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How Much Does a Diamond Necklace Cost?

by Molly Jones
Last updated on February 12, 2024
diamond tennis necklace lengths

Diamond necklaces are stunning statement pieces that command attention and admiration. Available in all shapes and sizes, from simple diamond pendants to a large tennis necklace that enrobes your neck in jewels via a stunning choker. Diamond necklaces can come in all different shapes and sizes. But exactly how much does a diamond necklace cost?

Like other diamond pieces, the price points depend on many factors. Luckily, we’ve broken it all down for you below. So keep reading to find out how much a diamond necklace costs.

What is the Price Range for a Diamond Necklace?

Gatsby tennis necklace. How much does a diamond tennis necklace cost.

A diamond necklace is a great way to show someone that you love and appreciate them. While diamond necklaces can be expensive, they are also timeless and elegant pieces of jewelry that will last forever. There are many types of necklaces you can purchase, and they range in price from under $100 to over $1 million.

At Clean Origin, our lab created diamonds adorn necklaces that are crafted to perfection. And because our diamonds are lab created you can expect to save between 20-40% on diamond necklaces. With a wide range of styles and diamond shapes and sizes, our diamond necklaces start at $365 for a 1/7 -carat emerald pendant. Prices go up to $25,000 for a brilliant 22-carat tennis necklace.

What Determines the Cost of a Diamond Necklace?

The Cost of a Diamond Necklace Depends On Many Factors. How much does a diamond tennis necklace cost.
The Cost of a Diamond Necklace Depends On Many Factors

Like other diamond jewelry, the cost of a diamond necklace depends on many factors. Below, we break down what makes a diamond necklace so expensive. We also look at some of the most iconic pieces of fine jewelry necklaces.

The Diamond of the Diamond Necklace

It makes sense that the diamond is the largest factor in pricing a diamond necklace…it is called a diamond necklace after all. And, like other diamond rings, bracelets, and earrings, a diamond’s quality is assigned based on its scores within the different categories of the 4Cs.


1 CT. TW. ETERNITY PENDANT. How Much Does a Diamond Necklace Cost.

The cut grade of a diamond is one of the most important factors that determine its value; it can make or break the price of your diamond necklace.

An ideal round brilliant diamond has no blemishes. It has no cracks or chips, and no unevenness in any direction. Additionally, it reflects maximum fire, light, and scintillation with its carefully cut facets.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) grades the cut of diamonds on a scale from Excellent to Poor. Excellent is the highest grade possible, and Poor is the lowest. The higher a diamond’s grade, the more you will pay.

To ensure a beautiful diamond, Clean Origin only offers diamonds that have scored from Good and up.


Three Quarter Solitaire Pendant with Oval Pink Lab Grown Diamond set in a 4 Prong Basket in 14kt White Gold
Oval Pink Diamond Solitaire Pendant

The color of the diamond in your diamond necklace also affects its price. The most valued color of diamonds is actually colorless. But many diamonds have faint yellow or brownish tints to them.

GIA grades color on a scale from D to Z. A D-grade is a completely colorless diamond; a Z-grade is noticeably yellow or brown. Clean Origin only offers diamonds that have been assigned one of the top seven color grades. This way, we ensure the utmost sparkle and shine.

Of course, if you are purchasing a diamond necklace that contains fancy-colored diamonds you can also expect to spend a little more. A blue or pink diamond necklace with vibrant hues and strong saturation will cost more than a J-graded, white diamond necklace.


Luminescent halo pendant. How Much Does a Diamond Necklace Cost.

A diamond’s clarity is determined by the absence or presence of certain blemishes and inclusions within the diamond. Inclusions are known to occur quite frequently within diamonds, so to find a diamond that is completely free of inclusions and blemishes (graded as Internally Flawless) is rare.

GIA grades diamond clarity on a scale of Flawless to Included. And Clean Origin only sells stones rated as Slightly Included and above. We do this to ensure the beauty of your diamond necklace.

Carat Weight

1 CT. TW. SOLITAIRE PENDANT. How Much Does a Diamond Necklace Cost.

Carat weight is the final 4C. It is the measurement of your diamond’s weight. Suppose you want to purchase a solitaire pendant necklace. In that case, your single diamond will hold all of the carat weight–unlike a tennis necklace that can be made up of linking diamonds (of various or similar weights) with no main diamond.

In general, larger diamonds fetch larger prices. So, be sure to expect a higher cost for a higher carat weight.

Diamond Shape

Stunning 1 5/8 cttw lab-grown diamond pendant, featuring a delicate 1/2 ct pear-shaped diamond that dangles gracefully atop a 1 ct cushion-shaped diamond, serving as the lustrous centerpiece. This central jewel is framed by a quartet of gleaming round lab-grown diamonds, creating a radiant clover motif that catches and reflects light with every movement. The clover setting is designed to enhance the sparkle, allowing light to enter from multiple angles. All are elegantly strung on a classic cable chain crafted in 14kt yellow gold, combining strength with timeless style, ensuring the pendant sits perfectly to capture and reflect the light, making it a breathtaking addition to any ensemble.
Trevo Pendant

Not to be confused with diamond cut, diamond shape is the shape that a diamond is cut into. Diamond shapes can affect prices for a variety of reasons. Primarily, prices rise due to the amount of unusable diamond waste left behind when cutting out a diamond shape.

For example, a round brilliant diamond is the most expensive diamond shape. This is because diamond cutters are unable to use the remaining diamond waste from cutting out the round brilliant shape. On the flip side, cushion-cut diamonds, princess-cut diamonds, and Marquise-cut diamonds are more affordable. They are less expensive because they effectively use rough diamonds and create minimal waste.

The Style of the Diamond Necklace

The Style of Diamond Necklace You Choose Affects the Price.
The Style of Diamond Necklace You Choose Affects the Price

Diamond necklaces are available in different styles. Many times, the style determines the price due to the number of diamonds in the style.

Diamond Pendant Necklace


A diamond pendant necklace consists of a single, large gemstone—usually a diamond—that hangs from a chain. This type of necklace has been around for thousands of years. It has been worn by queens, princesses, and everyday people throughout history.

Clean Origin’s Floral Halo Diamond Pendant above is a stunning example of such a necklace. Here, the main diamond shines as small diamonds set in a petal formation glitter softly at its edges. With a 14k gold chain, the Floral Halo Diamond necklace rests gently on the neck to create an air of elegant glamour.

Diamond Choker Necklace

Loose Oval Diamond.
Loose Oval Diamond

Diamond choker necklaces are diamond necklaces with short chains that have little to no extra length. They are taut and safely hug the neck. While Clean Origin does not offer diamond choker necklaces, you can make your own. Start by selecting loose diamonds and then have them custom set into a choker setting.

Diamond Tennis Necklace


Perhaps the king of all diamond necklaces, the diamond tennis necklace features consecutive diamonds that fully encircle the neck. As you might imagine, a tennis diamond necklace cost can be quite exorbitant. This is mostly due to the total carat weight from the sheer amount of diamonds needed to enrobe your neck.

Our 10-carat Classic Tennis Necklace is a brilliant diamond necklace. It contains 147 diamonds that dazzle, sparkle, and delight. With a three-prong setting and secure inline clasp, you can feel safe knowing your diamond necklace won’t break.

Shaped Diamond Necklaces

1 3/4 ct. tw. Sunburst Necklace

With superior craftsmanship, uniquely shaped diamond pendants make for exciting conversation starters and beautiful jewelry. Our shaped diamond jewelry is available in various shapes, including a cross, trio infinity, pave heart, circle, and the Sunburst Diamond Necklace pictured above.

We especially like the sunburst style as it can represent that the person you give it to is the light of your life. 21 small diamonds emit sparkling flashes of light, and the necklace complements outfits of any style.

The Precious Metal Used in the Diamond Necklace

The type of metal you choose can affect the overall price of the necklace. While sterling silver is the most affordable metal, it is also likely to tarnish. For this reason, Clean Origin offers premium metals: rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and platinum.

Platinum costs more than 14k gold, and each metal has its own pros and cons, so you should do your research before you invest in jewelry pieces.

Naturally Mined vs. Lab Created Diamond Necklaces


Finally, one of the major factors that determines the price of your diamond necklace is the origins of its diamonds.

Naturally-mined diamonds will always cost more than lab created diamonds. This is because naturally mined diamonds pass through more hands before they get to you. Additionally, it’s more expensive to mine them from the Earth.

On the flip side, lab created diamonds are generally 20-40% more affordable than naturally mined diamonds, thanks to their ethical creation in a lab. At Clean Origin, we pride ourselves on our premium diamonds. Our lab grown diamonds shine and sparkle with the same ferocity as diamonds that come from the Earth.

Interested in discovering your perfect diamond necklace? Look no further than Clean Origin.

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