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How to Know You’re Ready to Propose

by Brandon
Last updated on January 13, 2022

Most people visit Clean Origin because they are in a committed relationship and ready to take the next step. But, how do you know you’re ready to purchase that engagement ring and propose?

We’ve created this handy list of five things to consider before popping the question.

1) Your life is in order

You don’t need to have wealth, but you should be financially confident. Being in a spot where you can provide for yourself, and possibly her, will prepare you for any unforeseen fiscal hurdles. You should discuss with your partner what type of lifestyle you’re comfortable living as you move forward in your relationship. Financial disaster is one of the biggest causes of divorce. Not making that mistake can be prevented with a conversation or two about your mutual ideas on money, savings, and spending habits.

This also means that your priorities are in order. You’re tired of the club scene. You’ve reached a few of your personal goals. Your mindset has shifted from single life to the stability of marriage life. One needs to see and experience themselves in a marriage-like state before committing to make it a lifelong reality.

2) You’ve found your biggest cheerleader

Do you accomplish greater things together than you ever would have on your own? Are you each other’s biggest fan, whether it be at work or during rec-league hockey? Make sure that you’re about to propose to someone that lifts you up whenever possible…and vice versa. You want a life partner… and the keyword there is partner. Both you and your significant other should feel confident, safe, and secure not only in each other and your current relationship, but the future that you plan together.

3) You’ve had the tough talks

What many couples don’t realize is that many aspects of their lives will change simply by getting married. Plus, if they plan to have children someday, life will change even more. There are difficult conversations that take place throughout life that might be uncomfortable and, if they aren’t addressed early on in the relationship, could make or break a marriage. Let’s take kids for instance. Does your partner want kids? Do you? Are you in agreeance with the others’ parenting style? Having these conversations before marriage, as futuristic and tough as they may seem, can prevent unexpected disagreements in the future.

This will also give you a good idea of how you will handle compromise as a couple. Maybe your partner only wants two kids and you’re hoping for a big family. Agreeing on something in the middle is a good way to show that you’re both willing to find a happy medium (more on this in #5). 

4) Your friends and family are all in

For the most part, when you get married, you get an entirely new family…and so does she. How does your family feel about her? How does her family feel about you? Although a family can be complicated, these are usually the people that have known you your whole life…hearing them out and considering their opinions could go a long way.

Your best friends have probably been around you longer than she has, so what do they think? If they really don’t approve, you should listen. Really, really listen. Try not to get defensive and talk with them about their opinions. One or two of them may not be fans, but if there’s a consensus, don’t doubt those who know you best.

Ultimately, it’s likely that you will each be spending a lot of time with the others’ friends and family. You want this time to be enjoyable and comfortable for all parties involved. 

5) You are ready to give up your ego

If you’re bull-headed, highly opinionated, unyielding, and quit when things don’t go your way, this is a sure sign you aren’t fit for marriage just yet. However, if you’ve mastered the art of compromise, become a good listener and you’re in it for the long haul, then you’re on the right track.

Marriage is 110% about finding the middle ground. It’s not just about you anymore — there are two people to consider for almost every decision. It’s no longer just about where you’re going to eat dinner, but where you’re going to live, whose family you’re going to visit on Thanksgiving, and so much more. Make sure you’re ready for times when you might not get your way.

Although this might seem like a lot, marriage is a big commitment. Checking these five items off of your list is a good start to knowing if you’re ready to pop the big question.

If you feel confident that it’s time, then let’s talk about how to create the proposal of your (and her) dreams! That’s what Clean Origin does best.

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