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Do Women Care If Their Diamond Is Lab-Grown?

by Sally
Last updated on October 25, 2021
lab grown diamonds

You’ve likely heard differing opinions on the quality and value of lab-grown diamonds, but the truth is that when it comes to lab-grown diamonds vs. mined diamonds, there is no “better.”

They both produce beautiful, high-quality gems, each with an intriguing history, that represent the best feeling in the world – love.

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Regardless, being concerned that your significant other will be disappointed in a lab-grown diamond is understandable. It’s not hard to find an article claiming that lab-grown diamonds are somehow less than, and that women prefer natural diamonds.

Those articles may not be right after all.

We did some research and found something very interesting about women’s opinions on lab-grown diamonds.

Turns out that a lot of women are either apathetic to the origin of their diamond or only want a lab-grown diamond.

Here’s what some had to say:

My thing is, that the difference between lab grown and natural gemstones is MINIMAL. if you look at like, the chemical structure, they’re basically the same, the difference is lab-grown ones are far less likely to have variations due to impurities/environment/the like. Is it just the illusion that the natural are more “rare” that makes them appeal to people that care about that, or do they think the “too perfect” stones are weird, or what?


I’ll be happy with whatever stone my partner likes, and just be very happy that we value our relationship in terms other than what rock I have on my finger.


“Women should focus on the man (or woman) they are marrying and all the costs and responsibilities that go with it – not how much the ring cost or where it came from. Get a ring you think looks attractive on you. No one is going to look at it and say “that’s obviously lab-grown, and your husband must not love you enough.”


As you can see, women’s opinions towards lab-grown diamonds are changing. They are becoming more concerned that its origin is ethical – not whether or not it was produced in a lab.” 


It seems women’s opinions on lab-grown diamonds are changing, and much of it has to do with an increased interest in only purchasing products that are socially and environmentally responsible. We’re buying ethically sourced meats, clothes, and coffee – why should diamonds be any different?

Will they care that you purchased them a lab-grown diamond? We can’t answer that with 100% certainty – only they can. If the above statements are any indication, you’re probably more worried about it than they are.

The good news is that if she is unhappy with a lab-grown diamond, we offer a 100-day return policy – no questions asked.

In the end, it’s not about the origin of the diamond. It’s not how much you paid. It’s not its size.

The diamond you choose represents your love – and that’s all that matters.