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  • An Arie-Proof Guarantee

    Don’t be an Arie. The Arie we’re referring to is Bachelor contestant Arie Luyendyk Jr., a Dutch-born American race car driver, and son of two-time Indy 500 winner Arie Luyendyk. He made national news earlier this month for proposing to 27-year-old publicist Becca Kufrin before breaking up with her to... Read Story
  • What is the Best Time of Year to Get Engaged?

    Do you know what the most popular time of year for engagements is? Truth is, there’s no bad time to pop the question, but some days lend themselves to proposing more than others. Here are seven popular dates to ask “will you marry me?” Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Christmas... Read Story
  • The Dark Side of Mined Diamonds

    Organic may be popular for your favorite foods, but there’s a steep price to pay when it comes to mining diamonds. While systems may be in place to ensure that the stone you see at retail was “ethically sourced”, there’s no sure thing out there. And you don’t want to... Read Story
  • Five Things You Need to Know Before Buying an Engagement Ring

    It’s a gift that’s just a little more than an inch wide, yet costs more than your monthly rent. It’s that trip overseas, a student loan payment and a sports season ticket, all rolled into one. No wonder why buying an engagement ring is one of the most daunting purchases... Read Story
  • The Three Month Rule: Does it Exist

    Diamonds have become a cultural symbol of true love and commitment. During the Great Depression, a marketing campaign by DeBeers, the diamond cartel, pegged that a man should spend one month's salary on making such a gesture. Thankfully, we aren’t in a depression anymore, but as the economy improved, so... Read Story
  • Top 5 Romantic Proposal Ideas For 2018

    You got the girl and now it’s time to plan the proposal of her dreams. But, before you can plan anything, you have to figure out how you’re going to propose. The story of how you propose will be told over and over for years to come, so if there... Read Story
  • Do Women Care If Their Diamond Is Lab-Grown?

    You’ve likely heard differing opinions on the quality and value of lab-grown diamonds, but the truth is that when it comes to lab-grown diamonds vs. mined diamonds, there is no “better.” They both produce beautiful, high-quality gems, each with an intriguing history, that represent the best feeling in the world... Read Story
  • 6 Engagement Ring Trends Taking Over In 2018

    From simple solitaires to new twists on the classics, 2018 is shaping up to offer some of the most unique engagement rings we’ve seen in awhile. Whether you’re shopping for the love of your life or looking for rings to add to your engagement ring-spiration Pinterest board, here are the... Read Story
  • Can You Spot A Lab-Grown Diamond?

    One of the most frequent questions we get is “Can you tell the difference between lab-created diamonds and real diamonds?” This question is somewhat misleading. That is because lab-created diamonds are real diamonds. So to answer the question, “can you tell the difference between lab-created diamonds and “real” diamonds?” the... Read Story
  • 5 Ways To Secretly Get Her Ring Size

    After months of saving and weeks of shopping, you’ve finally found the perfect engagement ring. You’re ready to buy, but there’s one small problem...you don’t know her ring size. Ordering the ring without so much as an estimation is a risky move. So, before you go the route of an... Read Story

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