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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Gifts Green Diamond to First Lady Jill Biden

by Adriana Perez-Nakamura
Last updated on August 18, 2023
Jill Biden Green Diamond

During his first state visit to the United States, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented special gifts to US First Lady Jill Biden and President Joe Biden. These unique gifts symbolize India’s commitment to sustainable global relations. They also showcase the country’s rich cultural heritage. The gifts were meticulously chosen; artists crafted them to represent excellence and symbolize responsible luxury.

Let’s explore the importance of these special gifts and their superior craftsmanship.

The Lab Grown Green Diamond: A Shining Example of Responsible Luxury

One of the gifts Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave to US First Lady Jill Biden was a 7.5-carat green diamond.

The diamond is a green diamond because of the environmentally-friendly way it was produced. Artisans crafted this beautiful diamond using resources like solar and wind power. These resources reflect India’s dedication to protecting the environment. The diamond also represents India’s 75 years of independence, as well as its commitment to sustainability.

Round Lab Diamond
Round Lab Diamond

The diamond’s beauty and quality are evident through the 4C’s: cut, color, carat, and clarity. It is carefully crafted and embodies the height of gemstone beauty. Its flawless cut, color, carat weight, and high clarity make it a true symbol of craftsmanship and luxury.

Prime Minister Modi presented the green diamond to First Lady Biden in a box called “kar-e-kalamdani.” This box represents the exquisite artistry of Kashmir. Kashmir is known for its intricate designs and attention to detail. The box’s patterns and expert artistry are a testament to India’s rich cultural heritage and the talent of its artisans.

The Sandalwood Box: A Masterpiece of Indian Craftsmanship

In addition to the green diamond, Prime Minister Modi also gave a gift to US President Joe Biden. The gift was a handmade sandalwood box. The box represents the Indian tradition “Das Danam” which means “Ten Donations” and was made by a master craftsman from Jaipur, Rajasthan. The sandalwood the master craftsman used to make the box was sourced from Mysore, Karnataka. Mysore, Karnataka is known for its high-quality sandalwood.

The box features intricate flora and fauna patterns carved by hand. Each carved detail highlights the box’s beauty; it truly is a stunning work of art. The artistry represents India’s profound cultural heritage. It also represents the enduring legacy of skill passed down through generations.

Inside the sandalwood box were many gifts, including a silver idol of Lord Ganesha. A fifth-generation silversmith family from Kolkata handcrafted the idol. The symbol of Lord Ganesha is a powerful one that represents destroying obstacles and forging new paths. In all, the idol represents blessings, prosperity, and harmony in relation to new ventures and is a powerful gift.

Unique Gifts With Clean Origin

Classic tennis necklace made with lab grown diamonds.

The gifts that Prime Minister Modi gave to the US First Family on his visit show the distinctive culture and craftsmanship of India. These gifts also bring the US and India closer together by sharing their different cultures.

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