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Bracelets Trending in 2024

by Adriana Perez-Nakamura
Last updated on October 26, 2023
Bracelets trending.

When it comes to trending jewelry and popular bracelet styles, we naturally look to the fashion runways. While some styles may seem off-the-wall and unwearable to the average consumer, the reality is that designers everywhere take their inspiration (in some form or another) from these runways. In turn, they transform those bold concepts into items the everyday person will love. Bracelets trending in 2024 take their inspo from festival culture, juxtaposing punk aesthetic with a polished finish, 90s style, and so much more.

No matter if you follow the latest fashion or not, chances are your bracelet styles this coming season will include the following elements.

Bold Bangle Bracelets

The sleek, unbroken profile of a bangle bracelet makes a visually striking statement. In 2024, expect bangles to trend with a notable presence, wider profiles, and bold proportions.

Stacking bangles will be popular for enhancing this bold trend. Sculptural squared bangles and the rigid cuff bracelet will feel echo edgy, sharp designs. For texture, hammered and reptile-like scales will be etched into metals for an artisanal appeal. When crafted from gold and silver, a chunky bracelet conveys luxury.

More affordable options like acrylic and lucite will be available at lower price points. Both chunky and slender bangles will continue to be versatile options for day-to-night wear.

Of all the bracelet trends, the bold bangle endures for its ability to punctuate any outfit with a flash of drama when needed.

Trending Tennis Bracelets Featuring Fancy Shapes

2 1/2 ct. tw. East West Baguette Tennis Bracelet

The classic diamond tennis bracelet gets refreshed with new gemstone shapes dressing up the line of stones.

Elongated baguette, emerald, trillion, oval, and pear cuts will gain popularity for adding modern flair.

East-west settings and mismatched fancy shapes will also provide interest when varied together. Expect to see bezels around each stone rather than traditional prongs for a clean, contemporary look.

These shapes translate well to the flexible link construction of tennis bracelets. Yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and sterling silver metals will all perfectly complement the new generations of fancy shapes.

Worn alone or stacked, tennis bracelets with diamond shapes other than rounds offer a stylish update that keeps their luxe essence.

Mismatched Stacked Bracelet Style

Echoing the stacked ring trend from a couple of years ago, the stacked bracelet trend will gain traction; however, they will be mismatched rather than uniformly layered. Playfully mixing varied textures, metals, charms and beads creates an eclectic jumble of accents up and down the wrist.

Contrasting multiple slim bangles in silver, gold, and rose gold makes an intriguing mix. And wooden beads, colorful enamels, fun charms and found objects all complement in a bracelet stack. The asymmetry of this trend feels fresh rather than perfectly polished, with each bracelet telling its own story.

Mismatched stacking allows you to have different combinations every day. For some, putting together the perfect mismatched stack becomes a collecting hobby.

With endless possibilities, this look encourages self-expression through imaginative combinations.

Statement Bracelets

27 ct. tw. Classic Tennis Bracelet. bracelets trending

Dramatic proportions, imposing motifs, and commanding presence define the statement bracelet trend.

Large linked chains, wide sculptural cuff bracelets, and stacked varieties maximize visual impact.

Chunky bracelets incorporating thick chains or industrial hardware feel bold yet refined. Their larger-than-life presence dresses up and complements an otherwise minimal look.

For other glamour seekers, diamond and gem-encrusted pieces capture, reflect, and refract light stunningly. Made for grand entrances, these scene-stealing bracelets transform basics into conversation starters. Trending statement bracelets announce one’s arrival and add to an occasion’s significance.

Gold Links

From delicate chains bearing dainty charms to bold cuffs articulating strength, links of gold elegantly adorn wrists.

Gold Metal Colors and Textures

Yellow gold’s warm undertones flatter a wide range of skin tones. White metals project an icy modern luminosity. Accented by glittering gems or unembellished, gold’s allure perseveres across eras. Textured finishes like hammering or hand-engraving add artistry. Clustering slim linked chains makes multiples alluring.

Tennis Bracelets

Tennis bracelets, an iconic link style, will be trending thanks to a refresh with colorful gems. Gold chains increase their staying power in jewelry boxes via adjustable sizing or convertibility.

Elevated yet easy to wear, gold links in their many manifestations simply feel special. Their rich heritage and flexibility cement their place among perennial bracelet trends.

Trending Bracelets Made With Sustainability in Mind

Single Round Bezel Station Bracelet

More and more, today’s consumer wants sustainable materials for accessories, and bracelets follow suit. Expect recycled metals, affordable lab grown diamonds, and upcycled components like fabric scraps or reused beads in beaded bracelets to trend.

Supporting artists and ethical production through these choices aligns with consumers’ personal values. Recycled leather and ocean plastic make surprisingly durable materials for bracelets with purpose. Wood, horn, bone, and other natural elements celebrate origins and imperfections.

Simplistic cuff shapes put the focus on conscious materials. Neutral hues and handcrafted style achieve an earthy, understated look.

As awareness grows around ethical sourcing, bracelets made sustainably answer the demand for adornments reflecting mindfulness. Even high-end designs incorporate responsibly obtained gems and metals, proving luxury can still reflect conscience.

Interesting Textures

Dimension and visual depth fascinate in bracelets of all kinds through textural interest. Alternatives to expected metals include knotted and braided leather, ribbon, and lace.

Mixing Natural Materials for Depth

Natural wooden beads and carved semi-precious stone beads add organic variety. Luxe chains take on bamboo, snake, and sharkskin textures along with faceted edges. Hammertone and matte finishes provide subtler relief. Macramé techniques give cotton, hemp, and jute an earthy layered look.

Textures influence moods, with delicate linen feeling airy and bold sharkskin powerful. Unifying bracelets through cohesive texture ramps up sophistication. But even mismatched materials captivate when their disparate natures intersect. By innovating surface appeal, artisans ensure textural allure withstands trends.

Pearl Bracelets

In 2024, pearl bracelets take on a modern look with new materials and unconventional shapes.

Pearls and Gold

Expect pearls to be mixed with gold chains rather than traditional strands for a beautiful and unexpected look. Leather and fabric will lend an artisanal style to pearl bracelets, and oversized pearls in organic abstract patterns feel bold and artistic.

Overall, with innovative shapes and combinations, pearl bracelets shed the status quo for an edgy update that keeps their luminous, moon-like allure relevant. This beloved water gem redefines itself for a new era while still capturing timeless beauty.

Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets exude an air of sentiment by allowing wearers to showcase their personalized style–especially through a diverse mix of keepsake charms.

Charms Made From Different Materials

In 2024, you will see a diversity of materials from precious metals to ceramic, glass for an eye-catching crystal bracelet, and carved wood used for charms. Charms will also take on more artistic forms beyond expected shapes. Mixing vintage charms with modern styles blends old and new.

Stack Your Charm Bracelet

Stacking charm bracelets will allow you to create multiple looks to show your unique personality. Charm bracelets will continue to reflect the wearer’s individuality as well as their cherished memories. But with more daring, avant-garde, and artisanal charms, they transition from sentimental to statement-making in 2024.

To Trend or Not to Trend?

Whether you choose to stay trending in 2024 with a beautiful glass beaded bracelet, chain link bracelets, or even a charm bracelet, the one thing that won’t go out of style is simply wearing bracelets and jewelry that make you feel good.

Wear bracelets that spark joy, inspire you, and make you feel like your best self. They’re a wonderful form of self-expression and a way t

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7 ct. tw. Emerald Tennis Bracelet. bracelets trending

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