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What is Rose Gold?

Rose gold is a color and type of metal of the same color that is increasingly popular for jewelry and other accessories. It is sometimes called pink gold, named for its pink hue.

Rose gold is an alloy, meaning it is a mixture of different metals. The pink color comes from yellow gold mixed with copper alloy. This adds a feminine touch to your jewelry and makes any outfit look elegant and sophisticated.

Is Rose Gold Jewelry Popular?

Rose gold may have started as a new trend a while ago, but it is something that continues to show up. Rose gold is a timeless metal that looks good on everyone. Because of its versatility and romantic pink hue, rose gold is not going anywhere. Rose gold is such a unique metal, in fact, it is the most unique out of the three gold tones.

Everyone is wearing rose gold jewelry, from everyday looks to office outfits to the red carpet. Rose gold as a color has also shown up in home decor, which means you can match your aesthetic to your lifestyle with more than jewelry.

How to Wear Rose Gold Jewelry

Rose gold is a color that complements any skin tone. This means you can wear it however you want. From rings to necklaces to earrings, rose gold is always a great option to accessorize your outfit.

Rose gold will stand out when paired with simple silver or white gold jewelry. It also looks good next to yellow gold since they have similar soft hues. If you wear rings, you can stack rose gold rings with other metals.

Rose gold is a staple with neutral outfits in black, white, and grey. It also pairs great with jewel tones like emerald, deep purple, and dark navy. The color elevates your look to give you a fashionable and refined look.

Mix and match rose gold jewelry with other colors like sterling silver and yellow gold. Incorporating diamonds into rose gold jewelry is another way to add a touch of style and ensure you turn heads wherever you go.

Is Rose Gold Jewelry Expensive?

Rose gold is not any more expensive than yellow gold or white gold on any account. Most gold in jewelry is made from mixing metal alloys. Rose gold is no different and doesn't cost more.

Rose gold versions of jewelry shouldn't have higher price tags. In fact, since rose gold is made with copper alloys which are less expensive, rose gold can be more budget-friendly than other metals in some cases. Watch out if you see rose gold jewelry selling for much higher than white or yellow gold. While platinum, for example, is a more valuable metal than those, rose gold is not.

Clean Origin offers many engagement ring bands and other jewelry, like earrings and necklaces in rose gold, for the same price as other metals. When you shop for any jewelry at Clean Origin, you know you're getting ethical, responsibly sourced, and recycled metals that are good enough to show off.

Where to Buy Rose Gold Jewelry

There are many places to buy all things rose gold. If you shop online, you can find many options for jewelry, from costume jewelry to modern fine jewelry. Make sure you check to see if the rose gold is real before you buy it. Real rose gold is a high-quality metal and is durable enough for frequent wear.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with some fun, cheap jewelry from time to time, but that shouldn't be your entire jewelry collection. It can be easy to fall for top deals and same-day delivery on cheap jewelry. Still, if you want to invest in a piece that will last you forever and look good with everything, we recommend buying responsibly sourced jewelry from a store that values high quality and ethics. Rose gold is a metal that is durable enough to hold up with everyday wear.

On our site, we offer rose gold options for almost every piece of jewelry. This way, you can have rings, pendants, and earrings, all in rose gold. If you have questions about finding the perfect ring, you can request a virtual appointment with an expert for the best advice and customer service in the diamond industry.

Why Purchase Rose Gold Jewelry

Rose gold has more range in tones compared to other metals, making it a complimentary metal for all skin tones. Rose gold earrings are a great option for someone looking to add color to their ears, whether it's a simple stud or hoop earrings, trust that rose gold will not disappoint. If you are someone that likes wearing bracelets, consider purchasing rose gold bracelets. Rose gold bracelets are charming and are the perfect finishing touch to a wrist. Lastly, rose gold necklaces are a beautiful option as they come in various styles that will surely make you stand out.

Furthermore, rose gold is more durable than yellow or white gold, meaning that your jewelry will last a long time. With its rose gold tone, rose gold jewelry designs are simply radiant and perfect for everyone!

Caring For Rose Gold Jewelry

Rose gold is quite durable however, it is still important to care for it. It's best not to get rose gold jewelry wet consistently, as water can cause the metal to tarnish as time goes by.

The best way to clean jewelry containing rose gold is by using liquid dish soap and warm water along with a soft-bristled brush to get into hard-to-reach creases. After cleaning your jewelry, use a soft microfiber cloth to pat it dry, leaving your jewelry sparkling.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold is the perfect metal for an engagement ring. If your partner loves rose gold, then a pink gold ring is the perfect way to propose. There are many different styles of rose gold engagement rings for you to choose from. This is a great way to personalize jewelry that is unique to your love. Maybe you want to drop hints about your love for rose gold. You can shop for rose gold diamond stud earrings or diamond pendants to show your partner just how much you love rose gold.

You can search online for many ring settings, from classic to new and modern styles. The process of shopping for a rose gold engagement ring is just like any other engagement ring. You want to ensure that the pink in the metal complements the diamond you pick for a diamond ring. It is important to look at different diamond colors, as a slight tint may accentuate your ring's overall look.

Overall, rose gold jewelry is a great choice for anyone who wants to look elegant and express their unique personality. A rose gold engagement ring is a great way to symbolize a romance that will last a lifetime.

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