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Gifts for Bride-to-Be: From the Bridal Shower Gift to the Wedding Day and Beyond

by Molly Jones
Last updated on August 3, 2023
Gifts for Bride to Be

As soon as the bride-to-be pops her engagement ring on her finger, it’s party time! From the engagement party to the bridal shower and the bachelorette to the actual wedding day, it’s not easy to know which potential gifts for the bride-to-be would make her the happiest.

Luckily, we’ve created this handy list of our favorite bride-to-be gifts. Our recommendations include everything from specialty items that are typically found in handmade and vintage shops to luxury lab grown diamond jewelry. So read on to find your perfect gift for the soon-to-be bride!

Engagement Party Gifts

Gifts for the Bride to Be: Diamond Stud Earrings
Diamond Stud Earrings

When you think of the word “engagement,” you probably think of a ring and a party. And while that’s true, engagement parties are so much more than just celebrations. An engagement party is also an opportunity for the bride-to-be to receive gifts that will help streamline the complicated wedding process and make her life easier in the months leading up to her big day.

Complete Wedding Planner

From determining the wedding date to figuring out color schemes, the guest list, flowers, and more, wedding planning can be incredibly stressful. That’s why a wedding planner is not only a cute gift, but it’s also practical!

We think a beautiful wedding book and organizer is a great gift for the bride in your life. The best designs include tabbed sections and multiple handy pockets, allowing the bride-to-be to consolidate all her information in one useful spot.

Bride Tote Bag

When you’re engaged, you want the world to know. What better way to spread the message than with a personalized gift that allows you to carry all of your essentials with you from wedding appointment to wedding appointment?

Customize the tote bag to feature the bride-to-be’s future surname in a pretty cursive font with the year she got engaged below. Fill the tote with even more personal gifts, like the soon-to-be bride’s favorite candy or a personalized mug that she can use to unwind after a long day of wedding planning.

Countdown Calendar

If the bride has already set her wedding date, then consider gifting the special lady a stunning customized paper wedding countdown calendar.

The bride-to-be will love ripping off a piece of paper every day to reveal the new date and see just how far the wedding day is. We love the clean aesthetic and customizable colors of the calendar, too. Plus, the bride-to-be will receive a new love quote every day, allowing her to share them with the people she loves most.

Wedding Countdown Blocks

Another fun way for the bride-to-be to count down to the day of her wedding? Countdown blocks! These simple little blocks are a great way to mark off the days until your special day. Just place them in a special spot and check them off as each day passes.

This wedding countdown block set from Aronna’s Farmhouse Shop on Etsy is a lovely gift thanks to its fun black and white colors and clear font.

Bridal Shower Gifts

Bridal Shower Gifts
Bridal Shower Gifts

Showers are typically a time for family members and friends to purchase bridal shower gifts off the wedding registry, but don’t let that tradition stand in your way when trying to deliver the perfect bridal shower gift– especially if the bride-to-be has expressed a desire for a gift outside of the registry.


Sometimes the bride-to-be deserves a drink. It’s a bridal shower, after all, not a baby shower. That’s why we love gifting champagne flutes, champagne glasses, wine glasses, coupes, and other miscellaneous barware items.

Jewelry Box

A thoughtful jewelry box for the bride-to-be would allow her to safely secure her engagement ring and other wedding jewelry. It is certainly a bridal shower gift that will delight the bride-to-be for years to come.

And while crafting a jewelry box can be one of your many interesting DIY projects, we recommend buying it premade to ensure that the jewelry is sure to be safe.

Bachelorette Party Gift Ideas for the Bride-to-Be

Waking up to the first day of your bachelorette party is a special feeling that’s akin to waking up on Christmas morning and rushing downstairs to see what Christmas gifts Santa brought. From personalized t-shirts and pillows to candles and more, consider the following bachelorette gifts for the bride in your life.

Bride Shirt

The bachelorette is the perfect time to gift the whole bridal party as well as the bride-to-be.

A trendy bachelorette-themed shirt or swimsuit combo is the best gift for a group of bachelorettes who wants the world to know what they’re celebrating. For extra bridesmaid bonus points, allow the bride to stand out with a distinctive shirt that makes it known that it is her special occasion.

Personalized Pillow

Can your funny bride take a joke? If so, consider gifting a personalized pillow that has her hubby’s face printed on one side so she won’t have to ‘sleep alone’ at the bachelorette.

Have her fiancee write a personal message to be printed on the back for her eyes only to create an oddly perfect gag gift.

Scented Candle and Eye Mask

After a heavy weekend of partying, your bride-to-be will be in serious need of some rest and relaxation, so why not gift her a scented candle and eye mask so she can zen out in peace?

A ‘zen’ gift set is sure to be the perfect way to unwind after a busy week or just before going to bed. The candle will fill the room with a calming scent, while the eye mask will help her drift off into a deep sleep.

Wedding Day Gifts

Wedding Day Gifts

You’ll want to save your best gifts for last, and what better way to do that than with a gift that comes from the heart? A good wedding gift is one that’s truly meaningful to both the bride-to-be and her partner and will be a keepsake they’ll treasure forever.

Wedding Morning Bag

Wedding Day
Wedding Day

On the big day, your bride-to-be has a million and one things going through her head. Help simplify everything by gifting a bag filled with practical items she may need throughout the day.

You might consider a mini makeup bag that contains a toothbrush and concealer to touch up her makeup as the day progresses, bandaids for any unforeseen blisters, and safety pins in case of dress emergencies. And don’t forget: every bride deserves a special treat, so be sure to include her favorite candy or alcoholic nip to sip responsibly!


Perfect Heart Pendant

Looking for an easy way to give a gift that’s both sentimental and practical? Jewelry is always a great option, and when it comes to wedding gifts, there’s no better choice.

The best part about jewelry is that it’s something your recipient can wear every day. So instead of just being a one-time gift, it’s something they’ll keep and love forever. Whether you’re looking for something simple like earrings or something more extravagant like diamond tennis necklaces, there are plenty of options out there!

Consider a pair of premium lab created diamond earrings from Clean Origin. These delicate studs will glisten and gleam in her lobes to add additional sparkle to her outfit. Plus, she’ll think of you every time she wears them.

Looking for something bigger? Consider a tennis bracelet! Our 1 1/2 ct. tw. Petite Diamond Tennis Bracelet features 102 stunning lab created diamonds that draw the eye to the wrist in flashes of bright light.

Remember, It’s the Thought That Counts

Wedding Jewelry
Wedding Jewelry

At the end of the day, the bride-to-be will appreciate any gift she receives as long as it is given from the heart.

And at Clean Origin, all of our stunning jewelry is made with love, lab created diamonds, and precious metals to ensure that your loved one feels more beautiful than ever on her wedding day. So whether you’re purchasing an engagement party gift, a bridal shower gift, a bachelorette gift, or a wedding day gift, consider looking to Clean Origin to find a unique piece of jewelry that she’ll treasure forever.