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The Largest Synthetic Diamond Certified by the IGI

by Chante Walker
Last updated on September 6, 2023
Largest Synthetic Diamond

In recent years, the production of manufactured diamonds has mounted new heights in innovation. The International Gemological Institute (IGI) serves as the globally trusted authority in evaluating and certifying diamond quality. So when IGI recently crowned a 30.18-carat lab-grown diamond as the largest synthetic diamond to be certified, it marked a monumental milestone for the lab-grown diamond industry. Coined the “Pride of India,” this record-breaking lab-grown diamond signifies the country’s burgeoning capabilities in state-of-the-art diamond manufacturing.

The Pride of India Diamond: Unveiling the Largest Synthetic Diamond

After meticulous development of the complex chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process, the breathtaking result debuted in 2022.

Weighing a remarkable 30.18 carats, the emerald-cut Pride of India is scientifically engineered to optimal standards.

With an H color grade and VS2 clarity, this synthetic marvel displays the pinnacle of cut, sparkle, and brilliance.

Producing such a large, high-quality, polished lab-grown diamond in India marks a pivotal advancement.

The IGI Certification Process

IGI Certification

Chiefly, as the world’s most esteemed diamond certification body, the IGI grading reports are universally recognized for their integrity.

Rigorous analysis is conducted on every diamond’s 4Cs – carat, cut, color, and clarity. Additional verification is required to confirm the lab origins of synthetic diamonds.

The Pride of India underwent the IGI’s stringent battery of tests to assess its characteristics before being awarded certification.

This authoritative endorsement from the IGI verifies the excellent quality of this historic accomplishment for synthetic production.

IGI’s Commitment to Integrity and Innovation

The Pride of India stands as convincing proof that lab diamonds can achieve perfection on par with or exceeding that of mined diamonds.

Tehmasp Printer, Managing Director of IGI India, eloquently conveys the importance of integrity in the diamond industry: “Constant research in developing methods and technology to protect the interest of the end consumer has been the utmost priority at IGI. Our team is continually in search of methods to ensure such spectacular creations are graded with rectitude & precision.”

All in all, IGI’s meticulous certification of this record-breaking synthetic diamond reinforces its commitment to upholding stringent standards in evaluating all diamonds – mined or lab-grown.

The Pride of India’s Impact on the Synthetic Diamond Industry

Weighing in at over 30 carats, Pride of India is one of many big lab-grown diamonds that represent a change for synthetic diamond technology.

Produced by Ethereal Green Diamond, LLP, because of the 30.18-carat diamond produced in India, it further cements the nation as an emerging hub for engineered diamond manufacturing. As consumer awareness grows, it concurrently strengthens the demand for certified synthetic gems.

The cutting-edge techniques used to manufacture the Pride of India pave the way for more innovations in synthetic diamond production.

There are vast possibilities for industrial applications of large lab-grown diamonds in machining and tooling.

Environmentally sustainable production methods will also come to the fore to meet growing consumer interest in ethical synthetics.

If a lab-grown diamond can achieve the flawless 30.18-carat standard of the Pride of India today, the potential for further advancement in size and quality is immense.

Where to Find The Pride of India

The diamonds’ current whereabouts are under wraps. However, in June 2022, the record-breaking 30.18-carat lab-grown spectacle made its public debut at the JCK Las Vegas show.

Displayed to global gemologists and jewelers, the diamond drew a lot of curiosity and admiration at the premier industry exhibition.

Wearable Lab Grown Diamonds

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

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