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Mother’s Day Jewelry for 2022

by Sophia Huxley
Last updated on April 14, 2022

We all want our mom to feel special on mother’s day, and what better way than finding the perfect mother’s day gift! The best mother’s day gift you can give is time with your mom, and if you can afford a lovely gift for her, we always recommend something that will last a lifetime. What mom wouldn’t love some Mothers day jewelry? That’s why we suggest that for mother’s day, jewelry gifts are the way to go!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

If you’re struggling to come up with a mother’s day gift, think of one or two words that remind you of your mom. They can be your inspiration, and then whether you sit down with a jewelry consultant or shop on your own, you have a starting point. Double-check your mom’s style and everyday jewelry to see if there is something of hers you can match, update, or replace.

Chat with a Jewelry Consultant

If you’re nervous about finding the right gift for mom, don’t worry! We have fabulous jewelry consultants available free so that you can shop similar items, get help narrowing down from more general terms, and find the perfect jewelry without having to go it alone. Mother’s day jewelry shopping doesn’t have to be complicated, and with us, you won’t have to compromise either.

Let’s Talk Strategy: What to Search For

There are a few different ways to look for a gift. You can wander a store and see what appeals to you and take it as a sign, you can search for something specific that your mom has asked for, or you can try to navigate the newest trends. Those are only a few ways to do it, but to set you up right, we’ve listed a few strategies below!

A Sign (Or Maybe A Gift Guide)

If you are wandering the store or online shopping looking for a sign, you may find precisely what you’re looking for. We recommend a more tailored approach if you’re not seeing what you want from a visual search. Check and see if the store you’re working with has a gift guide, which is often curated with the hottest gifts and explanations of who might love them. We put them out for lots of occasions, and our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide just launched! You’ll have a smaller, more effective selection to choose from when you can check through a gift guide and lots of information to guide your search.

Call In The Professionals: Store Associates

If you’re struggling to find the right gift or just want someone to bounce ideas off of, don’t be afraid to call in for some help! An in-store associate or a virtual consultation can be a huge help. We offer both so that you can request professional help whenever you want and get tips from some of the gems on our staff.

Shop Similar Items: Search for the Set

If you’re looking for mother’s day jewelry, one strategy to find the perfect gift is to complete the set. If your mom always wears a particular necklace, bracelet, earrings, or rings, you can add a piece that will match her favorite pieces and become a cherished favorite—no need to complicate your search. Stick with the classics and find the perfect gift.

What Are My Options?

Here are plenty of gifts that your mother will love! We know you want to give your mom a gift she will cherish for life, and that is why we think you should box up these fabulous choices to go. These life-long love gifts are meant to be cherished forever and are the picture of the perfect gift for Mother’s Day this year.

Try a Diamond Pendant

A diamond necklace is a favorite for all, and with the right choice of shape, you’ll find the gift your mom won’t stop raving about! We recommend giving out solitaire style necklaces a look, and keep in mind if your mom has a favorite diamond cut or metal type for when you choose the shape and setting metal for her necklace.

Check Out Some Tennis Bracelets

Try and nail it this mother’s day by gifting a diamond tennis bracelet. With versatile styles but a generally classic look, this type of jewelry never goes out of style. They go with everything, too, so whether you’re trying to match other bracelets or just adding to your mom’s day-to-day jewelry set, this will be a winner. With lots of diamonds on her wrist, your mother will really feel like it’s a special day just for her.

Stay Classic With Diamond Studs

If your search for the perfect gift is only getting more challenging, and no matter what store you go to, you can’t seem to find the right gifts, take a peek at some diamond stud earrings. A jewelry gift like this is a great everyday piece and will match her rings, necklaces, or other jewelry really easily. Your mother will love them, and the best part is that our diamond stud earrings prices are listed at prices you can’t beat anywhere! No need to find a special offer for mother’s day gifts when you shop with us.