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Diamond Earring Jackets

by Adriana Perez-Nakamura
Last updated on April 12, 2024
diamond earring jacket

Do you have a pair of diamond studs you haven’t worn in a while? Are you not wearing them because they seem a little boring? Or maybe you’d like to purchase a pair but want something a bit more fun. If you’re holding back for these reasons, then diamond earring jackets are just what you need.

What Are Diamond Earring Jackets?

Diamond earring jackets are earring jackets with diamond details on them. So if you’re new to earring jackets, the concept is simple: They are an extra embellishment you can attach to stud earrings.

The purpose of this? Jewelry versatility along with the ability to create new styles–all while repurposing a pair of studs you already own.

Why Wear Earring Jackets?

Change the Look of Your Studs

One major benefit of wearing diamond jackets is they add extra sparkle to a set of studs. But there are other practical reasons to add a set to your diamond studs.

Make Your Studs Look Bigger With Diamond Earring Jackets

Another appealing benefit of diamond earring jackets is that certain jacket styles can make studs appear larger. Simply attach a set of diamond halo earring jackets to them. Once you do, they’ll instantly look like they’re a larger carat size.

Use Earring Jackets To Change the Shape of Your Studs

If you’re happy with the size of your diamonds but wish they were a different shape, you can fix that with earring jackets too.

Use them to change your classic round diamonds to square, heart, triangle, starburst, and also flower shapes. And if you can’t find a certain shape, shop around. You may even be able to have a pair custom-made.

How Do Earring Jackets Work?

A pair of elegant earring jackets in yellow gold, featuring a detachable design with a round lab-grown diamond stud at the top. The stud can be worn alone or with the jacket, which gracefully curves beneath the earlobe, culminating in a second round lab-grown diamond that mirrors the stud.
Earring Jacket Attached to a Diamond Stud

Earring jackets attach to the posts of stud earrings. Depending on the design, they attach either in front of or behind the earlobe. They should be easy to attach. But be sure to choose jackets that fit onto the posts of the stud earrings you plan to pair them with.

If you don’t make sure your studs and earring jackets are compatible, they likely won’t attach properly. If this happens you run the risk of losing them.

Styles of Earring Jackets for Stud Earrings

Popular styles include halos, hoops, dangle, and even drop earrings. And we can’t forget about the different metal options.

Yellow gold earring jackets are timeless, as are white gold and platinum. Rose gold is a trendy option and its popularity ebbs and flows, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful.

To make a style truly your own, mix-and-match different metal colors with an interesting halo to surround your gemstone. Shop for different earring jackets to pair with studs featuring round, princess, or maquise diamond stones.

There are countless possible options.

Platinum and White Gold vs Yellow Gold Earring Jackets

Clean Origin Lab Grown Round Brilliant Studs. Diamond earring jackets.
Lab Grown Round Brilliant Studs

You can even enhance the color of your diamond studs with earring jackets.

If you have a pair of studs with diamonds that have a G-J color grade, chances are they have a very slight yellow tint to them. If you’d like them to look as colorless as possible, then choose platinum or white gold earring jackets for them. These lighter metal colors will brighten up your diamonds as well as make them look whiter.

However, if you like the look of a diamond with a slight yellow color, consider a warmer color metal. Shop for earring jackets in yellow gold as well as rose gold if you want to enhance the yellow in your diamonds.

Earring Jackets for Diamond Studs by Clean Origin

If you’re looking for an easy way to dress up a pair of diamond stud earrings, we can help. We can take your studs from basic to statement with our beautiful collection of diamond earring jackets.

1/3 ct. tw. Emerald Soho Earring Jackets

"Yellow gold Emerald Soho Earring Jackets showcasing a one-third carat total weight with a prominent emerald-cut lab-grown diamond on each. The earring jackets have a customizable U-shape with three adjustment holes to fit the wearer's stud earrings at varying heights, providing a personalized fit for different ear lobe sizes and style choices.

Elevate your stud earrings with our 1/3 ct. tw. Emerald Soho Earring Jackets. Crafted in 14kt white or yellow gold, these lab-grown diamond accents add a customizable charm.

Adjustable settings allow for a snug fit at various heights, ensuring comfort and style with every wear.

We have limited numbers of this striking style available. Be sure to get them now if they catch your eye.

1/2 ct. tw. Minimalist Convertible Jacket

A half carat total weight Minimalist Convertible Jacket Earring in white gold with a row of sparkling lab-created diamonds, designed to transform from a linear dangle to a chic hoop earring

With a total of 42 round lab grown stones, our 1/2 ct. tw. Minimalist Convertible Jacket is suitable for any outfit and occasion. This linear convertible earring offers you two exquisite styles in one. It offers just the right amount of shine to any set of diamond studs but won’t overshadow them.

This jacket style comes in 14k white gold and 14k yellow gold metal, and totals 1/2 CT.

Halo Stud

Yellow gold halo jackets created to adorn one and a half carat total weight single stud earrings. The design showcases a circular array of prong-set lab-grown diamonds that elegantly frame the central stud. These jackets are specifically tailored for one-carat total weight studs, with additional options available for one-carat total weight and two-carat total weight studs to suit various preferences.

Elevate your elegance with our Halo Jackets, crafted for 1 1/2 ct. tw. round studs. These add-ons feature a halo of 24 diamonds, totaling 3/4 ct. tw.

Select from 14kt white, yellow, rose gold, or 18kt white and yellow gold, to personalize your sparkle.

A versatile upgrade, they turn simple studs into a centerpiece for any occasion.

Elevate Your Style, Shop Clean Origin

If you want to enhance your earrings, jackets are the way to go. However, we also have many other popular earring styles to choose from. No matter the shape, size, or metal color, we are sure you will find something you love.

And if you’re shopping for a gift, you’ll be happy to know that along with the finest quality, you also get peace of mind. We do our best to offer the best customer service. This includes free shipping, a lifetime warranty on items you purchase, and even free resizing if you purchase a ring.

If you’d like to learn more about our beautiful jewelry, contact us today to request an appointment with a jewelry expert. They are happy to assist you with anything you need.