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Do Men Wear Engagement Rings?

by Molly Jones
Last updated on August 20, 2023
Do men wear engagement rings?

Do men wear engagement rings? As with most things, the answer depends on a variety of factors! While women’s engagement rings have been the de facto option for couples wanting to get engaged, men’s engagement rings are making a comeback – particularly as society becomes more egalitarian in nature.

If you’re looking for information on the male engagement ring, then you’ve come to the right place. Below, we break down the history of men’s engagement rings, what celebrities have been spotted rocking a men’s engagement ring, and our top five engagement rings that seamlessly complement the male engagement ring trend. Read on to find out!

The History of the Male Engagement Ring

Do Men Wear Engagement Rings?: Mens Wedding Bands
Men’s Wedding Bands

According to an article published by The Atlantic in 2014, The Knot reports that around 5% of engaged men wear an engagement ring. And while men wearing wedding rings is nothing new, men wearing their own engagement rings certainly seems to be. However, male engagement rings have a storied history dating all the way back to the 1920s.

Back then, the jewelry industry banded together to make male engagement rings a thing. They ran macho newspaper ads that featured black and white photos of a man’s left hand with a large diamond settled on the ring finger. The advertised rings were given manly names like “The Pilot” or “The Stag”; however, the campaign was relatively unsuccessful, and eventually, jewelers stopped trying to make the male engagement ring happen.

Engagement rings for men took a back seat in pop culture until 2009 when the British jeweler H. Samuel created “The Tioro Ring.” Then later that year, pop superstar Jennifer Hudson matched her fiancee’s proposal with an engagement ring of her own, popping the question with a five carat diamond engagement ring for him.

Engagement rings for men have also gained popularity thanks to the legalization of same sex marriage in 2015. As more and more same-sex couples choose to tie the knot, the need for men’s engagement rings continues to rise.

Finally, as society continues to evolve, traditional gender roles are placed under a microscope, and it is becoming more and more common for women to pop the question to their groom-to-be.

Wedding Rings vs. Engagement Rings

Do men wear engagement rings?: Wedding Band and Engagement Ring
Clean Origin Diamond Jewelry

When discussing men’s engagement rings, it is important to distinguish between a men’s engagement ring and a wedding ring. An engagement ring is a ring that is worn before a wedding ceremony to indicate that that person is engaged to be married. A wedding band is a ring that is exchanged during a wedding ceremony to indicate that the person is married.

Interestingly, men have not always worn wedding bands. In fact, it wasn’t until the 1940s and 50s that the idea of the male wedding band actually began to stick. This is because of the postwar economic prosperity and feelings of ‘togetherness’ that followed World War II. Celebrities like Humphrey Bogart were spotted wearing wedding bands, and the rest was history.

Male Celebrities Spotted Wearing Engagement Rings

Sure, Humphrey Bogart helped change the wedding industry forever by rocking a wedding band, but are celebrities today doing the same for men’s engagement rings? The answer is a resounding yes!

David Otunga

As we mentioned before, Jennifer Hudson put men’s engagement rings on the map by proposing to fiancé David Otunga on his birthday with a 5 carat round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring.

The professional wrestler reportedly requested an engagement ring, telling Hudson, “You have a ring, but how are they going to know that I’m taken?”. Sadly, after a 10-year engagement, the couple decided to call it quits. And while Otunga has since auctioned off Hudson’s engagement ring, little is known about what has happened to his.

Michael Bublé

Michael Bublé proudly flashed his sleek engagement ring to paparazzi after proposing to his now wife, Luisiana Lopilato. According to Bublé, it is customary in Argentina (where his wife is from) for men to be spotted wearing engagement rings.

Osi Umenyiora

Brian 7.5 MM Band
Brian 7.5 MM Band

When Miss Universe 2011, Leila Lopes, and Nigerian-American football player Osi Umenyiora got engaged in February 2013, they both rocked complementary diamond engagement rings. Lopes was proposed to with a square-cut diamond engagement ring and Umenyiora with a platinum geometric band.

Neil Patrick Harris

Men’s Classic Domed Band

Neil Patrick Harris married his husband, David Burtka, in a lavish Italian ceremony in 2014. The happy couple had been engaged since 2006. And while we couldn’t find any photos of what the duo’s engagement rings look like online, they have said in interviews that while engaged, they each wore a simple band on their ring finger.

Male Engagement Rings We Love

Men's Wedding Bands
Men’s Wedding Bands

Men wear engagement rings more often than you think. And if the special man in your life is looking to wear an engagement ring, look no further than Clean Origin. Below, we’ve highlighted our five favorite engagement rings for men. But these aren’t only our only options! We offer a wide variety of brilliant diamond engagement rings and wedding bands so you can find the perfect ring to showcase your lifelong commitment to your partner.

1 ¾ ct. tw. 7 Stone Oval Band

1 3/4 ct. tw. 7 Stone Oval Band
1 3/4 ct. tw. 7 Stone Oval Band

If your partner is looking for a little more bling, consider our 1 3/4 Carat tw. 7 Stone Oval Band. This brilliant engagement ring has 7 premium lab grown diamonds that wrap around the top of the finger to provide unparalleled shine and drama.

Edson Diamond Band

Edson Diamond Band
Edson Diamond Band

If you want an engagement ring that is as striking and strong as your man, look no further than the Edson Diamond Band Engagement Ring. This stunning ring has four round brilliant cut lab grown diamonds that are inset on alternating bands of matte finish metal.

The resulting look is as manly as it is magical and is sure to stand up to years of rough and tumble wear thanks to our recycled, sturdy metal and resilient setting.

1 ¼ ct. tw. Diamond Band

1 ¼ ct. tw. Diamond Band
1 ¼ ct. tw. Diamond Band

The 1 1/4 CT. tw. Diamond Band engagement ring has a modern appeal with timeless sensibilities. Subtle ridges on either side of five channel-set round brilliant diamonds draw the eye towards the center of the ring.

Available in 14k white or yellow gold, this engagement ring will have your man saying “I do” in no time at all.

Jeb Band

Jeb Band
Jeb Band

Stylish in its simplicity, our Jeb Band is the perfect engagement ring or wedding ring for the man who enjoys clean lines and a comfortable fit. Available in a 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm width and white, yellow, and rose gold and platinum metals, the Jeb can be endlessly customized to suit your partner’s greatest desires.

½ ct. tw. Stone Diamond Band

½ ct. tw. 10 Stone Diamond Band
½ ct. tw. 10 Stone Diamond Band

The 10 diamonds in our 1/2 CT. tw. Stone Diamond Band are so sparkly, they’re impossible to miss.

However, we don’t think you’ll even want to look away from this gorgeous ring. The sleek setting and subtle design make it perfect for any man who likes the look of a diamond but wants something more understated than the standard solitaire.

Do Men Wear Engagement Rings? At Clean Origin, They Do!

Men's Wedding Band
Men’s Wedding Band

Guys wear engagement rings, and at Clean Origin, we’re proud to create rings for that special guy or nonbinary person in your life.

At Clean Origin, you can feel good knowing that the engagement ring you choose is ethically created. Our selection of men’s engagement rings also includes pieces in a variety of settings, so you’ll have plenty of options. Our men’s rings are sure to make any man that wears an engagement ring look like the rockstar he already is, and we’re sure you’ll think so, too!