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How to Make Your Diamond Search Flawless

by Haley Anhut
Last updated on August 24, 2022

If you’re reading this, you’re probably either: 1) starting a diamond search to give to your significant other, or 2) trying to figure out how to find the perfect diamond to “hint”. Either way, we’re here to help! Finding your dream ring can seem overwhelming, but it really doesn’t have to be. With a bit of education and research and some help from our team of trusted diamond experts,  you’ll have the perfect diamond (at the best price) picked out in no time.

Your Diamond Search at Clean Origin

Before we jump into the steps it takes to buy a diamond, we’ll share a bit about what your search will entail if you’re shopping with us. There’s so much to think about before you purchase your gemstone that sometimes you forget to consider everything that will take place after you place an order. 

The easiest way to get a feel for how a company takes care of its customers is to read their reviews. This is where you’ll get honest, real customer reviews that often share details about their own diamond search and ring purchase that you maybe haven’t even considered. For example, how responsive is their customer service?

Next, you’ll want to look at the perks that they offer. No, we’re not talking about a free necklace with your earrings — that’s just a ploy to get you on their website. We’re talking about the things that truly make a difference, like their return policy or warranty. 

Here’s what we offer at Clean Origin:

  • 100-day no-questions-asked return policy
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Free resizing
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
  • Independent lab certifications
  • Only lab-grown diamonds used in all products

Our company is also made up of individuals who have been in the diamond industry for years. Not only does our customer service team have an average of 5 years of jewelry experience, but our founder is a 3rd generation diamondere. At the core of who we are is diamond jewelry.

How to Buy a Diamond

1. Set Your Budget

This part is so important! We get it, talking about the cost of an engagement ring can be tricky…and at times even awkward. But being on the same page about price and having a range for what you’re willing to pay for a ring is vital. Not only will this keep you and your significant others’ expectations the same, but it will help when figuring out where to buy a diamond and when you’re talking with a diamond expert. A good (and experienced) customer service representative should be able to help you find the right ring at the right price.

2. Pick out your diamond type

We understand that each diamond engagement ring purchase will be different. You might have your heart set on a mined diamond, you might love the peace of mind you receive from a lab-created stone, or you might need something, even more, cost-effective, like cubic zirconia. The only thing we recommend at this stage is to truly do your homework. We believe in man-made diamonds because of their many benefits, but your ring should represent your love and commitment. So, when deciding on where to buy a diamond, first figure out the diamond type or diamond alternative that’s right for you.

 3. Find your shape

The shape of your diamond says a lot about your personality and interests. A round brilliant stone is the most popular for its universal style, adaptability to many settings, and fire. However, there are tons of other shapes that might appeal to you! Here’s a list of diamond shapes we offer:

Remember, this is a piece of jewelry that you’ll wear for the rest of your life! Find a diamond shape that you’ll love forever.

4. Decide On Your 4 C’s

This part is likely where a diamond expert will come in handy. If you’ve done your research, you know what the four c’s represent. But in case you haven’t, we’ll quickly review:

Cut: determines how effectively light that enters the stone is refracted within and reflected back through the top of the diamond. Don’t mistake this for shape (e.g., round, oval, pear, etc.).

Color: the absence of color in the stone. Graded on an alphabetical scale starting at D and ranging all the way down to Z with D being a colorless diamond and Z being yellow.

Clarity: incidence of natural inclusions or imperfections found in a diamond. Diamonds graded SI2 or better generally appear “eye clean”.

Carat: the actual weight of a diamond. 

Your diamond expert should be able to take your budget, desired shape, and other specifications (a lot of shine, eye clean, etc.) and find you the best available diamond.

5. Set it

Finally, you’ll need to find a setting to finish off your engagement ring. There are tons of styles available from halo to vintage, but you’ll have to take your diamond shape into account. Some settings might only hold certain shapes, so be sure to look at the specifications of each ring as you search. You’ll also need to decide on metal type and color. At Clean Origin, all of our rings come in white, yellow, and rose gold, as well as platinum. If you’re simply looking for a loose diamond to place in a previously owned setting, make sure you find a reputable expert to insert the stone. 

Your diamond search will take a bit of time, research, and discussion, but it’s also a very fun process! Let us help you embark on this incredible journey with a lab-grown diamond engagement ring.