’s Band

Surprise your partner with an anniversary gift of platinum. This Brian 7.5mm Men’s Band is stunningly sleek with its smooth lines and shining surfaces.

Yellow Gold Anniversary Jewelry

Yellow gold anniversary gifts symbolize wealth and extravagance. When you give gold jewelry, you express that your partner brings a wealth of love into your life.

14k Braided Band

We’re obsessed with this stackable 14K gold ring that features a modern braided style. Bonus! Because it is easily stackable, you can just as easily mix and match with different ring styles. A new stackable ring every anniversary? Now, that’s a perfect gift.

White Gold Anniversary Jewelry

White gold jewelry is often associated with purity, elegance, and beauty—all are things that make any relationship better!

If your partner doesn’t seem interested in following trends but loves something classic and timeless, this is the metal for them.

Low Profile Flat Band Ring

It is sure to never go out of style.

We love the simplicity of this white gold low-profile flat band ring. The ring’s clean lines and shining surface ultimately highlight the finger incredibly.

Go Big with Diamond Anniversary Gifts

Whether you’re shopping for a first wedding anniversary gift or a 50th wedding anniversary gift, diamonds are perfect because they symbolize love and commitment.

Diamonds are one of the most resilient materials known to man. So when you give your special someone a diamond ring, you know it will last a lifetime. It could even represent your intentions for the longevity of your relationship.

Diamond Earrings Anniversary Gift Ideas

Diamond Stud Earrings

Certified 3 Prong Screw Back Studs

A pair of diamond studs is an excellent choice for an anniversary gift, thanks to the effortless elegance of diamond studs. Plus, you can always pair them with a classic watch or bracelet to make sure they match their current jewelry collection.

Diamond Hoop Earrings Gift Ideas

Lux 15MM Hoops

These Lux 15MM Hoop diamond earrings are the perfect gift for the stylish partner that wants a chic update to classic gold hoop earrings. Imagine how the sunlight glistens and glows as it reflects off any of the 32 bezel-set diamonds.

Diamond Bracelet Anniversary Gift Ideas

10 ct. tw. Emerald Cut Tennis Bracelet

diamond tennis bracelet is the perfect gift idea if you want to set their heart aflame with the fire and brilliance of diamonds equaling 10 carats.

The tennis bracelet received its name after tennis athlete Chris Evert realized the clasp of her diamond tennis bracelet had come undone, and the bracelet had fallen onto the court. For the first time, she stopped a game and refused to play until found.

Since then, tennis bracelets have made it onto the wish list of many women. Furthermore, what better way to mark a milestone anniversary than with a statement piece such as a diamond bracelet that can live for generations?

Diamond Necklaces Anniversary Gift Ideas

Many people love diamond necklaces because it effortlessly draws attention to the delicate clavicle while elegantly lengthening the neck. The diamond necklace is a versatile anniversary gift. It can complement an outfit from a casual day to a classy night.

Diamond Pendant Necklace Gift Ideas

3/4 CT. TW. Cross Pendant

Pendant diamond necklaces are the perfect choice when looking for an opportunity to customize your partner’s anniversary gift.

For example, celebrate your partner’s faith by gifting this 3/4 carat TW Cross Pendant.

Go Big with a Diamond Tennis Necklace

22 ct. tw Tennis Necklace

And you thought the diamond tennis bracelet was a lavish gift! This 22-carat tennis necklace pulls out all of the stops with diamonds so you can speak volumes about your love while not having to say a word.

Diamond Ring Anniversary Gift Ideas

Your love story started with a ring, so why not reflect on your engagement with an icy and sparkling diamond ring?

Luisant Diamond Ring

An easily stackable diamond anniversary ring is the perfect complement to the glitz and glam of your partner’s engagement ring. Thanks to its comfortable feel, your partner can mix and match rings to their heart’s content. This delicate Luisant diamond ring is a subtle and refined way to remind your significant other how much you care.

Sapphire Diamond Anniversary Ring

Bellflower Sapphire Halo Ring

Historically, sapphire has symbolized abundance, blessings, and gifts. It’s the perfect choice for an anniversary gift as it tells your significant other that they are the greatest blessing in your life. We can’t get over this Bellflower Sapphire Halo Ring with stunning lab-created sapphires crowning a brilliant solitaire diamond.

Celebrate Your Love Story

Your wedding anniversary is a joyful occasion to celebrate the love that you and your partner have for one another.

It’s a time to reflect on the joy you’ve shared throughout the years, the meals you’ve eaten, and the laughs you’ve had. So when you’re ready to wow and delight your partner with an ethical and brilliant lab grown diamond, we’re here to help.