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Engagement Rings On Hand

by Sophia Huxley
Last updated on October 22, 2021

Looking at an engagement ring in a glass case is one thing. Seeing it sparkle on your ring finger is quite another. You are seeking the right engagement ring for your individual hands! You are likely wondering how particular engagement rings on hand look. 

Understanding specific ways to wear engagement rings and wedding rings is essential to note while preparing for your big day. Rather than worry about researching another set of wedding traditions, we at Clean Origin thought we would compile some of the most common engagement ring and wedding band questions and answers. With us, you can trust that the diamond engagement ring you love will be with you for a lifetime.

Why do People Wear Engagement Rings on Their Left Hand?

Classic engagement ring on hand
Beautiful classic engagement ring.

You will notice that people wear their engagement ring or wedding ring on your left ring finger. People believe that by doing this, you are connecting your placing your commitment on your heart. The practice dates back to an age-old tradition in ancient Rome. 

The ancient Romans believed that your left-hand ring finger had a vein in it that directly connected to the heart. This vein was called ‘vena amoris,’ which in Latin translates to ‘vein of love. 

While this was from the ancient Romans, many still believe that wearing their ring on the left hand is a way to connect their heart to their commitment. The ring finger of the left hand is, for many, the finger of commitment. It is common in many cultures that the left hand should be left empty until your engagement or wedding day.

Can You Wear Your Engagement Ring On Your Right Hand?

Absolutely! Many wear their engagement ring on their right hand until their wedding ceremony. Then, they move their engagement ring to sit with their wedding band during the wedding ceremony, making both their wedding rings. 

Some choose to wear the engagement ring on their right hand for life. Others only wear engagement rings until their wedding ceremony. It is entirely up to you which hand your engagement ring finger is on and whether an engagement ring finger has any meaning to your union at all.

Engagement Ring on the Right Hand, What Does it Mean?

Usually, when someone is wearing an engagement ring on their right hand, it means they are engaged but not yet married. 

Your right-hand ring finger can mean this, but some just prefer to wear their wedding ring on that hand or wear it in mourning of their partner. Some even wear a promise ring on this finger instead of an engagement ring. It is best to ask someone the meaning of the ring finger choice than assume it is a diamond engagement ring straight out.

Which Finger Should You Wear an Engagement Ring On?

Pear-shaped halo engagement ring on hand
Pear-shaped halo engagement ring on hand.

It depends on your personal choice. Some wear their engagement ring on a necklace, on their left hand, or their right hand. How you wear your engagement ring is entirely up to you. However, traditionally many people wear their engagement ring on their right hand on their ring finger until they swap wedding rings on their wedding day. 

Most brides and grooms wear their wedding rings with engagement rings and plan both precious metals to match. You may consider a bridal set to make planning this easier. Some choose only to wear the engagement ring and not have a wedding ring. 

Whether you choose to wear two rings on your left hand or have one ring worn on the right, or have no ring worn on the right ever, it is up to you how you would like to represent your marital bond. All that matters is that you decide whether your engagement ring and wedding ring have symbolic meaning to you.

Accenting Your Ring Finger

Vintage-style engagement ring on hand.
Vintage-style engagement ring on hand.

The process of finding the ideal engagement ring for someone, or even pulling engagement rings for them to choose from, can be challenging if you’re not sure how to make them flatter their hand.


Proper sizing for your engagement ring and your wedding ring is critical. Engagement rings, when fitted correctly, should not pinch the skin or cause any irritation, and they also should not be loose. 

The fingers on your dominant hand can be a size bigger than the other hand, so be aware that the ring finger on one side does not equal the measurements of the ring finger on the other side. They are not the same finger and require unique measurements. 

An excellent way to get a guess for the same finger you want the engagement ring to rest on is to get a promise ring or a small cheap ring at an event and have your partner sized for it. Take that ring size directly to your jeweler, and you should be just fine! You can also use a ring size chart. 

Finger Length

Emerald shaped engagement ring on hand
Emerald shaped engagement ring on hand

When shopping for an engagement ring, you want to pay close attention to what will best accent your chosen ring finger. Shorter fingers should have thinner bands because thick bands on short fingers will give them a more squat appearance. 

On the other hand, long fingers can carry a thick banded engagement ring beautifully and make much more of a statement than a thin band. Just be mindful of this as you shop around. 


Choose our perfect fit engagement rings for maximum comfort.

All the previous tips referred to aesthetic accenting of the wedding ring finger or the fourth finger of your right hand. This tip is not so much about engagement ring styles as it is about personal comfort. Whatever hand or finger your ring is for, make sure that it is comfortable to wear.

Large carat diamonds are gorgeous, but check-in to make sure that it is a weight you can comfortably wear and lift as you move through your day. 

Stick to low-profile rings if you or your partner are someone who catches your jewelry on everything. They are flush to your finger and will protect your left hand or right hand from getting snagged. 

If you have delicate or sensitive skin, look for smooth bands that are less likely to rub. You may not be a great candidate for specific chunkier ring settings or rings with pavé diamonds that are not very flush to the band.

Should Your Engagement Ring Match Your Wedding Ring?

bridal set on hand
Stunning Bridal Set

Your wedding ring or wedding band is an exciting purchase, and many look forward to seeing what their partners pick! 

Wedding rings do not have to match your engagement ring, but if you decide to wear both on your left hand, it may make the most sense to pair them together. Or at least have the mismatch be intentional. 

After the ceremony, some believe the engagement ring worn on the left hand is the correct practice, accenting the wedding band. Others prefer their engagement and wedding ring separate from each other, on either hand. 

A select few love having a wedding and engagement ring to choose from each day, one a more straightforward wedding ring or wedding band for everyday occasions. Then a more intricate engagement ring for fancier events. Deciding how you will wear your wedding rings is up to you, but how you wear them will impact whether you want them to match.

How do You Match Your Engagement Ring to Your Wedding Ring?

3-carat diamond engagement ring on hand.
3-carat diamond engagement ring on hand.

Your wedding ring is a purchase you likely made with your future partner to match your wedding bands. While having both wedding bands match is already a feat, getting your wedding bands and your engagement ring to match can sometimes feel like too many choices all at once. Don’t worry! There are a few ways to match the engagement ring and wedding band.

Bridal Sets: The Easy Solution

The easiest solution is to look into a bridal set. When you wear wedding rings, you may want them to match really closely, and by purchasing a bridal set, you’ll get the direct matches for each ring. That and you get the perk of being able to wear your wedding band solo for a more casual look if you choose wisely.

In a bridal set, you will get an engagement and wedding ring, usually with the wedding ring looking like an eternity ring. An eternity ring is a diamond band that can be stacked to accent another ring, be stacked together for a multiple ring glitzy statement, or worn alone for a casual look. 

Some eternity rings are shaped to curve around the engagement ring, so keep an eye for that when shopping for bridal sets. This becomes important if you think that you would prefer having a casual option. When these rings are together, they are both the wedding ring which is a lovely, cohesive look.

Bridal sets make matching easy!

Mix and Match: Find Some Common Ground

If you don’t love the idea of directly matching on your wedding ring finger, you’re a good candidate for this unique method. Select two to three attributes from your selected engagement ring that you want to keep. Usually, those can look like diamond shapes, style, setting metal, or accompanying stones.

When you purchase your engagement and wedding rings, keep a few of those qualities in mind. This way, your rings will have a matching tone but not be a direct match. 

This will look really unique to you and can be a fun shopping experience if you enjoy crafting your style. Engagement and wedding rings have fixed categories for styles, so definitely talk with your in-store associate or online jeweler to get tips for matching! You can schedule a virtual appointment to get advice from a diamond expert. 

What matters most is that you are pleased with how your engagement and wedding rings look on your hand, which work well throughout your days. Wearing rings can be an adjustment if you are not a big on-hand jewelry buff before marriage, but it should not be painful or annoying to wear them.