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Support the People of Ukraine

by Annie Earnshaw
Last updated on June 21, 2023

Clean Origin stands proudly in support of the Ukrainian people and all those who are seeking safety as a result of this tragic, unjust war. Some of our team members in Eastern Europe have been directly impacted by the Russian Federation’s unlawful invasion. We condemn the Russian Federation’s murderous acts and firmly support the freedom-fighting citizens of Ukraine.

In times of hardship and crisis, actions speak louder than words. That’s why we’ve chosen to donate 100% of our proceeds on April 3 to Team Rubicon, an NGO that is actively performing disaster response duties as a result of the invasion of Ukraine. 

Team Rubicon unites veterans and first responders with a common mission: to provide rapid relief to communities in need. Founded in 2010, Team Rubicon began as a disaster response mission in Port-au-Prince, Haiti after a 7.0-magnitude earthquake injured hundreds of thousands and destroyed buildings and infrastructure.

Now, Team Rubicon has deployed medical teams to Eastern Europe to serve and treat refugees, especially children, women, disabled persons, and LGBTQIA+ individuals.

We are proud of the ethical, environmentally friendly, and humanitarian mission behind Clean Origin. We strive to promote better, cleaner, and more humane ways of doing business by sourcing exclusively lab-grown diamonds, which eliminate the humanitarian and environmental concerns of mined diamonds.

As part of our commitment to ethical business practices, we also expect our vendors to match our commitment and support. Clean Origin’s vendors must pledge that none of the goods sold to Clean Origin contain Russian manufactured products and are in no way enhanced by labor from within the Russian Federation. This includes the cutting and polishing of diamonds.

Today and every day, we hope you join us as we support and pray for the people of Ukraine.

Published by Annie Earnshaw

Annie Earnshaw is a content intern at Clean Origin.