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Pink Diamond Earrings

by Sophia Huxley
Last updated on November 19, 2021
Pink diamond earrings

Pink diamond earrings are a beautiful accessory that will add a delightful pop of color to anyone’s wardrobe. Additionally, other pink diamond jewelry can be just the right thing to complete your look. You may be shopping for a lovely wedding gift or the perfect pair for yourself.

Traditionally, the price has been a factor in limiting who can shop for pink diamond earrings. Not anymore, with stunning lab-grown diamonds, the price will no longer be a hurdle when looking at pink diamond earrings.

What Are Pink Diamonds?

Pink diamonds are rare and beautiful

Pink diamonds, much like blue diamonds, can be naturally occurring as well as lab-grown. Pink diamonds are unlike some other types of fancy colored diamonds. They have their color due to the shape of their crystal lattice rather than an addition of another element. Like a white diamond, they are pure carbon but reflect light differently, resulting in their beautiful color.

The unique diamond lattice in pink diamonds is created by intense pressure and heat from all directions. Pink diamonds can have purple, brown, gray, orange, and even brownish-purple secondary hues. Pink diamonds can even have a deeper, more authentic red than rubies, garnets, or red spinel.

What Is the Average Price for Pink Diamond Earrings?

A natural pink diamond is much rarer than a natural blue diamond, for example. This is why pink diamonds are priced even higher per carat. Whether mined or lab-grown, you will see a price rise with pink diamonds because they are a type of red diamond.

When you shop, you may be shocked at the price difference between mined versus lab-grown. The average cost of a 1CT mined pink diamond of higher quality can be a whopping $1.5 million or more!

At Clean Origin, lab-grown pink diamonds generally range from $3,000 to $5,000, depending on the quality. At the same time, those prices vary due to clarity, cut, secondary color, and intensity of color. In general, you can save quite a lot by sourcing lab-grown options for your fine accessories instead of opting for mined diamonds.

Are Fancy Colored Pink Diamonds Popular?

Absolutely! It may seem like pink diamond earrings are only just beginning to trend. All the while, fancy colored diamonds have been enjoyed by royalty, famous people, and public figures for centuries.

The excitement for these gems comes from their rarity. Designers used to have to search high and low to find one of these stones to work with. Then there was the difficulty with finding someone who could afford to buy them. 

This search has been changed a lot since the lab-grown diamond business has begun to boom. They have only recently started to be easily accessible in a store because of lab-grown gems. People are fascinated by fancy colored diamonds’ ability to sparkle in rare hues. These fancy-colored diamond accessories receive rave reviews whenever they are worn.

Pink Diamond Earrings: How to Shop

As you seek these rare gems, there are some things to consider while you shop. We have broken them into three S’s: Stone, Style, and Store. While these can apply to most diamonds, you must know how to find them when looking for these rare stones. This way, you will get the diamonds you are dreaming of, whether for gifts or yourself.


As you seek pink diamond earrings, you must first choose which beautiful pink diamonds to feature in your jewelry. The choice of diamonds will determine the ultimate cost of the earrings. 

If you would prefer a particular intensity of color, let that be your guide. You may want to double-check the pink diamond grading scale by GIA. Alternatively, you may speak to a designer or jewelry specialist while you are shopping for pink diamonds. 

You can always schedule a Virtual Appointment on the Clean Origin website so that you can meet with a diamond expert before making a decision. We want you to have access to as much diamond education and as many allies within the business as possible. Then when it is time to purchase, you know you got exactly what you hoped for.


There are so many things to consider when shopping for diamond earrings. The more knowledge you are armed with as you search, the better. The quality of the gems, which metal, and the shape you choose all impact your jewelry’s style. 

Diamond stud earrings are by far the most popular style for pink diamond earrings. You can’t go wrong with such a classic and timeless style. 


Whether or not you will find pink diamonds at all will depend on where you shop. If you find these rare gems be sure to ask some questions. You may care most about the cost, so that is a great place to start. How is their selection? How about the quality? These factors will vary quite a bit from one seller to the next. 

Just make sure that you decide to shop with a retailer that cares about quality products and customer satisfaction. That way, you are sure to leave satisfied with your purchase! Check out their customer education and take advantage of free knowledge. You can check out Clean Origin’s educational resources if you are stuck or need help. 

Pink Diamond Studs

Our pink diamond earrings are a perfect mirror to our blue pair! These pink diamond stud earrings feature stunning 2CT diamonds and have warm tones.

Compared with our site’s other diamond stud earrings, our pink diamond earrings have similar design traits but are a better color match for autumn skin tones or people who prefer warm colors or pastels.

Each lab-grown pink diamond is a miracle of science, bringing what was once one of the rarest jewels reserved only for royalty to everyday people.

While still rare and highly prized, we can provide our pink diamonds at a much more affordable price by cutting out mining practices. The increased availability makes them a fabulous accessory or gift for all. Are you torn on which pair to give as gifts to a loved one? Pay attention to their fashion choices in terms of color, and you will get your answer.

Matching Pink Diamond Jewelry

While it can be quite lovely to have a matching pink diamond set, it is unnecessary to match your jewelry together. Review your options, and search for pieces you own with similar shapes, the setting metal, or overall style that match your new studs. A pink diamond pendant may be just the thing to complete your jewelry collection. You will find stunning new arrivals and beautiful earrings at a prince you can live with. Shop our superb selection of colored diamond jewelry today.